The Sociopath’s Burden…


Date: December 11, 2017

01) NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 008 Twitter Pedophiles

“A group of open pedophiles are operating on social media and twitter, and have finally come to roost. They’re advocating many various formats to normalize this dangerous disorder.”

This degree of gall is quite epic…though hardly unseen previously…

…Most people just don’t make such a weepy video, trying to peddle themselves off as an “unjustified victim” of a website suspension, right after they’ve used said website to make [or imply] mass death threats [via hanging] against MAPs.

Potentially, it was a threat of genocide.

…And “Network Radio” [a friend of Mellisa, who’s all huffy and outraged about this, herself] cannot figure out why Twitter’s gotta be that way towards him, when “obviously”, it should have been the targeted victims of this sociopath, who “deserved” the fate he most clearly earned for himself.

…Hell…He should have been banned from Twitter permanently, for this behavior. Twitter needs to finally start cracking down on the terrorists who use it’s platform…And yet, they allow this “Network Radio” guy to continue using the service, after making such sickening threats and comments.

People wonder why so many get sick and tired of Twitters inaction and ineffective policies…These sorts flagrantly violate not just the Twitter TOS, but the very basis of human decency…And Twitter just cant seem to keep these people under control.

Death threats, and threats of violence, should never be tolerated on Twitter.

…And we have these people, who blame everybody but themselves…for their own, personally chosen actions against others.

This guy even goes so far, as to have sad, slow, emotion tugging music playing in the background…

…Can you believe the incredible gall of this guy?

Yeah…He hadn’t seen any of this before, didn’t know any of the people…But, that doesn’t stop him from promptly “laying down the law”, employing red herrings, and parading his violent ignorance all over the place…towards people, who weren’t even doing what he claims they were doing, no less…

…Some days, you’ve got to sort of feel sorry for the Verpeds…and all the insanity that gets dumped on them, by the endless hordes of mindless mouths.

“Network Radio

@rohnson_john @pureACandDW @theneverlandian @TheHoneybee_ We will hang them if the time ever comes. We are the human race. And
we’ve gotten this far, surely it’s a numbers game, but we as a collective mitigate these threats. This is where the buck stops: All pedophiles will hang.”

Oh, that poor, little lamb!…Why, oh why, is Twitter and the world “picking on him”?!!

…This is just such a hard one, for some people to figure out.

Meanwhile…decent humanity shouldn’t have much trouble with this “puzzle”.

“(Network Radio ©networkradious

Whatever stupid labels these sick folks wish to give themselves, they are still sick and they need to realize they’re a danger to society. They should stand out like a sore thumb. And they should not be allowed to disguise themselves with kid handles. Should be Pedo-Joe/Pedo-Jane”

This is dehumanization…It’s hate speech, by true definition…

And he want’s MAPs labeled and marked, also?…What?…Like the pink star?…

…And to think…mass hanging, is what this guy thinks is ethical, for those he claims to be “sick”?…

…Gee…I think he wont be getting any noble piece prizes.

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…


Cop Murders Man Begging For His Life (GRAPHIC VIDEO)…

Date: December 10, 2017

01) Cop Murders Man Begging For His Life (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

“WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO!!! Former Officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford shoots and kills Daniel Shaver.

Read more here:

Last year’s fatal shooting of a Texas man by Arizona police was caught on body-camera video and showed him sobbing with his hands up, begging for his life in his final moments.

Jurors who watched the full video showing Daniel Shaver’s death agreed Thursday to acquit former Mesa officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford of murder, ending an emotional six-week trial. Brailsford faced as many as 25 years in prison for the second-degree murder charge.

Brailsford’s attorney, Michael Piccarreta, put an arm around his client after the verdict was read.

“There are no winners in this case,” Piccarreta said, “but Mitch Brailsford had to make a split-second decision on a situation that he was trained to recognize as someone drawing a weapon and had one second to react.”

Laney Sweet, Shaver’s widow, shook her head “no” after the decision was read and later declined to answer questions, reported The Associated Press. She and Shaver’s parents have filed wrongful-death lawsuits against the city of Mesa.

Mark Geragos, an attorney representing the Shaver family, called the shooting an “execution” and said the “justice system miserably failed,” reported The Arizona Republic.”

Philip Mitchell Brailsford is a violent terrorist. He has forfeited his right to live, and should be on death row, right now…if not executed.

The USA is not a land of laws…

…It is a land of brutality, killing and vulgar hate.

The Mormon War on Porn: Slutever…

Date: December 10, 2017

01) The Mormon War on Porn: Slutever

“Utah has started a war against pornography. In 2016, Utah became the first State to officially declare porn a public health crisis, claiming porn has “detrimental” effect on brain function, contributes to “emotional and medical illnesses,” and gives rise to “deviant sexual arousal.” But with the science being murky at best, is this just Mormon morality infiltrating Utah legislation?

Porn is obviously a polarizing topic. The LDS Church (“Mormons”) perpetuate the belief that porn addiction is a “plague like we have never seen,” however, the psychiatric community does not even recognize porn as a clinical diagnosis. So, is porn actually contaminating our brains, or is this symbolic porn ban just a way of shaming Utah residents for their sexual desires? Having sprung out of this repression, the pornography site, founded by a lapsed mormon, directly plays on LDS inspired sexual oppression for the sake of titillation – illustrating the ultimate backlash against suppressed sexual desires.

In this episode of Slutever, Karley travels to Utah to investigate the state’s complicated, illicit and shamefully sexy world of porn. Karley speaks to members of Mormon church and other porn-haters at Utah’s annual anti-porn convention, and spends some quality time with erotically-liberated resistance.”

My Chat with Paediatric Endocrinologist Robert Lustig (THE SAAD TRUTH_556)…

Date: December 09, 2017

01) My Chat with Paediatric Endocrinologist Robert Lustig (THE SAAD TRUTH_556)

“Dr. Lustig is a New York Times bestselling author and a leading expert on childhood obesity. We covered a broad range of topics at the intersection of medicine, neurochemistry, nutrition, marketing, psychology, evolutionary theory, and propaganda.

Rob’s Twitter account: @RobertLustigMD

Rob’s UCSF page:

Al Franken Resigns On The Senate Floor…

Date: December 09, 2017

01) Al Franken Resigns On The Senate Floor

“Read more here:

WASHINGTON — Senator Al Franken of Minnesota announced Thursday he would resign “in the coming weeks” from the Senate after his support among Democrats crumbled, becoming the highest-profile casualty in the growing list of lawmakers felled by charges of sexual harassment or indiscretions.

“I of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party,” Mr. Franken said.

His references to both President Trump, who has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior including harassment and assault, and Roy S. Moore, the Republican nominee for an Alabama Senate seat who faces allegations that he molested teenagers, followed Mr. Franken’s steadfast denial that he himself had done anything wrong.

Mr. Franken said he had been ready to “cooperate fully” with a Senate Ethics Committee investigation but that he decided to leave office because it became clear he could not both pursue the investigation and represent the people of Minnesota. He maintained that he would have ultimately been cleared.”

Bernie Sanders On Al Franken Resigning:

B4U-ACT: Request for MAPs to Participate in Study about Attraction…


Date: December 09, 2017

01) Request for MAPs to Participate in Study about Attraction

“B4U-ACT regularly collaborates with and advertises studies we feel will contribute to professional understanding of MAPs and/or to MAPs’ well-being. If you are an MAP and you’d like to contribute to such professional understanding, please consider participating in the online study described below, being conducted by a master’s student from Vrije University in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), in cooperation with the University of Ottawa and the Royal Mental Hospital (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada):

We are looking for adult men or women (18 or older) who are attracted to children (14 or younger) to complete a secure, anonymous online survey. The survey has two parts:

Survey 1 asks questions about experiences of sexual and romantic attraction to children (and adults, if relevant).

Survey 2 is about the physical and psychological characteristics that are attractive about children (and adults, if relevant).

Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes. The study is completely anonymous. After each first study, you will be asked if you would like to participate in the other study. This is totally voluntary.”