Trump RAGE-QUITS Fox News…

Date: July 07, 2020

01) Trump RAGE-QUITS Fox News

“Trump lost it after Fox News reported unfavorable 2020 polls.

President Donald Trump said he’s done with Fox News after the network on Sunday showed him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls.

Trump claimed he was leading in “real polls” but did not cite any

Trump has repeatedly claimed that 96 percent of Republicans approve of him. While he does enjoy high levels of support among members of his party, there are no recent polls that show him reaching that level. Last week, a Hill-Harris X poll found he had an 82 percent approval rating among Republicans, down from 91 percent in May.



The SHOCKING SECRET to great veggie soup (!!!)…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: July 05, 2020

01) the SHOCKING SECRET to great veggie soup (!!!)

“Soup companies hate him! He’s discovered ONE WEIRD TRICK to delicious vegetable soup.”

I’ve found that a great starting point for cooking, is frying up a mixture of onions and celery…It’s a great base, on which you can fry or cook anything else.

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