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Pinned Alerts: The Just Future Project is Looking for an Original Source…

Date: May 13, 2019

01) Percy Foundation Survey Report on Imprisoned and Committed Sex Offenders

“Note from JustFuture: The original title of the paper was “The psycho/social/spiritual impact of being held in a ‘treatment center’ for sex offenders: reflections on the outcome of a brief questionnaire administered to a group of civilly committed men.” We would love to receive a full copy of the essay. Please contact us if you know how to find it.

The below quote came from “The Legal Pad” Volume 2, Issue 11, (November 15, 2018) published by Cyrus P. Gladden, II from the gulag in Mooselake, Minnesota. Gladden used the above title to describe the paper and attributed the paper to James Hunter in 2018. However, no formal situation was provided, nor was there a url for the source online. Thus far we have been unsuccessful at tracking down the original source or author. Nothing seems to appear on the percy foundation website. According to clues in the text of the paper, it would appear that the individual is a published author because a prisoner owns his books.”

Good website…I’m adding this to the EQF Community Links

They need some help finding a source…If you have any information, I’m sure they’d appreciate hearing from you.

The Minimal Mousetrap. Catching Mice by Keeping It Simple. Mousetrap Monday…

Frontier Tool Shed

Date: May 18, 2019

01) The Minimal Mousetrap. Catching Mice by Keeping It Simple. Mousetrap Monday

“The Minimal Mousetrap. Catching Mice by Keeping It Simple. Mousetrap Monday. In this video we test out a simple mousetrap invented by a Youtbe viewer. I was surprised by how well it worked.”

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PragerU Dismantled by an Evolutionary Psychologist…


Date: May 18, 2019

01) PragerU Dismantled by an Evolutionary Psychologist

“PragerU posted a video called “Why God is a He,” hosted by Dennis Prager himself. He argues that the biblical god is considered male for practical reasons. Prager asks, “Is God a man, a woman, or a genderless force that cannot be identified by masculine or feminine traits?” Dr. Hector Garcia, a clinical and evolutionary psychologist, author of Alpha God, joins me here to debunk Prager’s claims, and show how evolutionary psychology explains the biblical god’s gender. That god is a typical alpha male primate, which in the old and new testaments, acts with jealousy and aggression, like any male ape would. Thanks for working with me on this PragerU response, Doc!”

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The REAL State Of Bernie v Biden…

Date: May 18, 2019

01) The REAL State Of Bernie v Biden

“A new Emerson National Poll finds former Vice President Joe Biden with a bump from his official entrance into the race, taking back the lead over Senator Bernie Sanders. The poll finds Biden with 33% and Sanders with 25%. The April Emerson Poll had Sanders ahead of Biden 29% to 24% making this a 13 point swing in favor of the former Vice President. Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren are tied for 3rd with each getting 10% of the vote, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg rounds out the top 5 with 8%. No other candidate in the field clears 3% (n=429, +/-4.7%, MM, May 10-13, 2019)…


Online Harms White Paper…


Date: May 17, 2019

01) Online Harms White Paper


The Online Harms White Paper sets out the government’s plans for a world-leading package of measures to keep UK users safe online.

This consultation closes at
11:59pm on 1 July 2019

Consultation description

The Online Harms White Paper sets out the government’s plans for a world-leading package of online safety measures that also supports innovation and a thriving digital economy. This package comprises legislative and non-legislative measures and will make companies more responsible for their users’ safety online, especially children and other vulnerable groups.

The White Paper proposes establishing in law a new duty of care towards users, which will be overseen by an independent regulator. Companies will be held to account for tackling a comprehensive set of online harms, ranging from illegal activity and content to behaviours which are harmful but not necessarily illegal.

This consultation aims to gather views on various aspects of the government’s plans for regulation and tackling online harms, including:

the online services in scope of the regulatory framework;
options for appointing an independent regulatory body to implement, oversee and enforce the new regulatory framework;
the enforcement powers of an independent regulatory body;
potential redress mechanisms for online users; and
measures to ensure regulation is targeted and proportionate for industry.

This is an open public consultation. We particularly encourage responses from organisations, companies and others with relevant views, insights or evidence.

This consultation closes at 23:59, 1 July 2019.

An easy read version of the Executive Summary will be available shortly.

Online Harms White Paper – Executive summary

Online Harms White Paper [PDF]

Online Harms White Paper

Ways to respond

Respond online

Email to:

Write to:

Online Harms Team
100 Parliament Street
SW1A 2BQ “

…The UK police state.

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MWF – Midnight Zone May 17, 2019…


Date: May 17, 2019

01) LINK

Match Atreyu Vs Pope Francis – 67%

Match 2: Pan Vs Haggas – 93%

Main Event:

Match 3: Viamund, Steve Diamond & Peter Pan Vs Fat Fabio, Ganymede & Zeus – 81%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Atreyu Loss: Pope Francis
Win: Pan Loss: Haggas
Main Event Match: Viamund, Steve Diamond & Peter Pan Defeat Fat Fabio, Ganymede & Zeus

Show Referee: Midnight Bandit

Revenge was inflicted durring the main event, for the Alice Day attack.

BEST RANKED MATCH: Pan Vs Haggas – 93%


Pat Benatar – Behind the Music…


Date: May 16, 2019

01) Pat Benatar – Behind the Music

I think the one sole thing about Pat which I had a harder time with…was the “Hell is for Children” thing…

I was still pretty young when it came out..It sounded fine…It just always went over like a thud, with me…It’s a dark, very emotionally suggestive song, incorporating your typical themes on child sexual abuse.

Why it stood out, is because nobody was doing this type of thing…introducing that sort of issue, with that sort of depiction and message…

As I got a bit older…I realized more deeply what the song was actually about…and for most of my life, “Hell is for Children” has stood out in my mind…as a pioneering effort to construct this really dark mental picture…of “what it means for children to be touched by sex”…

…I dislike this song, because of what it lyrically pushes…in a black and white sort of way.

It always seemed like it was setting there, “right at the beginning”, fanning the flames of hysteria.

At the same time…I do realize, that “Hell is for Children” does represent the lived experience of many children in this world.

I just think the song falls short, morally…in that it’s so narrow in view…

…There is no distinction…It’s all just, “You shouldn’t have to pay for your love, with your bones and your flesh”…as if there were no other option, than brutality and injury.

Given everything that falls under the umbrella of “child sexual abuse”…I find this to be a really wrong, honestly reprehensible, framing of the issue.

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