Words Have Lost All Meaning To Qanon Members…


Date: February 03, 2023

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“Recently a figurehead for Qanon went on a Christian talk show and denounced the movement He said it was all complete nonsense and people who believed any of it were idiots. Well they couldn’t stomach that message so they decided he obviously meant the exact opposite of what he said. Words have lost all meaning at this point. If someone feeds into the conspiracy that’s evidence it’s true. If someone says it’s all nonsense that’s also evidence it’s true. What can possibly break these people out of this mindset?”


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Setting Some Things Straight For Dark Horse…


Date: February 03, 2023

01) A grotesque, evil, insane march towards the normalization of pedophilia

“War on Kids

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #158 (originally streamed live on Jan 21, 2023)”

…”Evil”…”Demonic” [appealing to mythology and theology?]…?!…Oh Please!…These two have completely dismissed themselves, from all integrity.


…You know…I really struggle sometimes, to justify the continued sharing of Dark Horse media…You would think, given their own history of being viciously targeted and demonized, they would have learned something by now…That You Cannot Do This To People Nor Social Issues!

You’re just making things worse, when you attack things you clearly do not understand.

Well…I commend them for at least holding back any physical frothing at the mouth…but this is an unhinged, ignorant rant they are putting on…It is clearly not educated or informed.

It really is disappointing to watch these two sink to this level.

It takes them half the entire video, before they even begin to express anything remotely informed…and, yes…children are not asexual…They do have sexual attractions…It’s not at all unknown, for those attractions to be towards adults…which is the widely presumed default, of all human sexual attraction.

Bret is right…we don’t know the extent [and finer points] of childhood sexuality, because of extreme social censorship…It’s damn near illegal to even research it…and most institutions will not touch it, for fear of social backlash by extremists…both extremists in the private sector, and extremists in government.

This situation is absolutely indefensible.

By the way…Adult Attracted Minor is a legitimate term that’s been around for many years…It did not originate within the Minor Attracted Person community…It came naturally from adolescents [possibly younger] and youth who are sexually aware, and chose to identify themselves as such.

Obviously…some people don’t like that two social demographics openly choose to be together…or to at least be aligned in certain principles.

I think that is exactly what is really getting some peoples panties in a twist here…The censors have lost control of the conversation…

They can no longer stop the people most directly impacted by their vicious intolerance, from openly speaking…And they are furious that a vast many of us are not appreciative of “their protection”…They are furious that when the humans they zealously lord over finally get to speak, we actually have very different views and opinions, which are incompatible with what they are doing to us…We legitimately experience “their protection”, as injurious and life destroying…It’s some sort of raping of the human mind…a raping of the human life…

…It is the deepest of violations.

…See…this is nothing new…Going way back, youth liberation groups have always had an element of sexual self autonomy…of casting off their own sexual oppression…which means allowing them freedom of choice…freedom to choose “yes”…freedom to choose “no”…with whomever they wish.

What actually infuriates the extremists…is that even after all this time…there still exists an open, vocal group of kids, who are willing to admit being the other, invisible portion of the “pedophile and child” equation…

…Their existence validates the fact, that mutual, adult and child sexual desires are real…They tangibly exist in the objective, real world.

Extremists have spent many decades, viciously attempting to eradicate this very real force of nature…and yet…it faithfully continues to emerge, despite everything they throw at it, to dissuade and devastate it…

…The mutual attraction is not evil…it’s not demonic…It’s just decent humans being human, and having an innocent sexual nature they are not afraid to acknowledge…There could be nothing more natural, wholesome or life affirming…This is an objectively positive thing.

Bret and Heather have a lot of value to share, I think…but I’m becoming less and less convinced they are worthy of trust…Their own integrity is in serious question, when they resort to social dogmas, stigmas and demonizations, while displaying a total lack of human empathy, as well as any working knowledge of current research and the MAP social movement…

…They put themselves forward, as supposedly being better than this…So…Why aren’t they?

This war on kids is actually being waged by people like Bret and Heather…who aren’t listening to or understanding the kids…They’re just dismissing and imposing upon the kids…much to the kids detriment.

It is high time for this dysfunctional, awful mode of social behavior to go away…

…This is a new era, for dialogue, understanding and mutual support…It’s a time for people who actually want to heal society, and move forward with a symbiotic relationship, where we all belong, are respected and safe.

Bret and Heather…please stop being on the wrong side of this.

However tired I am of repeating this…

…We don’t call MAPs pedophiles, because not all MAPs are pedophiles.

It’s honestly very simple and straight forward…There are at least four distinct sexual orientations recognized, within the MAP demographic…They are as follows…

Nepiophile – Sexual attraction to infants and toddlers.

Pedophile – Sexual attraction to roughly the five to twelve year old range.

Hebephile – Sexual attraction to humans going through, or shortly past puberty.

Ephebophile – Sexual attraction to humans past puberty, but prior to reaching legal adulthood.

Pedophiles are One Sub Group of MAP…which is why we don’t call MAPs pedophiles.

Yes…Some MAPs fall into more than one category…This does not mean that all MAPs fall into all categories, or more than one category.

It has always been clumsy, arrogant and dimwitted, for society to mangle these diverse attractions into one category.

It’s been equally clumsy, arrogant and dimwitted, for society to mangle these sexual orientations with sexual violence, ill intent, evil character and automatic injury [which in reality, cannot even be found].

What most people refer to as “pedophilia”, attraction or action, is simply wrong…

…I would suggest most of what people claim about “pedophilia” is stated in bad faith…if it weren’t for the fact that most people have been deprived of the tools, to research and understand pedophilia…and human sexuality, in general.

Most people are legitimately fooled, into thinking the dogma, the stigma and the vicious characterizations of pedophilia are correct.

It’s like dealing with people born and raised in a manipulative religion…They aggressively resist and fight, when the actual truth of the matter begins to emerge.

What we are witnessing today, is manifestation of the damage done by a society and system, hellbent on the sheer cruelty of separating humans from their own sexuality…

…It doesn’t even understand, that it has become the human destroying monster…It celebrates itself as “heroic”, in being what it is…and that truly is grotesque…

…It doesn’t understand what it has done to countless people…nor the consequences we all are forced to endure, because of it.

The real heroes are the people standing up, and pushing back against these myriad of abuses, at great risk to themselves.

…Any two bit fool can mouth off with trite snips and dogmatic talking points, while remaining in the comfort of the majority…to cowardly to look and see for themselves.

Prejudice and discrimination against MAPs, and AAMs also, is injustice…It is indefensible…This is objective fact.

Prejudice and discrimination against MAPs and AAMs must come to an end. This is the only reasonable and acceptable end point.

…Oh, Jesus…

…There are other things worth saying here…but, it would all be in response of Bret dictating from on high, what is “normal”, and threatening that “you better not mess with normal”…

…It’s closed minded bigotry…shameful, honestly.

The only way this type of ignorance persists and thrives, is because of censorship and people refusing to acknowledge reality.

It’s time to resist the censorship, and persist in ramping up the reality.

Always tell the truth, regardless of who does not like it.



Off Grid Living is a LIE…


Date: February 03, 2023

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“So much “off Grid” content you see is hard to believe…..while I cant tell you whats real and whats not on the internet, I can show you what it looked like for my wife Brooke and I to get started on this journey of off grid living…..the pretty stuff and the ugly.”


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Eliza Bleu Story Is A Lie As Article Shows Her Past And Her Friends Do Not Believe Her Story…


Date: February 03, 2023

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“Elon Musk’s favorite anti-trafficking advocate has set off a war in right-wing circles after Twitter banned some of her critics—and her own friends are poking holes in her story.”

I’m not saying anything about this specific case [I have no personal insight on Eliza Bleu]…But there are horrible, often predatory, people, who grift into the world of “championing victims of child sex abuse”, and exploit it for personal gain.

Total scumbags being exposed are nothing new in this…Believe me…They’re not that rare.

Some are here merely as cover, for their own psychopathic tendencies.

I am not joking about any of this…It’s just literally how things are…A lot of shit people latch onto these issues, because they’re super easy to exploit…and there is a ready made audience, waiting to enthusiastically slurp up their story without any critical push back or investigation.

Of course…there are legitimate cases, and genuine people…but there are a lot of liars, too…They’ll exploit everyone…They’ll turn on anyone…no matter who…even the people who thought they were allies.

This should be a much more talked about, exposed and understood issue.


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The Controversy Surrounding Eliza Bleu & Twitter Censorship Update…

Date: February 02, 2023

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It’s interesting watching so many people getting sucker punched, with the exact same underhanded maltreatment that MAPs have been subjected to on twitter for years.

Are people finally starting to wake up, to the total rot just below the surface of twitter?

Twitter disappears absolutely anyone who “trust and safety” find to be “undesirable”…Your established past history, or that fact that you were never doing anything wrong, has nothing to do with it.

The platform is run by completely corrupt scumbags, who do what they please without any fear of consequence.

…I’m still waiting for any sign, that Elon has actually made any effort to course correct and restore twitter [as he famously promised]…I’ve seen nothing of substance, thus far…

It’s been three months…How long does it take to put together a commission, to determine wrongly suspended/terminated accounts?

…Very unimpressive.

He seems to be letting the platform get worse…Maybe that’s a good thing…Maybe more people will see it for what it is, and leave it.


“COVID Is Killing Children!” – Says CNN Spreading Misinformation…

Date: February 02, 2023

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“CNN embraces any opportunity to fearmonger, and with Donald Trump out of office, COVID has become the cable outlet’s richest vein for spreading that fear. Most recently CNN pointed out that COVID has become the 8th largest killer of children in the United States. But look behind the numbers — and add a little context — and you realize that the threat to otherwise healthy children from COVID remains vanishingly low.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss all the ways the CNN report disingenuously distorts data and spreads blatant misinformation at the behest of its corporate sponsor, Pfizer.”

Counting young adults as “children”, just so they can cook the numbers?…

…Yeah, that’s scummy.



Date: February 01, 2023

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“Sam Harris continued to lose his shit, for the second time musing about the deaths of children so he can be validated in his Trump Derangement Syndrome and (“evil” vaxx refusers).”

Biden only seems better than Trump, to those who refrain from thinking about it to much.

…They’re both fucking awful monsters…Biden has merely been repackaged by the system.

Sam should focus more on the fact, that these two monsters are likely to hog up the spotlight during the next presidential election…and explore what we are going to do about this problem.

I think most of us are sick of the fucking hand picked monsters, the system expects to endlessly shove down our throats.

That is what we need to confront.