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Donahue on WWF Drug & Sex Scandal in 1992…

Date: March 16, 1992

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“Vince owns the entire show.

Full Episode from 03-16-1992 featuring Murray Hodgekins, Vince McMahon, Barry Orton and Tony Cole in the first portion of the show.

Here was the guest list:

Vince McMahon: He looked to be about 20 years younger than he does now. And
back then, people said he looked 20 years older than he really was. Vince
was pure Vince on this show, before he had ever played heel on television.

Bruno Sammartino: If Bruno had sat next to McMahon, this show would’ve
turned into a Jerry Springer-like onstage brawl. As it turned out, Bruno
remained calm and made the most sense out of anyone on the panel.

Superstar Billy Graham: Graham was there to confirm his own experience with
steroids and also his experience taking them with Hogan himself.
Unfortunately, Graham did a lot of stuttering and rambling and wasn’t able
to make his points effectively.

Murray Hodgson: Murray claimed he was fired 2 weeks after he refused to
sleep with Pat Patterson. He was initially hired to be one of the lead
announcers ala Sean Mooney. While Hodgson lacks credibility in hindsight,
his performance here stole the show.

Dave Meltzer: Dave was there as the outside analyst/expert. Dave had the
best knowledge on all the facts, but had virtually no experience in front of
the camera and was nervous because of it. He did OK, but I’m sure there are
things he would’ve liked to change. Even if he had gotten the chance, there
were simply too many people on the panel to really make a striking

Barry Orton: Barry is the brother of Bob Orton and the uncle of Randy. He
wrestled as “Barry O” in WWF mid-80s prelims. Barry was never a big star
and had nothing to lose by coming forward. He improved on his droning
appearance on Larry King, but his talking style was simply not suited for
the fast-paced world of talk TV.

Tom Hankins: Hankins was another veteran mid carder who gave us a Pat
Patterson story. After a brief speech in the beginning, he was never heard
from again.

John Arezzi: Arezzi, who has disappeared from the wrestling world, was on as
another expert/analyst. He had a popular radio show at the time, and he was
a good guest, but didn’t get much talk time.”