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Miscellaneous Responses [aka The Idiot Zoo]…


Date: January 01, 2000

Plenty of rude, obnoxious and creepy people post comments on this blog, without orientating themselves to the nature and flow of this blog.

As consequence, I often find myself deleting their comments because they’ve clearly not followed the comment posting guidelines…and it’s not uncommon for their violations to be extreme.

An Audio Reading of The Comment Posting Guidelines:

This message is available near the top of the main blog page, in the audio message forum…But, the sorts featured here were to full of themselves and obsessed with their own, kneejerk moral outrage, to bother noticing…well…much of anything…They just stumble into this blog, and vomit forth whatever ignorance and hostility is wildly rattling around in their minds. Not once, did they consider discussing the substance of the post…They’re solely here to deliver abuse.

Since these sorts apparently cannot figure out what “post on topic”, or “accuse, abuse and threaten nobody” means…their comments rarely show up anywhere, except maybe The Fear, Threat and Attack Files.

Sometimes I like to let a few of these get published out in the open, so I can comment on them…and let the sane, decent members of this community respond to their abuses, should they so choose.

That is what this post is for…

All the activity is going to take place in the comments section.

I’ll quote a comment [left by some nasty idiot], and respond to it.

Should any sane, decent person wish to do the same, I request that you use the tags below, in order to highlight the quote in bold.

<b>”QUOTE HERE“</b>

Just copy, paste and edit…It should be obvious.

You don’t have to…but, it makes things a bit easier to follow.