Miscellaneous Responses [aka The Idiot Zoo]…


Date: January 01, 2000

Plenty of rude, obnoxious and creepy people post comments on this blog, without orientating themselves to the nature and flow of this blog.

As consequence, I often find myself deleting their comments because they’ve clearly not followed the comment posting guidelines…and it’s not uncommon for their violations to be extreme.

An Audio Reading of The Comment Posting Guidelines:

This message is available near the top of the main blog page, in the audio message forum…But, the sorts featured here were to full of themselves and obsessed with their own, kneejerk moral outrage, to bother noticing…well…much of anything…They just stumble into this blog, and vomit forth whatever ignorance and hostility is wildly rattling around in their minds. Not once, did they consider discussing the substance of the post…They’re solely here to deliver abuse.

Since these sorts apparently cannot figure out what “post on topic”, or “accuse, abuse and threaten nobody” means…their comments rarely show up anywhere, except maybe The Fear, Threat and Attack Files.

Sometimes I like to let a few of these get published out in the open, so I can comment on them…and let the sane, decent members of this community respond to their abuses, should they so choose.

That is what this post is for…

All the activity is going to take place in the comments section.

I’ll quote a comment [left by some nasty idiot], and respond to it.

Should any sane, decent person wish to do the same, I request that you use the tags below, in order to highlight the quote in bold.

<b>”QUOTE HERE“</b>

Just copy, paste and edit…It should be obvious.

You don’t have to…but, it makes things a bit easier to follow.


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Responses [aka The Idiot Zoo]…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    ”Child porn is victimless? Nonsense. Consumption of child porn causes its supply. The supply of child porn causes child abuse. Therefore consumption of child pornography causes child abuse. Such a simple transitive argument, you must truly be as dimwitted as your twitter feed suggests not to understand it!“ – oopgenvberg

    It’s not the issue which is at question…It’s what you do with it.

    What you’ve dropped into my lap, here, is a red herring…and establishes you’ve done nothing, to understand the nuances of my real stance.

    …It’s also pretty rich, you calling me a “dimwit”…when you cannot even figure out how to follow the comment posting guidelines…nor that the post you were responding to, has utterly nothing to do with “child porn”.

    I have never even once in my lifetime, suggested that nobody has ever been victimized, in a setting of which many would call “child pornography” related.

    What I have said, is that not all “child porn” production, distribution, etc, is of an equal nature…

    There is “child porn”, for which no genuine victim exists.

    My stance, is that we should not conflate all “child pornography”, as though it were the same.

    Many of us prefer the term “child erotica”, to distinguish the recording of child sexuality produced within certain ethical standards, from content where a child [or youth] may be getting sexually brutalized, or forced into something.

    We need to identify, distinguish and encourage a “child erotica” model…and discourage the “child porn” model.

    As far as the rest of your canned diatribe…

    If you are going to smear even child erotica with the claim that it is [or causes] child abuse, even when it is clear this is not the case…there’s not much left to discuss with you…because it’s clear you don’t even want a real discussion on the subject…

    …You just want to trot out a canned slogan, which you imagine to be clever and irrefutable…

    …How simplistic of you.

    Child erotica is non-abusive, by it’s nature…it is moral…it is ethical…It is lovely…

    …Your canned slogan, has only come here to die on the floor.

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    “NAMBLA is corrupt….they are ruining people’s lives. They have gotten a church here near where I live to believe all their crap and that church is involved with horrible stuff. I tried to warn the preacher, but he is not listening to the sick they are spewing forth.

    Some people are more willing to ban entire RACES of people than to ban pedophile predators. Sick!” – Luisa Haynes

    Luisa is amongst the idiots spamming this blog…with messages that have nothing to do with the post topic.

    I should have just deleted it…But, I thought I’d let you see this liar, as she lies.

  3. eqfoundation Post author

    February 18, 2018

    It’s quite probable, that this is just another one of those spam messages, that will show up on another MAPs blog, with little variance. [Found It!…On the blog of Amos Yee. What an a-hole “A Bee” is.]

    I don’t know who they are talking about…but it clearly cannot be me…Far to much of this is in direct contradiction, with what my public past has been.

    They’ve just cobbled together a bunch of accusations…I’ve discussed most [possibly all] of the things they list…And my handling of them was tasteful, dignified and entirely different from how this person claims.

    “Hmm, let’s see about Steve Diamond:
    -Claiming to advocate for free speech but play the victim card when criticized and rejected.
    -That being said, has not enough backbone to claim responsibility for the consequences of his own actions.
    -Straight up admits to the people he debates that he believes he is 100% correct and they’re all wrong; never agreeing nor refuting their points.
    -Heavily shit on Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, for marrying a child but still advocate for the removal of age of consent laws and pedophile rights.
    -That being said, mistaking romantic acts (like making out) as sexual acts.
    -Also claims that he is “ahead of his time” but fail to realize that pedophilia is a very, VERY old issue with a clear answer in science, psychiatry and psychology.
    -Attempted to compare the pedophile community with the LGBT community despite very obvious difference (one is a psychiatric disorder, the other is sexual orientation).
    -Having zero understanding of the difference between a child and an adult’s neurology.
    -Apparently, never experienced life as a child to know how easily manipulated they are.
    -That being said, never considered putting himself in the shoes of a child and their parents in any of his proposed scenarios (thus, failing to understand that a relationship is a two-way street).
    -Calls himself a “victim” a lot but resorts to calling his opposition’s arguments as “lying” and “garbage” before repeating himself again rather than directly refuting them.
    -Calls out other people of being arrogant (sometimes rightfully) but the irony of it escapes him over and over again.
    -Don’t seem to understand (or even know) what PTSD is.
    -Implying that you do more work than other types of Atheists.
    -Have absolutely zero gratefulness and respect for people who went out of their way to support you, and kept begging anyways.
    -Inserts random swears and perverted jokes in almost every social media posts he made with zero context and reason, making them look dry and forced (I’m guessing because he wants to appear “cool” and “relevant”)
    -And after that, acts surprised that people think that he’s a pedophile.
    -Is very clearly losing pedo friends and relevance but is not only blind to this reality, he still went out of his way to act rude and insult those who disagree with his “noble cause”.

    I think it is clear that you are a narcissist and a sociopath. I regret ever supporting you back when you were a Vietnam’s vet. Luckily for me, I never gave you a single cent. What the United States government did to you was wrong but your behavior did not help one bit. And now that the government is no longer on your ass, you can no longer use that “sympathy shield” to deflect people’s arguments against you. Everything you do from now on is a reflection of who you are. With your attitude worsening rather than improving, you lost most of your old pedo friends and you’ve shown yourself to be someone who is spoiled, can’t take criticisms and has a very, VERY fragile ego.

    I won’t wish for your death or your incarcelation. Free speech or not, these are lines that we must never cross. But I do wish that you sink lower than you already have because you are in serious need of some humbling. I highly doubt this will happen but I hope one day, you actually realize that you need to start taking into consideration the consequences of everything you do. Your pro-atheist “cause” will be an impossible battle if you keep pushing away allies and supporters with your condescending attitude and your lack of restraint.” – A Bee

    There’s a person posting comments on this blog…who keeps using names which somehow reference back to Mellisa Zaccaria…And while she is crazy and dumb enough to behave like this…I don’t get the sense that these posts were made by her.

    They also try to pass themselves off, as someone who once knew and supported me…

    …I call bullshit…If you were such a person, you would confront me under a name I recognize.

    This person acts like they don’t even know me.

    I’m not going to dignify this with a direct response to it…If they don’t care enough to get the facts correct…then I don’t care to spend my time addressing their slanderous ramblings.

    – Steve

  4. eqfoundation Post author

    “99.99% of child rapists are pedophiles.
    95% of child murderers are pedophiles.
    30% of pedophiles would rape children if there were no criminal consequences.

    But I am very unfair because I generalize.

    PS: And of those 5% of non-pedophiles murderers, it was found that more than half killed in self-defense.” – Jessica”

    Statistics on “sex crimes” are historically taken, based upon studies of prison populations…people who are more compelled to participate…MAPs [including pedophiles] who are living free, are excluded from this type of research…though, things are slowly changing, after about two decades of effort to get competent research on MAPs done.

    Commonly accepted conclusions in this field, are a mess…and largely not trustworthy…However…we do know a few nuanced things from what studies do exist…

    “99.99% of child rapists are pedophiles.”

    You mention child rape, which is substantively different from “sexual assault”, as a term…therefor, I am going to address the statement as you presented it.

    The reality of child rape, according to the research, is that ninety-some odd percent of the cases substantiated and prosecuted, are committed by situational offenders who have no primary sexual interest in children. They are not be definition pedophiles…In fact, last I knew…the percentage of cases that were perpetrated by verified pedophiles, is under five percent…And it’s likely well below that.

    Pedophiles are not known to rape children, nor to do anything sexually violent with children…despite what they hyperbole and dehumanizing rhetoric claim.

    ” 95% of child murderers are pedophiles.”

    This is absolute, total bunk.

    That dubious honor goes to parents, other close family members, and child caregivers…where there was never a sexual motive, at all.

    Pedophiles are not known for murdering children, despite the hyperbole and dehumanizing rhetoric aimed at them.

    “30% of pedophiles would rape children if there were no criminal consequences.”

    Again…total bunk.

    Historical data does not support this.

    “But I am very unfair because I generalize.”

    You are insanely ignorant…And you are unfair, because you don’t even care enough to know what you are talking about before you blurt it out. Your unfairness originates from your contempt, and unwillingness to see things for what they are.

    “PS: And of those 5% of non-pedophiles murderers, it was found that more than half killed in self-defense.”

    Yeah…right…Whatever you say, funny girl.


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