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Fox News, Madeleine McCann…Pedophiles! Pedophiles! Pedophiles!…


Date: May 13, 2007

There is a three year old girl, I suspect you may have heard of, who was on vacation with her parents in Portugal…

The parents left the child for a period of time (to go eat a meal, apparently), and when they came back, she had vanished.

“Between 9.30pm and 10pm on Thursday. Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, were dining at a tapas bar in a Mark Warner resort around 100 meters from the apartment where Madeleine and her twin siblings were sleeping. The McCann’s checked on the children at around half-hourly intervals. Mr McCann checked at 9.30pm, but when the couple returned at about 10pm, Madeleine had gone.”

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…Now…ignoring the incredible ridiculousness of leaving your three, small children unattended, in a strange place at night time…which we will come back to briefly…

I am finding it quite curious, just how this news story is unfolding…or, more specifically, how it is being “reported”…in hyperbole dens, inhabited by extreme, conservatives and militant, fundamentalist Christians, like Fox News.

I hope little Madeleine is returned safely…but, what is going on in the media right now, is an indefensible outrage…It is an opportunistic lynching…and some of the most irresponsible excuses for “journalism”, I have ever witnessed.

The first sign that something is foul, came with the first report on this missing child…

…where in Greta Van Susteren, was speaking with a female reporter at the scene, who was describing the situation.

When asked if there are any leads or suspects, the woman “reporter” made clear, in no uncertain terms, that there are no leads, nor are their any suspects…

Immediately after which, the woman launches into an unprompted, ten (or fifteen) second marathon, of intentionally forcing the word “pedophile”, into the news story.

…making one wonder, if she clearly stated that nothing was known, and nobody was suspected, yet contradicted herself by brazenly indicting phantom “pedophiles”, all in the same breath.

It was curious, how the word was forced into this “report”, and how this trend has only gotten worse…

They are now saying, “pedophile” around every conceivable corner…

Fox news (those fine, “upstanding”, militant fundamentalists), have hijacked this tragic situation, and turned it into a panic inducing, smear campaign…anything to say the word “pedophile”, over and over and over…and connect it to a story, which till this point in time, has an utter lack of connection to pedophiles…or even one pedophile.

Excuse me, Fox news…WHERE IS THE PEDOPHILE?

We hear all of this spooky language coming out of your mouths…like “pedophile rings”…and you have “experts” coming out of the woodwork, to spew out the words “pedophile” and “child prostitution”…

…but, at the end of the day, when we have cleared all this hyperbole away from the scene, this is all nothing more than bold faced, projected speculation…for which, you have taken an obscene level of creative license.

This is really grinding me, because this is not reporting…It is an opportunistic, unveiled, and unprovoked, public attack against pedophiles, in general.

They are brazenly taking a news story, which is currently taking place, and without even one bit of evidence pointing in that direction, they have implied to the rest of the viewing public “what happened”.

Fox news has dictated to everyone, in one way or another, that a “pedophile ring” kidnapped Madeleine, for “child prostitution”…

…The complete lack of supportive, real world evidence, does not mean even one, single damned thing…when Fox news can pull “the news”, right out of their own butt holes, and throw it at the screen, like a bunch of frenzied monkeys.

Her name is Madeleine…


…She has blond hair…


She was in Portugal…


…on vacation…


We know nothing…


There are no leads…


The parents are pleading!


…Oh! by the way, lets talk about a few other, unrelated, but heinous news stories of the past…


…and did we mention…


Firstly, abduction of children, is extremely abnormal behavior for anyone, let a lone a pedophile.

Secondly, sexual brutality is extremely abnormal behavior for anyone, let alone a pedophile.

Thirdly, murder is extremely abnormal behavior for anyone, let alone a pedophile.

By the support of sound, non fanatical statistics, we know that pedophiles are not known for doing any of these types of behavior, as a matter of their natural character.

An average of roughly 50 (fifty) cases are on the record (in the U.S.) every year, of one or more of these things happening to a child, at the hands of a stranger…

…as opposed to a whopping 3000 (three thousand) such cases annually, happening to a child at the hands of their own, biological parent(s), or other close, family member.

Nobody wants to hear about the massive body of the iceberg, just under the waters surface…

…they only want to hear about the tiny tip at the top…


…the ones who snapped…


They make great news stories!


…Really bring in the ratings!


…Keep those butts glued to the seats…


…and eyes glued to the tube…


…Let’s pass a new law!!!


…”god” doesn’t like them!


…They are destroying our country!!!


…and our very future!


…Our most precious resource…


…is eaten alive by…


So, okay…

…We clearly see today, that facts are mere, pesky things which only get in the way.

The “reporters” have a story to manufacture, after all…and an agenda to push…and what good are facts, when they don’t support you?

I’d like to ask one question, however…I mean, it would hardly be the first time in human history, that parents mysteriously “lost” a child and used “pedophiles” as a scapegoat…when it turned out, that the parents, themselves, were responsible for the whole damned thing.

Why is it so “unthinkable”, that something other than a “pedophile ring” occurred?

Why is Fox news so absolutely intent, on pushing this “pedophile” theme, when there is nothing to support it?

I am not accusing…I am finding it very unnerving, however, that any number of things could have happened to this small child, and yet, some members of the media have already written the whole damned script of this story, to force down your throat…(wonder when we’ll be seeing the Sunday night, “made for television” movie?)

This is squarely, and irredeemably, wrong…It is unethical, to an extreme.

…They would not think of looking at, and questioning the parents, over on Fox news…Oh no!

…in spite of the fact that, statistically, they are primary suspects.

It is pretty darned weird, and convenient, to leave several small children, unattended for half hour periods of time, in a strange place…no?…

Something really stinks here…and I think it has something to do, with that dirty, mangy Fox, never having been house broken, or refined for the consumption of intelligent people.

…those of us who can clearly see right through their baseless agendas.

Fox news is not a news channel…it is cheap, tabloid trash…and a hateful arm, of the conservative, Christian cult.

Truth be told, the parents have a higher probability of being responsible for this (perhaps, a tragic accident, that got covered up?), than any phantom, “pedophile ring”.

…but, Fox news only wants you to hear…


Maybe, just maybe…However improbable…maybe it was a pedophile…and maybe there is a “child prostitution ring”…and maybe Madeleine is a slave today…

…but NOBODY has the right to be inventing all of this speculation, and masquerading it as “reporting”…NOBODY!

Not a single, damned word of this charade is substantiated fact

…but, you would never know this, given the way Fox news is handling this story, and spreading around the propaganda.

What ever happened to the day, when the news, and reporters had integrity?

Today, it is just a cheap attempt at telling us all what we should be thinking…and that is not news, or reporting, at all.

April 12, 2009

Mad McCann Further Comment…

…I’m not sure if it was my fault, or what…but that “rant”, which some did not seem to interpret as it was intended, was a commentary on the unethical practice of the media, to introduce unsubstantiated, and stereotypical ideas, into on going cases, where no such connection has ever been established.

…A la, propaganda.

It is taking an easy, cheap shot…while at the same time, disturbing societies sense of panic and rage, while in the midst of an emotional travesty (a small, missing child).

They are exploiting a missing child, like they all to commonly do, in order to keep the cultural panic heightened.

Until they find a pedophile, who is involved in this case, they have no business doing this…and even then, that is not a “pedophile” issue…

There is no “pedophile epidemic” going on…It is merely individual people, who make bad decisions, and sometimes happen to be pedophiles.

I don’t expect much from Fox news, but their blatant disregard for integrity in reporting, in this instance, caught my attention.

It is an issue, I’ve been meaning to discuss, for a long time.