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Suicide Activism?…

Date: May 27, 2007

Should MAA’s plot and publicize their own death, in order to raise awareness to pedophobia?

As a humanist and an atheist…

…it is hard to justify such an approach, when you have no expectancy of existence, past the point of death.

It is a tremendous expression, no doubt, to cut your own life short, and politicize it…but, I have to question whether or not it would hold much weight, in this kind of a political landscape.

People die from suicide all the time…Untold numbers of MAA’s, already have died, and are dying, at their own hands. Sometimes, this does make the news.

…and hate mongers say in unison…”Good!”…

Sometimes, MAA’s are very young when they do this…a far more consequential sacrifice…a far more solid statement…

…and the hate mongers say in unison…”Good! He has so much less time, in which to attack a child!”…

It is not how you die which defines you…but how you lived.

That is why I reject intentionally killing myself, or anyone else, in an attempt to make progress in this fight.

If I can not make a difference, through the efforts that I have made during my life…then my death will not mean a thing.

We are far more useful, in what we consistently do while alive, than any single, isolated “moment” of dissent.

We can hone our skills, and become better at what we are doing, while we are alive…You cant do that when you are dead.

We can make our impact, our impression on this world while we are alive…You cant do that when you are a faceless, suicide statistic.

We can change our world, by winning over the unsure and reluctant…one at a time…You cant do that in a grave.

We may yet get to love another, who we are biologically inclined to love…and they will know, they are loved…After death, that possibility is over.

Personally, I care nothing for being a freak show, that many will gawk at, and even some of the most sympathetic minded of today will, at best, be inclined to view as a “tortured soul”, in dire need of their “guidance” and control.

“Suicidal” is thought to be a mentally ill state of mind, after all…To do this, is playing into their game, by their rules.

There are so many reasons to stay alive, if you can…

…dying prematurely, just takes away experienced, seasoned and dedicated minds.

The problem is going to have to be solved by strategy, and gaining some level of control, over positions of influence, in the larger public.

Dying is not much of a strategy…nor will it get you any control…Your influence will be greatly limited.