All or Nothing…


Date: May 28, 2007

CSA (child sex abuse) “experts”, politicians, and special interest lobby groups, are well experienced at pitting separate distinct groups (usually minorities, who often don’t have the resources to fight back) against one another…as though, the situation is all black or white.

…as though, one (or several) only exists at the absolute peril of the other (or several others)…

Not only does this tend to successfully deflect the public attention away from legitimate arguments against what these people stand for (or, everything they do in the name of what they stand for), it also dishonestly bolsters their own viewpoint, and propagates an abusive atmosphere, towards several, distinct and benign minorities.

This is a basic practice, of manufacturing the illusion of villain minorities, in order to fill the requirements of “proving”, that their ideology, and proposed practices, are “justified”.

Is there such a thing, as a “villain minority”?…perhaps…

Does this make all minorities labeled as such, actual “villains”?…no…

…but, in today’s world, does this even matter, anymore, to most people?

I remember the occasion, when this really became clear to me. It was amidst dialog with a person, who considers herself a child advocate (CA), and a CSA activist.

I mean no disrespect in pointing this out, but, it is almost amazing how many “CAs” will go to such prolonged extents, to completely avoid addressing certain issues (which they, nearly always, either deny, or pretend do not exist), when confronted by factual accounts, from people who do not fit into the “CAs” own ideology, of “how things are supposed to be”.

In fact, a lot of us human beings, out here, inflict serious cracks, into the foundation of many of these “CA/CSA” activists’ arguments…just by the mere fact that we exist, and can attest, that their ideas and intentions have holes in them…and, have directly abusive elements to them.

To this persons credit, however, after some time resisting acknowledging the inevitable truth, it was finally conceded that, yes, I had an honest and sincere point, when I brought up the fact that not all adult/minor sexual relationships are abusive in nature, nor are they all with negative consequences…Indeed, many have greatly positive effects on all participants.

It is not that the “CA/CSA” activists do not understand this (perhaps some do not, but, I believe that most do). It is that, they believe they have license to press on, at the peril of benign and good minorities, and without accountability for the harm they are causing….because, their “bottom line” intentions “outweigh” the severity of whatever damage they have caused to others.

…It’s “the greater good” theory…

“Yes, Mr. Diamond, what you say may be honest and true, and yes, these types of benign minorities likely do exist, but, the perceived well being of our defenseless, little children, make each and every one of your arguments ‘null and void’, when pitted against the better interests of our defenseless, little children”.

One of the most underhanded, and best assured, ways of gaining condemnation against anything, is psychologically pitting it against the best interests of “defenseless, little children”. When you can successfully create the perception that “defenseless, little children” are being hurt (or done injustice) by something, you have just politically crippled, whatever group, movement, thing, issue, etc, you’ve aimed this at.

The targets’ best interests, have now been effectively turned into a political, sacrificial lamb.



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