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Date: July 15, 2007



“And if they can cause a trigger to be pulled in someones head they should be banned.”

…Boy, that sums up one of the fundamental problems, which is driving today’s “moral mania”.

If any “trigger” can potentially be “pulled”, by an “offending” factor…BAN IT!.

…If any child can potentially be “harmed”, in any way (including such simple things as influencing their judgement), by an openly available “pedophile”, chat board…BAN IT!.

…If any “victim” can potentially become angry, hostile…”traumatized”, by the knowledge that such a “pedophile” chat board exists…BAN IT!.
If any uninformed individual can potentially fly off into a hysterical fit, over learning that a “pedophile” activist group exists anywhere in the world…BAN IT!.

They want things banned, on the basis that they “could” cause some one, somewhere to cry and throw a fit.

They try to tell you, that some phantom, somewhere, will be murdered, raped, beaten…precisely because you were allowed to express an idea…as though your freedom “caused” someones rape, murder…

They attach blame, the weight of responsibility and consequence for all their presumed, dire things, onto the simple expressions of others…

…How warped and sick is that?…

Getting to the video game, however…

…I find it most telling, how those seeking prohibition on this type of material, conveniently fail to mention the many, many, many millions of copies sold of these kinds of games, in comparison to the infinitely tiny list of so called, “video game murders”, which have been paraded in front of us, over the last several years.

There is a reason why the video game scare is so similar, to the pedophile scare…It is called scapegoating, on both counts.

Video games are convenient to blame, just like pedophiles are convenient to blame.

…an entire host of cultural conflicts, which are far more likely the primary cause, go by the wayside, to be forgotten about.

They are making faith based leaps in judgement, when they find out that 16 year old, “cop killer Tommy” had “Tear My Guts Out With A Rusty Fork”, in his video game collection, and they say…”Ah Ha!!!…Let’s blame the maker of that game, ban it and sue them!”.

In some circles, thoughts and ideas they don’t like, and any depiction of them, are the most repugnant of offenses, and aught to be banned.

If expressions of ideas are so dangerous…then where are the millions of “video game murders”, to substantiate this fear?…

…Where even, are the statistically significant numbers?

I think you might be right BlueRibbon…

He was likely very conflicted over something, and personally lost. He may very well be a BL or a GL.

When you are one, it is incredibly easy to understand why many break down, under the constant pressure, and do such horrible things.

Life can loose all meaning and happiness for a CL…CLs do psychologically break, sometimes…Attacked and persecuted minorities do learn to hate…sometimes, they embrace the rage.

On the other hand, though…You have to kind of wonder, if he was not trying to lure a victim, from the online, “pedophile” community.

Given what little we are told, that is a distinct possibility as well.

An Old Discussion Offering Regarding the ILGA…

Date: July 10, 2007

What is so tragic…

…is that in not maintaining a solidarity, and standing with the original grounds for sexual liberation, freedom and equality for sexual minorities…they have self identified (as a group), as sell outs, those willing to betray…and, frankly, just a group which is direly desperate to gain any morsel of acceptance…

It is disgraceful…because they have lost the very essence of what it is the sexual liberation movement started out, founded upon.

The irony, is that this is the exact same movement, which the ILGA gained its’ political power through.

…and people see this…and they know it…

When a group has reached this status, you can get away with treating it like the table side, begging dog…waiting for a few crumbs and table scraps to be tossed to it…but, largely, it just gets ignored.

The ILGA cut its’ own throat, by failing to stand for what the movement it hijacked, was based upon.

It was based not upon this politically correct dance that they have bought into…but upon the positive freedom, to love those who we are naturally attracted to love.

There is no tangible difference, in the sexual attractions and drives of homosexuals, verses heterosexuals, verses pedophiles.

The overwhelming amount of sex which takes place, is not for the purpose of making babies…much of it is simple lust, and nothing more.

Heterosexuality is not all about making babies…If that were true, then abortions and contraception sales, would have never become the booming businesses, that they currently are.

A vast amount of sex, is an expression of love, as well.

Truth be told, sex and sexuality, serve a far heavier role, in satisfying natural, physical and emotional needs (making ones life happier), than they have ever served in making babies.

Of course, reproduction is important…but, if you have ever done the research, and understand how much sex has to take place between people actively trying to make a baby (an average of 200 plus times), how many healthy pregnancies are aborted because they are not wanted, how many babies are put up for adoption, and how often contraception is used to prevent pregnancy…things start to become clear, and sex assumes its’ true place.

Earlier in history, it was not worried about quite as much…you just had more babies…A lot of them did not survive anyway, so you had more in order to ensure surviving offspring. The more that survived, the more the parents well being was guaranteed, as they got older and could no longer support themselves.

Today, most people can not support lots of babies…and, logic (or at least common sense) would dictate, that if sex were all about reproduction, then most people would not be having sex…unless they specifically wanted to have a baby.

…Yet, this is not the case…Untold millions of people are having sex, who do not want to have a baby…who can not support one.

They are not having sex to propagate the species…and I would strongly suggest, that most heterosexuals are not having the bulk of their sex, for the purpose of propagating the species…They are satisfying a more personal need and drive, first and foremost, while commonly making an active attempt at subduing and removing the reproductive element from sex.

…This returns heterosexual sex, back to the more elemental and pure level of homosexuality, and pedosexuality.

It is pure love, born out of a natural, physical, emotional and sexual attraction…and, when used positively, this love is absolutely genuine, and incredibly good for its’ participants.

This is where the ILGA should have stayed focused all along. It is because they betrayed this very fundamental principle, that they have no grounds to stand on today…

…and subsequently, they hold no real, political power…They are not taken seriously…and why should anybody take them serious, given the track record?

They’ve squandered what influence they had, on short sighted, selfish and shallow ideas…believing the false promises and trying to get into bed with the right politicians…But, the politicians only wanted to know, what price would buy the ILGA…

…and apparently, empty promises were the commodity, which made the ILGA turn to treason against the sexual liberation movement, fraudulently claim that the movement was solely its’ own (only for select members), and spend the rest of its’ existence, driving the “sexual liberation” movement into the ground.

The ILGA is a joke these days…and that is tragic on so many levels.

While those who manipulated and constructed how things have become today, may deserve what they have wrought…many others who the ILGA claims to represent, do not deserve the inevitable consequences, for those incredibly ill conceived choices.