Abandon “Pedophile”?…

Date: August 25, 2007

This topic keeps resurfacing…”abandon pedophile”…

I’ve come out recently (though I wrote on this issue at least a couple of times in the past) with my stance on this issue, at BC.

In short…if we make up all of our own, new terms…what good is this, other than placing a band aid on top of the problem?

I think, if we place much faith in this course of action, we are entirely losing focus, on the real battle.

I mean, hey…I don’t know…

…maybe, we could invent new names…and maybe we could push the sex issues into the background…

…but, what would we call ourselves, and why?

How would this help anything, when there is a rampant viciousness in society, that attacks early life, and “culturally undesirable” sexuality?

We can call ourselves anything we like…but, if many of the people around us are freaking out over the typical, sexual characteristics which we have in common with each other (and falsely associating violent assault with us)…then where has the name change gotten us?

The problem is politics…the propaganda machine…the media…and opportunists (of many sorts).

We need to bring cultural understandings of human sexuality, and sexual development (in it’s broad scope, including childhood), in line with the reality of human sexuality and sexual development.

We need to destroy the phobias, and replace them with a rational and positive understanding, of just what is taking place, when people choose to come together sexually.

We need to expose opportunists, and corruption in this field of research, “treatment”, and politics.

If we don’t…It will always come back down to the attack that, “we are pedophiles”, even if we no longer call ourselves such.

We need to go after the root of the problem…peoples misconceptions about pedophilia and inter-generational relationships.

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