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What I Want for Giftmas…

Date: November 29, 2007

I want an official world declaration, that there will be no more christmases.

Let’s go back to the Yule time festivals, where we can all be cheery and celebrate without being dragged (with our credit cards) into this insane mixture of spending binges we can not afford, and some nutty story (“borrowed” from various other religions) about a woman who got pregnant without the baby batter…

I’d like to have my life back, during December, instead of being dragged through all of this.

One last thing…How bout we do a flip flop, and be kind and cheerful to everybody, every other day of the year, and use December 25th as the day we blow off steam, and show everybody what we really think of them?

Wouldn’t that give the world a much nicer complexion?…What a concept…

Paying the bills…

Date: November 28, 2007

[This is a response to a post talking about how impractical it will be, to implement the overwhelmingly voter supported new law in California, to use GPS bracelets to monitor sex offenders for life.]

I don’t know how good California’s economy is, but when you’ve got massive patches of the country, where most people are living scared, paycheck to paycheck, wondering how they are going to pay for the next doctor visit, get new brakes installed in the car or buy groceries, you have to wonder just where the money is going to come from to pay for any of this insanity.

I know it is California and not “here”, but still. California law (particularly the really bad ones, like this) has a way of oozing into other states, and even the federal government.

Give it half a dozen years, and provided it has not fallen over dead from it’s own ineptness (or there are at least enough pig headed people, to keep forcing the issue ahead), other states will start adopting this behavior.

It is just another bad excuse, to commit a legalized theft. It forces money out of the public’s hands, as well as benefits, in order to “protect” the public from that guy who likes looking at “naughty” pictures of children (when nobody would have ever even known about his habit to begin with, had he not traded with the wrong person, etc).

With sex offender laws there is a lot of money which is pissed away, on people who are not even a danger to society. A true cash cow, for those who can position themselves to exploit it. Everyone else gets swindled.

Makes you wonder where this line of anti-intelligence will go.

Because keeping track of free “offenders” is so riddled with impracticality, they may eventually use this as an argument to just keep “offenders” detained (incarcerated, in a psych hospital, etc) for life in order to “save money”, or at least “simplify” things.

I’m concerned about what will happen, when this new class of lepers has become so massive that it burdens the public to a degree, where either they can not pay the bills, or are fed up with paying the bills.

I can see it now.

“Gosh darn it, Margret! Those “damned pedophiles” ruined everything again! The new tax hike means we cant afford x-mas gifts!”

Yet another contrived way, in which “we” hurt the children?