What I Want for Giftmas…

Date: November 29, 2007

I want an official world declaration, that there will be no more christmases.

Let’s go back to the Yule time festivals, where we can all be cheery and celebrate without being dragged (with our credit cards) into this insane mixture of spending binges we can not afford, and some nutty story (“borrowed” from various other religions) about a woman who got pregnant without the baby batter…

I’d like to have my life back, during December, instead of being dragged through all of this.

One last thing…How bout we do a flip flop, and be kind and cheerful to everybody, every other day of the year, and use December 25th as the day we blow off steam, and show everybody what we really think of them?

Wouldn’t that give the world a much nicer complexion?…What a concept…

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