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Date: December 16, 2007

I was once approached by someone on YouTube, who referred to me as an enemy…This was my response to them…

What is so disturbing, is how you so readily speak in terms of “enemies”, and embrace this notion as though it is some absolute fate.

Who in the world abused you so badly, as to make you believe that you should ever think in such destructive terms?

Such is one of the worst forms of abuse, any human can visit upon another…

No, no…”You” have decided to dictate and choose others as enemies…You have forced others into a defensive stance, because “you” have declared that they will be your enemies…

It is all in your mind, and no place else.

You are the one being the enemy…not me….I’ve never approached you in any such manner.

At some point in time, I hope you come to realize, that this “enemy” ideology is fictional.