Daily Archives: December 27, 2007

A BoyChat Response Never Posted…


Date: December 27, 2007

1. Do you care what age the kid is?

Not so much, no.

I mean, I have a definite age range which is typically most attractive to me…It is five to twelve. That is my “sweet spot”…That is the window, where the magnetism is strongest. Every one of those ages, offers wonderful beauty, in so many ways.

…but, I was contemplating the possibilities…should I actually have gotten up the nerve to strike up a conversation (and close relationship) with this rather beautiful eighteen year old, a few summers back.

[That one was a head trip…]

3. What do you guys expect from a relationship from a boy?

I don’t know…that depends on the boy…

…Mama always said….Boys are like a box of chocolates…You never know what you’re going to get…but they always taste so darn sweet… 😉

3.a. Does age have an effect?(Sort of like question 1)

If he is five years old, he wont likely be able to throw my back out of place, when we wrestle…which is a huge difference…I’m nearly crippled when that happens.

If he is seven or eight, I can still get away with blowing raspberries on his belly…

…If he is ten, he’ll probably call me a “fag” for doing that…

If he is thirteen, he’ll probably be trying to get me to give him advice on getting the girls, and he wont listen when I tell him to “Just keep away from them!!!”…

At sixteen and later, he’ll probably just want to borrow my car…to go out on dates and make out in the back seat…and I will have to live with this ugly irony haunting me, of a boy using me for sex…just not sex with me…