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Personal Income Tax Not Mandatory In the U.S.?…

Date: December 31, 2007

The U.S. Constitution does not grant the federal government any legal rights to enforce a tax upon the income of private citizens. That is actually true.

The areas where in the federal government was allowed to tax, included tobacco, firearms, corporations…and a few other things.

Private income tax came about, I believe it was after world war two, if memory serves me adequately…The U.S. has a history of enacting a war tax, when at times of war. This was paid by the wealthy, and not the common man.

Somehow, after WW2, they simply failed to repeal it…and kept expanding it, and expanding it.

I don’t recall the specifics…but, it has something to do with contractual obligations, made by private individuals who elect to identify as U.S. citizens.

See…as the U.S. Constitution was originally written (and remains till this day), the federal government was only granted specific sources of tax income. They were never supposed to be dealing directly with private individuals. If the federal government needed additional money, they were supposed to go through the state governments…who would then deal with their citizenry.

At the time, the allowed taxation was quite enough to keep the federal government afloat…and, the authority of state government superseded the authority of the federal government…in all but a limited handful of areas.

Legally, it is still supposed to be that way…but, we have fallen a long way, because…because the constitution and legislation is so mind wrackingly insane (let alone boring), that most people can not be bothered to actually study up on it.

That’s the dirty secret of how so many corrupt people get away with so much in U.S. politics.

I hope this post does not make me seem “to” subversive…but, I’ve actually done quite a bit of reading (and own several books) on this very topic. It’s been quite a number of years ago…

…and some of the more notable authors have spent time in federal prison since.

There are parallels to this issue, and what is going on with the persecution of intergenerational love, today.

You can show people the facts…You can hold their hand and lead them through the maze…but when you expect them to accept that it is true, they just shake their head and reply, “No it isn’t!” People who live in the U.S. are conditioned to do what everyone else is doing, and “follow the rules” (as I’m sure they are everywhere)…one such “rule” that is no true rule, is to “pay the federal income tax”.

It gets complicated, in that most people are not aware of where the law truthfully stands, and they have never before herd of an alternative to the way things have “always been”.

If you buck the system, they throw you into prison…because there is no organized, well researched and capable group to stand behind you, and back you and your stance up. The unaware simply allow it, thinking ill of those who don’t want to pay the tax, which they are “forced” to pay (it’s unfair). It is a cultural belief…

…Same problem as what is going on with man/boy love, at present.

I do support free trade…

Date: December 31, 2007

…honestly, I do.

…and I both see and understand the “larger picture”, and how things are supposed to be great whenever “developing countries” get up to speed and even can function on equal footing with us.

…but, that is clearly not the plan…They are simultaneously murdering the USA, in order to smash the economic giant down, to a level that is more in line with poverty stricken countries.

That is somebodies idea of a “level playing field”. A massive toll extracted from one nation, in order to (theoretically) allow other nations to thrive. It is forced wealth redistribution on a scale, which likely has never happened before on this planet.

You know…the idea of bringing other countries up to our level (and then trading with them on equal footing) could be sold to me…I could except it…if it were handled in a controlled, rational and fair manner.

We in the U.S. have poured our blood, sweat and tears into the infrastructure and economy that we used to have. On average, we are hard working and honest people. We do not deserve what has happened to us. This is a clear act of treason, on the part of many in government (past and present)…and frankly, many high powered U.S. citizens, as well.

I understand the need for diplomacy and trade…but, U.S. politicians were elected to serve the U.S…not Mexico…Not China…The United States of America. Their duty, first and foremost, is to the people of the U.S. and our concerns and needs. This has been thoroughly betrayed.

Even if it were a good idea…who the heck has been in charge of implementing it?…This has been handled in the most reckless, stupid manner imaginable. They just let the sledgehammer fall right on the USA’s head…

…and to add insult to injury, they are not even acknowledging what is happening.

I guess it makes them feel to guilty, to acknowledge it.