I Cannot Tell a L.I.E.


Date: March 25, 2008

This is a comment about the “pedophile” character in the movie “L.I.E.”

“Big John” has always come off to me, as being just a human character, who is forced to live and deal with his own sexual orientation, in a world where it is neither politically safe nor convenient to have said sexual orientation.

Life is not ideal. “Good” people sometimes do “bad” things…”Bad” people sometimes do “good” things…

It really is a balancing act…and where there is a lack of any constructive and positive outlets for something so basic as a person’s sexual orientation…it will still manifest itself, only it is more likely to be in ways which are severe…sometimes violent, aggressive…maybe even cruel.

This is really just a form of personal distress…a lashing out, because…well, when “you” are constantly under threat and attack by the world around you, you’ve had something torn out of your life and robbed of you…You have lived a life of being violated on so many levels (nearly every?), by the world in which you live…

At some point in time, many rejected outcasts no longer feel obliged to conform to “social norms”, legally enforced or not. Many have already lived a life, “squeaky clean” of breaking laws…and that didn’t get them to far…So, why bother giving respect to a social system, which does not respect you as a human being, your humanity and your human rights?

That is a very typical problem that MAA’s have to deal with on a personal level.

Given that so many of us are isolated to ourselves, it is no wonder that many make up their own rules to live by.

I’d never condone everything “Big John” did…but on the other hand, in the name of honest fairness…I can not consign him to the status of being “natural born evil”, either.



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