“PJ Does Not List Non Solisiting Persons”? – Oh Really?!…


Date: March 30, 2008

01) The Washington Blade

“Xavier Von Erck, the founder and owner of the PJ.com site, acknowledges that his group may have been overly aggressive in posting information exposing the men who target underage teens in the past. He has said that in rare cases where incorrect information was discovered on the site, members quickly delete it.

His group has evolved in the three years it has been in existence to a point where it follows strict guidelines and safeguards to prevent its volunteer members from posting information about people who have not engaged in explicit efforts to seek out sex with underage teens, Von Erck said.”

So much to talk about here…What about the “corporate sex offender” bull shit? I have a page dedicated to me, right there in plain sight…They are attempting to identify me, yet I’ve never had even one single, damned thing to do with any of PJ’s pathetic, and frankly twisted, “stings”…

There are many people target there, who never solicited an underage minor for sex, either in a PJ “sting”, or elsewhere…We are being targeted, explicitely because of our speech, and that we support the legal recognition of private and natural rights to sexual freedom.

These criminal hypocrits claim that they only name and harrass people who they’ve caught “soiciting underage teens online”…then they turn around, and blatantly dictate that they will target anyone who they please…


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