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The FBI Exposes Our “Secret” Logos…

Date: June 25, 2008

…Wikileaks Article…

You know you are living in a police state, when a government bureau with police powers starts taking community symbols, and producing propaganda like this.

I remember when this came out, and the initial reaction.

Given that it was never concealed that we have a number of official symbols, and these are outwardly displayed for the world to see, it is ludicrous to call these a “secret”.

They were designed and chosen to be a public icon to identify us. Very much like a crest or flag.

It is typical for any liberation movement, to have a unique symbol to identify it, and it’s unity.

This FBI “report” is more like a bad joke, in poor taste. And clueless at best. They enjoy fear mongering, just like much of the media.

You’ll find that so many people keep trying to represent us as though we are “hiding”, or everything we do is “shrouded in secrecy”, in order to prod others to be suspicious and alarmed…In fact, many of us are quite open about this part of us.