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The FBI Exposes Our “Secret” Logos…

Date: June 25, 2008

…Wikileaks Article…

You know you are living in a police state, when a government bureau with police powers starts taking community symbols, and producing propaganda like this.

I remember when this came out, and the initial reaction.

Given that it was never concealed that we have a number of official symbols, and these are outwardly displayed for the world to see, it is ludicrous to call these a “secret”.

They were designed and chosen to be a public icon to identify us. Very much like a crest or flag.

It is typical for any liberation movement, to have a unique symbol to identify it, and it’s unity.

This FBI “report” is more like a bad joke, in poor taste. And clueless at best. They enjoy fear mongering, just like much of the media.

You’ll find that so many people keep trying to represent us as though we are “hiding”, or everything we do is “shrouded in secrecy”, in order to prod others to be suspicious and alarmed…In fact, many of us are quite open about this part of us.

IWBL: You Don’t Do What You Advocate! (Narrated)…


This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.


Date: June 03, 2008

Question: You say that this way of life is so great, but you are not living it yourself. You even encourage others like yourself to refrain from breaking any laws. Isn’t this a contradiction? Shouldn’t you be living the life you advocate? It makes you sound insincere and even unconvinced of your own words.

Answer: These are probably the most difficult questions that any activist having to face the kind of circumstances that pedophiles, children, ephebophiles and teens face today, are forced to struggle with…

There exists at least a couple of different stances here…

One is that we must remain completely legal, for a number of reasons. Endangering a child (unwitting or not) is unacceptable. We can not afford to be constantly having our comrades torn away from us, and thrown into cages like animals. Obviously, no movement can make progress, where the people behind it are constantly being removed from it. We can control ourselves, and in respecting and working within the law, we dispel the stereotype…

A counter argument is that shared sexual pleasure is not harmful, and we must be able to absolutely exhibit this in order to soundly prove it and justify ourselves…After all, how are we to expect the larger population to believe in us, if nobody is allowed to even see (and hence come to understand) exactly what it is that we advocate? If you cant see the real thing in action, then the entire concept is delegated to the realm of “theory” (and not in the scientific sense, but in the sense of more flippant social jargon). If people are not made to see it as a reality, then it holds no political weight, and is vulnerable to being sabotaged by other groups with hostile agendas.

Which one of these stances is “the right one”?…

…Neither…and both…

There are undeniable truths inherent to both standpoints…Both suffer consequences, and both make profound impacts…but in very different ways, and affecting different elements of our cause. There is a safety, a consequence and a pay off balance here, which needs to be considered very carefully.

I do believe in attacking from every plausible direction, and that both stances hold parts of the key to our liberation…We cannot have just one, or just the other…because one without the other is just absurd. Of course, you have to have the thing you are defending right along side the acts of defense which complement it…otherwise, what is the use in trying to liberate a presumably untested theory? It is weak, to argue for something you are not even willing to do yourself.

It has been said many times, that the most true form of fighting and dissent, exists just inside the front of little Billy’s pants…and that is absolutely true…These kinds of relationships can not be extinguished…Not only because the tyrants never will be able to control everyone, but because our legacy must stay alive.

There must continue to be tens (hundreds?) of thousands of “little Billys”, who experience these kinds of relationships, and know how wonderful they honestly are. These are the people who will grow up, and as adults be able to look at the stereotype and outwardly say, “No, that is not at all how it was for me…It was entirely different…It was beautiful…I loved it…and I loved him (or her)…I cannot imagine my childhood without it…It was good for me…I am happy to have experienced it…It was not abuse…How dare you call him (or her) a rapist?”…

It is these people who will organize, demand and force changes in the law…They will embody the natural social change, and be the enlightened society which is tolerant of loving children, because they experienced it first hand and are knowledgeable of what it is, and how it truthfully affects people.

I can never deny, that some level of what is ignorantly claimed to be “sexual abuse” today, must continue to occur…even if for no other reason than to testify of it’s own healthy affects, and it’s lack of danger.

…Yet, I choose not to do such things myself.

I don’t know where “the” proper line is, or even if there is any such proper line…I just know that under the present circumstances in “my” life, what I am doing today is what works out best.

Of course, I so much long to take part in larger acts of mass civil disobedience…and do something which can really muck up the system…but it takes far more organization to pull such a thing off, than what we have today.

If we could organize and get a hundred thousand (or more) of ourselves and sympathizers, and a day (a week, a month…) in which each and every single one of us openly downloaded, kept and traded bold faced child pornography (of children actually having sex)…I would get connected, find a stash of child porn from someone…and I would be right there in the very thick of it all…

It would be quite something, to see those mother fuckers attempt to apprehend, prosecute and incarcerate one hundred thousand people. It would be even more interesting, if we collected into groups and hung together…so that when they showed up to take us away, we could retaliate in proper “Stonewall” style…and make a real statement, people cannot ignore…Flex our true muscle and make them fear our retaliation.

Even if the latter part never happened, it would still cause a tremendous burden for the judicial system to actually have to process and pay for that many people.

If the dissent were that stark, something would have to change…and I would support, promote and take part in such an act…

Hell…if we could convince so many people to give their ten year old neighbor boy a blowjob, in front of their web cam while flipping the middle finger at the camera, mail a copy of their movie to the FBI and post copies all over the internet…so long as I could find a willing ten year old boy, I would do it…

…I would do it with as many different willing boys as I could find…and I’d spend every free hour of my life posting it all over the internet, every place I could…and advertising it…till the bastards came to take me away…

The problem is, groundwork for such an initiative is not in place (to my knowledge), and we are a long ways off from ever seeing such an idea potentially become reality.

I am willing to be there and do the important things…to be the hammer which drives this home…but, a viable structured plan must present itself first, which can inflict a devastating blow to those institutions which target and violate us…and we need the manpower to insure our effect.

I would never do any of these things alone, because that is foolishness…Alone, “I” can be overwhelmed and overtaken, by their larger numbers.

There is no clear cut road map, when it comes down to a course of action…and for so many of us alive today, conducting a campaign to educate the public and shift their perspective substantially, is honestly uncharted territory.

Nearly all of our honorable legacy has been blotted out of the history books…So, it’s not as easy as going to the library or other public records and doing research to find out “how other intergenerational lovers won their freedom”.

You are largely on your own as a sort of “freelancer”…working towards a goal (common with many others), but not really being tied down to any one group or association. It is a wide open frontier of possibilities…with a lot of unanswered questions, demanding a lot of trial and error…

Exactly what you chose to do, and chose not to do, comes down to weighing the pros and cons…and having to make a value judgment regarding which options you believe that “you” have the ability to utilize best…what can “you” produce maximum effect with?

“I” shy away from pursuing the more primal way of fighting this oppression, because sucking a willing boy’s penis in defiance would likely hinder what “I” am best at doing. In the larger picture, it would be a brief moment of empowerment, for which every other contribution I could ever make might be sacrificed. Going down in “a blaze of glory” is only a good way of falling victim to the spin doctors and tabloids, who are all to happy to lie about you and drag your name through the mud.

Of course there are other contributing factors, like personal health problems which hinder me from really being able to get out there and live life. This has a heavy impact on my ability to even carry on such a relationship with a boy…So, “my” situation is colored by lesser typical factors, in addition to the obvious obstacles. For “me”, this is what I “can” do today…and I believe I can get the most impact out of it. So, this is what I do.