The Second American Revolution?…

Date: September 4, 2008

01) The Second American Revolution

Most founding documents of the U.S. have nothing to do with “god” in any form, or any other mystical creature.

“Their creator” is a vague term, not specifying any “being” or “intelligence”…The process of evolution could be called, “your creator”…and atheism has a valuable and honored place in the roots and history of the U.S.

No need to isolate here. American atheists suffer bad politics, alongside everyone else. Many of us are fed up with it, also…more than your average person.

I also have to add, your claim that the supreme court has “thrown god out of public life”, smacks of gross exaggeration.

It reminds me of how the U.S. supreme court ruled that public schools could no longer force participation, in daily school prayers…nor could public schools punish or discriminate against students who declined to participate…and some christain groups just flew off the handle, spinning this situation with propaganda so bad, that what they tell you does not even resemble the truth of what factually happened…Consequentially, most christians seem incompetently unaware of the fact, that prayer, bible study and other religious activities are legally allowed by law at public schools…The important distinction is that nobody can be forced to participate in them.

For making this distinction (the only legally sound one they could have arrived at), the U.S. supreme court is claimed to be “throwing god out of public life”…

There is a world of difference between trying to blot out a religious character, and religious practice…and acting to protect the rights of those, who do not subscribe to certain religious viewpoints.

The U.S. supreme court has not attempted the former…but they have strived to accomplish the latter.

Thanks to the U.S. supreme court, your local church does not own your public school kids, nor have the authority to impose indoctrination onto them, as a hostage audience.

This is a good thing…

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