000) Diamond Raw: The Preface…


Diamond Raw: 000 November 26, 2008

Title: 000) The Preface

Notes: “The Preface” was really recorded for the purpose of introducing all of my media projects [including videos, originally made for YouTube], and acting as a disclaimer of sorts. It consists of two separate recordings, a bit of repeating…and is sloppy…I meander somewhat…

As time goes by, you will no doubt notice that I have a tendency to meander, and even stumble over words, sometimes…This is largely do to health issues I have to live with, day in and day out…It often leaves me with a foggy memory…and I sometimes find myself in the middle of saying something, when I completely forget what I was about to say…or even what I was talking about.

This has been incredibly frustrating for me…and it’s been one of the primary reasons, why I’ve [previously] never gone forward with a regular podcast. Originally, when I started doing recordings several years back, things weren’t this bad…but, they’ve devolved a lot, over the past few years.

It’s becoming impossible for me to put out a professional, well polished end product, when I lack the where with all to do it…So by this stage in the game I said, “Screw it!…I’m just going to talk, record it, put it out there…and to hell with anybody, who is so shallow as to point out and pick on the obvious shortcomings”…

…The soul of this project, is communication of human thoughts, needs, ideas, criticisms, solutions…and the like.

My apologies if I come off sounding annoying…but, some recordings are much better than others…Some might be worse. I’ll just have to bite the bullet of criticism, if it comes my way…So be it.

One other thing…

…At various points in my recordings, I was going through some very bleak, extremely stressful, deep depression phases…and even a viral infection makes it into several recordings [It actually stopped me, for several days]…The abyss I was staring into as I spoke, was very black…and this will, no doubt, come through on some of the recordings to follow…

In some instances, I really, really needed someone to talk to…but, I had nobody…so, this was a surrogate, of sorts.

Again…this is a human project, and I hide nothing in it, or from it…

While I hope this does not alter anybody’s opinions of me for the worse…I at least hope people can come to respect my naked honesty.

Much of this is not of an “activist” flavor…while some of it might be considered such…

I hope you appreciate it for what it is, and can take something valuable away from it.

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