The Beginning of “Our Love Frontier”…

Date: December 01, 2008

“Our Love Frontier” was first opened up, in mid 2008, on

For six to eight months, scantly little was posted…only four or five brief posts were made.

It took me a while, to really get back into blogging again…but, with this blog, I made a shift in focus and style, from my previous blogs [In Self Defense…Project CELIBATE, etc.]…

I finally started leaning a lot more heavily towards atheist issues…and I returned to the practice, of writing in response to other people [as opposed to the spontaneous, completely personal writing, of “In Self Defense”]…

I’m glad for this, because it opened up the door, to so much more…and it expands the mind.


I’ve neglected to post the first handful of posts…because they are not so much relevant, to the entire body of this blog.

I did want to give a brief introduction, however…and, so…there you go!

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