The Atheist Sign…

Date: December 8, 2008

A summary, off the top of my head…

I believe this was in relation to the “Imagine No Religion” [Though it may have been more along the lines, “Don’t believe in god? You’re not alone!”, or “There’s Probably no god.”] billboard sign, put up by an atheist organisation.

…Of course, there was a lot of nonsensical offense, taken by religious people…simply because some atheists decided to reach out [to other atheists in the community], and make their presence known.

[This video was removed, and the channel terminated]

…The Atheist Sign…

Though I cant bring myself to see that sign as being any form of actual “hate speech”, after all, if people are going to push a religion in public, then non-religious philosophy is fair game, also…

…I am still left wishing that organised atheist groups would put more of a positive, secular message out there, instead of dropping “that” message on the heads of people, many of whom you just know are prone to be chronically offended at anything contrary to the bible.

It seems an unnecessary jab.

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