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Animal Cruelty Videos?…

Date: January 26, 2009

Should all videos of animal cruelty be censored?

I’m going to briefly answer this, in a manner which more addresses censorship, and the problems inherent with it.

When it comes to raising awareness about any issue…

…The more people who see it, the more who become aware of it, the more who can speak out against it…or in support of it, when it is under attack by unscrupulous hate groups…

I have a serious problem with censorship, in that those who evoke it, typically end up shooting themselves in the foot, and doing ill to others in the process, as well.

If you have honest, sound reason to argue that something “should” be eradicated, the last thing you should be doing, is preventing others from seeing just what that thing is.

Others will be forced to either join you, from a position of personal ignorance and submission to “you”, or they will reject your proposition, because they don’t trust you and your obscure behavior.

A thinking person does not like those who hide the issues.

Anything which is “clearly bad”, should be “obviously” such, upon the open witnessing of it…It’s own exhibition, should be an adequate source of proof, on which an educated judgement can be made about it’s true nature.

Hiding something, only prevents the majority of people from knowing it’s true nature.

As things stand, this is one of the large problems facing child, youth and intergenerational sexuality…There are powerful, political and religious groups out there, who are working tirelessly to hide it, and conceal it from the general populations awareness…thus, denying the population an educated, informed and honest understanding, of just exactly what it “is”, and what it commonly entails.

Of course, this is then exploited in grossly abusive ways…in order to meet the end goals of various religious and political hate groups.