Arguments Against Homosexuality?

Date: March 9, 2009

…Homosexuality Un-Natural?…

I just want to know, why so many disapproving people who claim to be non-homosexuals themselves, fancy themselves some type of authority, on the “what, why and how”, of homosexuality…

…Yet, when we hear what they have to say, it is nothing like the reality, of growing up and living as a homosexual.

Allegedly, we are “made” homosexual by our culture…how we grew up…

If culture and surroundings make you gay, then the bible, “god” and the baptist church (along with all my friends, teachers, pastors, etc) must have made me a fag…

It is staggering to imagine, that something so hostile and abusive towards my natural sexuality, could have “caused” that very sexuality.

A very bizarre theory, no doubt.

The author of this video goes on, to claim that “two men cannot make a baby”, is some sort of proof, that homosexuality is not natural…

Apparently, nobody has ever informed this guy…

…the majority of sex which occurs, is not about making babies.

A vast amount of the sex had, is performed in spite of the fact that a baby is not wanted…and birth control is used on a rampant scale, in many places.

Sex, and sexual relations, perform other human functions, aside from reproduction…and this kind of sex, adds great value and a sense of well being, to life.

It is natural, even if there is never a baby.

Humans are naturally inclined and driven, to mate and have sexual companionship, and attain sexual satisfaction. This has nothing to do with a conscious desire to have children, nor the ability to raise children. In fact, pregnancy is typically an unwanted hazard, of sexual activity.

People who are sterile, who have a low sperm count…for whatever reason, they cannot reproduce…This in no way inhibits, or alters, their natural drive to seek and attain sex.

…because they are not concerned about having a baby…They are concerned with tending to their sexual needs…Eventually, they have to deal with it, somehow…religiously vouched for, or not.

This guys “evidence”, is false evidence…

…It is no evidence at all.

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