14 thoughts on “Speaking of Sculptures…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      LOL! I love sculptures…most especially, sculptures of boys…I collect photographs of all sorts of sculptures.

      This is an old post…Not terribly deep, but, I’ve wanted to share and explore these kinds of sculpture and art, dealing with boys…and maybe girls…I’ve mostly avoided it, just because of the headaches it might cause.

      1. Wil

        Don’t wonder about what people say or think!! We live but once man! Happiness first, apologies after… none of us are mortal. We’re not even guaranteed a “later today,” let alone a tomorrow, so carpe the f*ck outta that diem! I’ve seen absolutely no compelling evidence for posthumous continuance of a surviving consciousness. This may be all we have and I’m not asking permission for my happiness. Carful, but ultimately I’m gonna live now, while I can.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Oh…of course…

        …It’s just that when I focus mainly on intellectual discussion, and when I’ve seen cases where MAPs have been accused of “child porn” for having “naked” sculptures of children on their websites…and they actually got their websites shut down over it…I don’t consider this a main focus…

        …Though I do think this type of art is humanizing…and important.

      3. Wil

        I support legalization, personally. But hey, call me crazy thinking that the government should perhaps focus on going about the business of running the country. Running the country, isn’t that what it is intended to do? Our infrastructure, our trade, our commerce, legal tender / currency, protecting our shores?? Rebuilding and upkeep on this country’s crumbling façade of what was once an infrastructure, our diplomatic international policies are in the worst shambles they’ve ever been in at least the last 25 years…on and on. Every single thing with which this country was built is rotting and crumbling through our fingers, and while nation is rotting to ruin, we’ve got smart phones, smart cars, smart televisions, hell even smart refrigerators for crying out loud, all of which are the silicon tentacles of the ever-encroaching near omnipotent omnipresent Orwellian overlords, condemning us to ever-smarter technology and ever-dumber citizens…smart bombs, dumb kids….upping the defense budget and decreasing funding for the arts and humanities, OH AND SPY ON ITS CITIZENS WHILST FORCING THEM TO FOOT THE BILL AND TELLING THEM WITH WHOM THEY MAY FALL IN LOVE OR COUPLE PHYSICALLY. Frankly, I’ve f*cking had it. Interracial coupling was illegal not too-long ago. Shunned by polite, “gentile society folk,” and those who kept fighting prevailed. In the VERY VERY recent history, same sex coupling was not only not a recognized romantic arrangement by the State (as if ANYONE should give two f*cks about that) the Texas Blue Law were codes of conduct and criminality I suffered myself personally growing up which outlawed sodomy specifically and then expanded beyond anything my heteronormative brethren could really even fall into accidentally, creating language which specifically targeted ‘homosexual, therefore abominable unnatural acts,’ as criminal… How short are people’s memory retention that this is forgotten and all is well peachy keen just a few short years later. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS AT WHAT POINT DID I, OR ANY OF MY ANCESTORS FOR THAT MATTER, WALK BEYOND THE CURTAIN OF A BALLOT BOOTH AND SIGN OFF ON INVITING THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, OFFICE OF NATIONAL INTELLEGENCE, DEFENSE INTELLEGENCE AGENCY, BUREAU OF INTELLIGENCE AND RESEARCH, OR ANY OF THE OTHER ELEVEN SUCH AGENCIES INTO MY HOUSE, LET ALONE INTO MY BEDROOM???? WHY DOES ANYONE STAND FOR ANY OF THIS?? I’ve never once invited the federal government into my house nor my bed, and with the state of the nation, maybe they got better shit to do than pick out and pick on people loving one another.

      4. eqfoundation Post author

        I agree.

        “WHY DOES ANYONE STAND FOR ANY OF THIS?? I’ve never once invited the federal government into my house nor my bed, and with the state of the nation, maybe they got better shit to do than pick out and pick on people loving one another.”

        Nobody honestly knows how to change this [and that’s true of any tormented minority, throughout history]…and most of us are isolated…we don’t have specialized community structures [groups, agencies, guilds, etc.], for MAPs…We just know that the wrong people are making the rules and giving the orders…

        Until we change the way we confront this…nothing else is really going to change.

        Whether I think anything should be legal or not…is really beside the point…

        That war will have to be fought by other MAPs…

        As Harry Hay once said…”This is the battle, to engage in the battle”.

      5. Wil

        I can’t compose on iOS, here’s the correction copy of my initial response:

        I was fighting for a voice during Reagan’s silence, joining in ‘88 / 89 the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP). Then, I fought for visibility and representation through Gay Rights Years, which for me was just really about trying to not get my effin’ throat slit through most of my teens and young adult years growing up., I grew up spitting-distance from Jasper, Texas. Now Jasper, you might recall, is that location in the Great State of Arrested Development, ermm, I mean “Texas,” where a group of troglodytic mongoloid hillbillies strapped a poor living Black man to the fender of their Bubba SuperDuty “Microcock” Ford F-150 then proceeded to drag his body into a state of lifelessness, for all to see, right through the streets of their bumpkin-infested, tin Lone Star Draft littered hovel, for all the world to see as one last act of dignity thieving, soul abasing, inhumanity and ignominy…as recently as 1998, mind you. I fought for myself even there, in that place, even as far as being the very first person in my country to take someone of the same gender to my prom, and whilst fearing for my life, doing it with class, an education, a stretch limo, donning Ralph Lauren by gawd. I fought for my recognition and my right to survive HAPPY, even into the goddamn same-sex marriage fight, in spite of my support of it…
        *for myself, because I’ll be goddamned if after I fall in love, the first thing that occurs to me is to immediately seek out the lying-lawyers & pleonectic-politicians seeking approval or validation! But hey, that’s just me. Yet still I fought for the principle of it, because hey… if that’s what you choose to effin’ buy into, who’m I to judge?? And now, here we are, and now there’s this. More, always more. I just don’t know if I have the strength to fight any more, I’m not a young man. I do see progress (minuscule) but so little and so late. I chose to finish out my years fuck-all-and-be-damned, and the rest of the world will catch up as they may, but I’m all out of fight today…or certainly I’m running mighty low.

      6. eqfoundation Post author

        I’m not all that young, either…and I’ve lived with health problems, more of my life than not…But I am, apparently, younger than you. 🙂

        Change will never come as fast as it should.

        The way I see it…it may not seem like much…but at least we aren’t getting kicked off of “every” social platform online, for merely stating that we are MAPs, and standing up for ourselves.

        My legal identity is known by a few nefarious people…including one, local…

        …I’m not sure how brave it makes me…but for the past five or six years, I’ve consistently told them all where to shove their attempts at intimidation…and carried on with my intended plans.

        Aside from remaining out here, even in the face of dirty and cruel degrees of censorship…and the long list of vulgar threats and abuse…that’s my “war story”, in relations to being a MAP…

        …Not terribly exciting…I know.

      7. Wil

        Oh come on man, you’be got more than most: of free mind of intellect, empathy and reason. A keen mind and an an underdog message with love acting as the wind at your back. I’m very sorry to hear about any health issues you’ve endured, but you really are very, very blessed and with all that I’ve just listed, you have a platform and a voice… but more importantly than all of that combined, you have one more thing I’ve yet to see the opposition invoke when countering opposite you cast in the role of Opponent: Integrity my friend, Integrity.

      8. Wil

        It’s certainly chock full of typographical errors, but you got there with me, directly… I was grocery shopping at the time I wrote it LOL

  1. Wil

    Hey Steve, I’m not sure if you’ve heard but YouTube personality “omnipolitics,” committed suicide. I won’t discuss my opinions of him, because I won’t speak it of the dead; however, his motivations were well understood even if his articulation of thought lacked the education requisite to express them appropriately. He was driven to it, they’re saying…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      This is the first I’ve heard of it…I’d like more to go on…but this is just sickening.

      I did have concerns about him doing what he was doing…and even had second thoughts about sharing his videos here [which I ultimately did do…now all deleted from YouTube].

      I see Blair White mentioned in the comments section…She compared MAPs to “cockroaches”, in response to Omnipolitics…I took her to task over this…

      She wanted to interview me…but, seeing how she’s treated others, including him…I’m glad I never did that interview.

      …And Andy Warski…Talentless, abusive sociopath…who fashioned “a career” for himself, abusing others via YouTube…

      …One of the countless dark creations, of YouTube’s absolute incompetence, and inhumane irresponsibility.

      I’ll try to look into this, a bit more…

      …This is very depressing.


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