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NAMBLA Verifies, Shooting Cuomo is a Hoax, Not Done by Them…NAMBLA Condemns It.

Date: March 19, 2009

…NAMBLA responds to allegations made against them…

…NAMBLA responds to allegations made against them…

Not terribly surprising, NAMBLA was quick to respond to the horribly dumb news story, which I previously posted about below.

Of course, it was never NAMBLA in the first place, and it would take someone who was very naive to believe that it ever was NAMBLA.

Amongst the gross failures here, is something pointed out by a poster on the Newgon forum…who pointed out that this sort of thing happens all the time in usenet newsgroups…yet, they failed to either take this into account, or even to report it in the story.

For some unknown reason, “this” instance magically became “credible”…in spite of the fact that there is an overbearing avalanche of common sense and rationality, to attest to it’s utter lack of credibility.