YouTube: “Your account is in good standing” – Not a Single Warning – Not a Single E-mail.

Date: March 24, 2009

Yes, I guess this sounds about right for Google and it’s subsidiaries.

Without warning or announcement, YouTube decided to suspend my account – EQFvideo. At no point in time, have I ever received any warning or explanation from YouTube administration.

For the record, this account only contained my own video projects, none of which were attacking anyone…only a few of which were exposing what a few hateful people had been doing…but, the content was overwhelmingly respectful and tasteful.

It’s okay…

I’ve already got an account elsewhere [as I’ve stated previously]…and I’ll continue on…get my media back online…much of it, anyway.

I guess it’s true what Nigel says…YouTube is not a serious medium…and they have proven such, in this instance.

They were intimidated by the truth?…They are driven by prejudice?…

…Of course, I’m not surprised…

…Pity, though…

YouTube does have some nice features…

…but, I can live without them…

That is the beauty of being Steve Diamond…

…I evolve and adapt.

Thanks a lot YouTube…Thanks for the past year and a half…and thanks for finally showing your true colors.

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