HR 1913 Passed…

Date: June 16, 2009

…Apparently it passed [in congress]…

…Apparently it passed [in congress]…

…YouTube Link…

…YouTube Link…

I’m not sure what changes (if any) took place, before it passed.

Personally, I am not comfortable with “hate” law [or “hate speech” law], because it is way too subjective.

On the other hand, however…as relates to “our” minority, this is the kind of political wake up call, and change in legal direction which we are in dire need of.

Frankly, if anybody is trying to “sneak” us in, along with gays and lesbians, etc…then, I think it is more part of a trend, in getting fed up with “sex offender” communities living under bridges, residential laws that allow them to live nowhere, children being put on “sex offender” registries, etc, etc, etc.

There has been a completely irresponsible, deafening silence, in the face of this endless, mindlessness. The menace must be confronted, at least by people who think somewhat sane.

Irregardless, they cannot exclude us from this kind of a bill…Hell, we are a minority, on the forefront of the most galling and inhumane, socially imposed discrimination, threat and abuse. If they excluded us, this bill would be a meaningless farce.

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