I agree…

Date: June 16, 2009

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I agree…

However, when it comes to “hate” crime, there is no valid excuse to exclude “us”.

Hypothetically, if I were walking down the street [minding my own business, going from point “a” to point “b”], and someone knew who I was, what I looked like, etc…and they recognised me, and in their angered state of bigotry they thought it was in their right to “protect” their neighborhood by running me over with their car…that is very clearly a hate crime.

…and, frankly, I would hope that people so delusional, as to think that they have any such “right”, to do that to anyone at all, would be dealt with in a particular manner, so as to make it perfectly clear…no, they do not.

What really gives me the creeps about “hate” law, however, is when it is applied to speech.

There certainly are groups out there, promoting “special” definitions for “hate speech”, which equate to nothing more than politically incorrect speech…or, speech which offends the most emotionally fragile, amongst the entire population.

Speech should not be criminalized. That is just an insane can of worms, and a Pandora’s box, that is going to drop a lot of people into a bottomless quagmire.

I do not see this bill as any “saving grace” for us, even if my above comments seem optimistic.

In fact, I think it’s potential menace, far overshadows any possible good that it represents.

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