Personal Observations: HR 1913 “The Pedophile Protection Act”…

Date: June 16, 2009

I should say, that my position on the whole “hate speech law” concept, is much deeper, and distrusting, than what the following essay might lead you to believe…However, below, I am only addressing, the impracticality of excluding any groups/individuals, from the protections of any such proposed law.

Upon closer examination, and looking at a longer video clip…

When Rep. Alcee Hastings reads the long list of sexual groups, he also says, “This is what we have to put up with”…in reference to a few republicans, who put this list together.

I believe, Alcee Hastings was voicing more a disgust, at the outrageous nit picking, which these republicans were doing, in order to raise objection, and/or hinder the intent of the then proposed law.

I do not believe that Alcee Hastings, himself, was championing “pedophiles, zoophiles, necrophiliacs, etc, etc”…but, instead, he was voicing how incredulous it was, that a few republicans were pulling this entire stunt, which got the bill nicknamed, “the pedophile protection act”…It was pointing out how they were being spurious, and committing yet another act of dirty politics.

He was disgusted, at how they were pandering to phobia, and bigotry, in order to handicap any resulting “hate speech” law, and hinder it from actually doing what it was intended to do.

Without having to say so, dismissing the notion that “there should be groups excluded”, only reaffirms that they actually intended this law to mean something, and have effect.

It would be ludicrous, to suggest that only the politically correct, “just as good as straights”, plain vanilla gays and lesbians, be given their very own, custom law…which elevates their own, and only their own, group to a privileged, protected status…which few, or no, other groups realise benefit from.

It should be noted, that “hate speech” effects a much wider range of people and groups, than merely plain vanilla homosexuals.

…Just because, so many of those groups and people, are not presently in a politically advantageous position, right now…does nothing to imply, or justify, the notion that those people and groups are any less impacted, or less devastated, by “hate speech”.

It is like I have said before…

…”Hate speech” is said, with intent to take societies perception of a targeted group, or individual…and dehumanise it, to the point where society (or groups within it) regards that group, or individual, as not deserving, or being fit, to receive even the most minimum of humane treatment.

“Hate speech” exists, in order to push the masses into discrimination, hate and violence, against a targeted group, or individual.

The effects of “hate speech”, which such a proposed law would address…includes things like, people who post pictures, names, addresses, accusations and smears, on a website…aimed at someone who the website owner, simply does not like, and holds a predatory disposition towards…and presented, in order to motivate others, who also hold a predatory complex, into committing acts of violence, and/or activities in hindrance of that individuals ability to carry on their daily business, maintain a stable life and survive.

To put this into perspective…

…If “I” am walking down main street, and some psychopath approaches me, pulls out a gun and shoots me in the head…and later investigations expose, that this persons only motive, was that some hate site, [like wikisposure, a site infamous for out of context quote mining, smearing, and false information] managed to get all of my information, and post it online for any mentally unstable person, looking for any excuse to murder someone, to read and become enraged over…then, this would be a very clear example of “hate speech”, and establish a very clear responsibility in my murder, on the part of Perverted Justice, Philip John Eide (aka: Xavier Von Erck), and any other person(s) associated with that smear page, they have directed at “me”.

“Hate speech” law…is intended to curtail certain types of violent, and discriminative, behavior…like what I just mentioned, and even just behavior, which inhibits a targets survival, and/or ability to engage in legal activities.

If they are going to write a new law, which is intended to address that kind of a problem…

…how does anyone figure, that you could ever exclude certain groups?…and especially, when those certain groups represent some of the most alarming, and extreme examples of what happens, when “hate speech” is not denounced, or contested?

There are a number of examples, of murder, violence and extreme abuse/discrimination…committed, because some “angry at the world” psychopath, found information on somebody, on a “sex offender” registry [which are infamous, for including non-violent, non-threatening individuals], and decided that that somebody, “deserved” their complete contempt and cruelty.

How can any “hate speech” law exist, and have any meaning what-so-ever…if it actually had the audacity, to exclude the very people who desperately need such protections, the most out of all groups in our society?


“Hate speech” is still “hate speech”…and “hate crime” is still “hate crime”…no matter who is the target.

You are either going to write a law that addresses these kinds of social ills…or, you are not.

…There is no, “on the fence” position, here…

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