Hypocrite Posters?…

Date: June 27, 2009

There is the old cliche…

…about being the first to cast a stone…

…Which is really just a metaphor, bringing to light that we should reserve, and retain, some sense of empathy for others, and what they are going through…and, while doing so, we should understand, that we typically never get all the relevant facts provided to us.

Hypocrite posters?

Should I berate Dylan Thomas, and forever curse him, and the day he arrived at BoyChat?

I may be inclined, to suggest that betrayal of trust, especially under such circumstances as his latest charge(s)…was not noble, and may be a character flaw. Allegedly, he violated a pact, which he made with a mother who he lived with.

I might even be inclined to say, it was foolish and underhanded…Shall I go for sleazy, also?

At the bare minimum, it expressed no respect for his own life stability.

Is the fact that he would come here, and work his way up in authority position, troubling?…especially, when he was a fugitive [and eventually on the fbi “ten most wanted” list]?…I am sure it is for many…and it should be…and, believe me…this has not been lost on me…and I do feel, that he did a great disservice, by his chosen mixture of seeking iconic stature, while concealing something so serious.

I could say similar things, about Jeffrey Gold [of Sure Quality Radio]…

What is it that makes some people never realise…they cannot have their cake, and eat it too?

You cannot paint a large, bright red target on your chest, strut around antagonistically…and expect that the boy your blowing, on the side, is going to remain a secret [figuratively speaking, of course]…and when it comes crashing down, the truth will be known, that “you” did yourself in…and hurt a lot of people, along the way.

You know what, though?

I don’t believe that there is a simple answer, in all of this…

…because, we stand for human rights, and fight for natural, human freedoms, which are currently criminalised, by unjust laws.

Should we not violate, with personal conviction, extreme and unjust laws, as a matter of principle, protest and raising awareness in order to force change?

…and just how ludicrous is it, for us to shun, amongst ourselves, those very things which we seek to liberate?…Are these things to never have a living expression, on which to be observed, known and understood?…Shall they be wiped clean, of all exhibition, and banished to the realm of perception, and pure speculation?

Something that cannot stand, proudly in it’s pure form, to represent itself…will never be known for it’s true nature.

That is a very hard reality, when it comes to standing up for something like, man/boy love.

By good rights, we should organise, assemble in the hundreds or thousands…show up in a major city with YF’s, block entire streets…and commence to performing oral sex, en mass, right in the middle of the street…Shut it all down, for a few hours…cause a major scene, and make it known we are here, and we will fight.

We should never have to hide, who and what we are.

Is that ethical?…to have a YF involved?…

…I don’t know, that it is any less ethical, than setting by, and allowing things to remain as they are, today…and letting the machine, have it’s way with people of all ages, including the very children, it purports to protect.

See…I cannot drop the axe on Thomas, or Gold…

…because, just like me…they were born into this fucked up dilemma, of social politics…and denied any real paths to turn down…

Nobody asked, to be corralled down the whole “monster” routine…nor to be backed into a corner.

I just wonder why it is…that so few people understand, when people have been backed into that corner, and pressed against the wall nearly all of their conscious lives…they will eventually lash out…in personal defense…in frustration…maybe even in manic rage, induced by constant hostility and abuse…

People, psychologically break…and none of us is above that.

Just to let you, and anyone else who is wondering, know…

I am a hypocrite, also.

I’ve not always done, just exactly what I should have done, in order to respect the privacy of another…I’ve not always acted in a way, that I should have…and I have compromised myself, on a few occasions…because the need, became more important in the moment, than the sum of my entire life…I had to know…

…I had to know, if what I was fighting for, was real, or just lies.

And, yes…sometimes, I just needed it “for me”.

…I needed it, just as the way I needed another breath of air…or for my heart to beat again, and again…

Of course…the safe, and “responsible” thing, is to tell people…”never do that”.

…and, surely, if the question is, “how do I remain out of trouble?”…then, this is sound advice…but, that is a much different conversation, from the wide range of realities, which we face in life.

I do not blame people, who have a sexual orientation…for experiencing manifestations, related to that orientation.

Likewise, when they are denied any outlet, and relentlessly abused for having such a sexual orientation…I find in unconscionable, to lay the blame, entirely at their feet, should they go off the deep end.

We can condemn, what is clearly worthy to be condemned…but, more people…”good” people…”normal” people…they are culpable…They pushed their pet “monster”, into such a state of mind…that he/she went out and did [the “unspeakable”?]…

It is a tough issue, that demands deep “soul” searching…

…but, I consider turning on those amongst us, dragging them through the mud and kicking them while they are down…

…to be selling out, and shameful.

It is just not that simple, and we do a grave disservice to ourselves, by pretending that it is.

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