One does wonder, how M.J. got away with that…

Date: June 30, 2009

…BoyChat Link…

…BoyChat Link…

One does wonder, how [Michael Jackson] got away with [the “baby dangling” incident]…

…and kept the children…especially after the scandalous court case, accusations and investigations.

For what it is worth…

Though I never before gave any comment, anywhere, about the “baby dangling” incident…obviously, it was not a “high point”, for Michael. I would suspect, he was high on drugs, or something, and would agree with anyone who suggested, that an intervention was needed.

I suppose, when it comes down to remembering someone, or showing sympathy, when they are deceased…

…I just do not accept, the concept that even a really bad thing they did, wipes out every good thing they ever did in their lifetime.

I did not see him as all that significant, to “us” [Child Lovers and Teen Lovers], in the sense of our cultural status.

…but, he was rather well known, for being extremely good to sick children and their families [in spite of unproven accusations].

He did give a lot of people things to remember, which were beautiful to them.

It is very hard to sum up, someone like Micheal Jackson…

…but, however anyone remembers him, it will be a personal sort of thing, to every individual.

The good he is known for, has not evaporated into nothing.

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