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Bruno: A Movie Review…


Date: July 28, 2009

[There will be “spoilers” here, so if you have not seen this movie, you may not want to read this post any further.]

This movie, is so “over the top”, saturated with homosexual stereotypes, that even GLAAD ( Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) was displeased with it…even though, at it’s base, it is an “in your face”, proverbial middle finger, to all homophobes.


In my opinion, this movie actually gains points for this, because it is becoming very disturbing, how the socially privileged, gay, lesbian and bisexual groups, are becoming more and more aggressive, in brow beating everyone else into speaking about them, “just so”…and only in the pre-approved manner, which they endorse.

They are not above being punned…and in my opinion, they get a well deserved healthy dose, of politically inconvenient truth, pushed back in their own faces, right along with the homophobics. Sure, homophobia is a core issue, but, so is homosexual minority hypocrisy (and eccentricity)…which makes this movie, all the more fun and enjoyable.

Now, if you have watched Borat (possibly, the funniest movie ever made), then you pretty much should know what to expect, out of Bruno…because, it is the same, general type of movie, made up of outrageous, improvised comedy, which puns individuals (generally, bigots) who are unwitting cast members, placed in hysterically funny situations…with comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen, right in the middle of it all.

Sadly, Bruno is not quite as good as Borat, but…it is still worthy of praise.

The first thing I noticed when walking into the large theater, is that it was empty, except for myself…a few young couples came in, several minutes later…but, it was clear, people were not flocking to the theater, to see this movie…

…which is not surprising, given the cancerous level of conservative bigotry, which strangles the life out of this area of the country…(and we sometimes miss out, on some of the more interesting, “liberal/art” type movies, with provocative story lines, because they never get played here).

It is actually more surprising, that this movie even got played here, at all.

As to the movie, itself…

…While this may be an expose, of homophobic USA…it is clearly only going to be watched, and appreciated, by the truly open minded…Homophobes are not going to support this movie.

However funny it may have gotten, there is no question, it was still shocking in the level of how graphic things got portrayed.

At one point, Bruno as on his knees, bent over and being…ummm…”pleasured”, by some contraption, made up of an exercise bicycle, with a long pole, and a big pointy thing, that worked like a dildo, on the end of it. One partner rode the bike, while the other…well, you know…

They did the “big black strip”, censor…like in Borat, during the naked fight…but, still…You just don’t expect to see that.

In another scene, Bruno’s original lover, is a very short, very young looking male…who is about the size of a twelve to fourteen year old boy…and he is spinning around, on Bruno’s erection…

The undertone theme of a “boy lover”, is beautiful, here…and a well deserved, well placed, social commentary.

As a BoyLover, who knows just how so much of the politically privileged, pervert class likes to verbally trash on people like myself, I very much enjoyed watching this part…and I genuinely laughed out loud (I think I was the only one, audibly laughing, during that movie).

It was not sexually titillating, or exciting, mind you…just deliciously, spot on, wonderful to see…the “ugly” truth…that no pious pervert dare speak of.

In another scene, Bruno creates a show demo, which gets screened in private for a selection of citizens, who will give their opinion on it…so that the network, will get an idea, of whether people would like it…

…and it was purposely horrible, and outrageous…and the looks on those people’s faces, was priceless…

At one point, there was a bare (and I think shaved, if I remember right), male groin, “dancing”, with his penis swinging around…this lasted for a while, sort of like a transitional scene…

Again, this was not anything, that I had any expectation of witnessing (certainly not on a movie screen, in these parts)…and it was not all that funny, in itself…but, the scene that it caused, was funny as hell.

In another part, it is suggested that Bruno make a “gay porno” movie, with a celebrity…

…So, he sets up an interview with former U.S. presidential candidate, Ron Paul…He gets Ron into a hotel room, and starts to strip…

That was hilarious.

Oh!…also priceless…in his mock, “show demo”, Bruno promised an exclusive interview with Harrison Ford…and as it turns out, all this constituted of, was Bruno approaching Harrison as he was leaving some place…and as Bruno approached with a microphone, and asked for a quick interview, Harrison says, “Get the fuck away from me!”, and briskly hurries off…(and I get the impression, this was entirely genuine).

In another scene, Bruno visits a medium, in order to conjure up, and perform a multitude, of homosexual fantasies…on the “spirit” of Fab…the deceased member, of Millie Vanillie…

This movie is just packed full, of outlandish, priceless, scenes…which any scorned pervert, will likely relish in the expose of…because, it is the “big, middle finger”, to so much of what is wrong, and hateful, about the U.S.A.

I think, that is why I liked it so much…

…It is so refreshing, to see someone with the guts, to get out there and tell it like it is.

It is also refreshing, not having to constantly see breasts, flopping all around, in the requisite sex scenes of movies (a regular, movie peeve of mine)…No, I didn’t really see anything that sexually excited me…but, after all these years, of having naked heterosexuals screwing, forced upon me, just because I thought the movie plot sounded interesting…it’s nice to see a mammoth reversal, in this otherwise disgustingly, out of proportion, representation of human sexuality, which movies force down our throats.

Oh, sure…Bruno visits a swingers party (in attempt to become heterosexual), but…the breasts, and hetero sex, are brief.

Anyway, if you are mature enough to handle a brutal pun, of human sexuality, and you want to see something really, really, really different…then I say, go see it, if you have not done so, already.

It is priceless, to see all the well deserved jabs!

I give this movie, four stars, out of five.

A brief clarification: I know there are some people out there, who would pounce on one of the above comments, and claim that I am embracing anal sex to be synonymous with BoyLove. That is not true, especially as relates to my own orientation (I am a pedosexual). While it is not for me to judge, what older, bigger and more compatible [with such behavior] people do amongst themselves, I am not implying that small boys being anally penetrated by an adult, is a form of BoyLove.

In a broader sense, twinks (the late teens, early twenties, gay males) are often marketed as “boylove”…For those people, or compatible age mates, I see nothing inherently bad, in allowing them to explore and realise their own sexuality, as they most see fit amongst themselves.

What I do find most interesting here, is the obvious implication, that a gay man likes and finds normal to his orientation, such very small and boyish features…It acknowledges, even if indirectly, sexual relations between the very small/young, and older homosexuals. Qualitatively, it is a man physically having sex with a boy [at least, a teenage boy]…even if the “boy”, is just a man who has not reached physical development which is typical for his age.

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Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince: A Movie Commentary…


Date: July 28, 2009

First, let me say that I outright loved this movie, was engrossed from the moment it began until the end credits…and I will likely go see this in the theater again (which is very rare, for me).

Second, I have not read any of the Harry Potter books, so I am not biased by that standpoint…I merely went into the theater (from The Prisoner of Azkaban, onward), anticipating a good time, watching a fun story unfold…and I’ve never really been disappointed…In fact, the movies have made me contemplate reading the books.

Third, The Half Blood Prince, is a true flip flop in form for this series, in the sense that it introduces a lot to us, in a short period of time, while leaving a lot of unanswered questions. This movie, just did not flesh out certain, core things, nor give to everything a sense of proper gravity…In fact, it did this to such a degree, that the story progression feels jumbled…and doesn’t always feel right. In previous movies, you knew where the characters were going, and why, because it was well explained…Not so much so, in this movie, however.


[If you read from this point onward, then it is your own fault, for stumbling across unwanted spoilers!]


The movie, itself, is jam packed with action, interesting plot and comedy, which leave you no chance to get bored…though, you probably will feel lost, at some moments…and leave the theater thinking, “Yeah, that felt like a great movie, but…that was it?”…

The pace of this movie is so fast, that it does not feel like two and a half hours have passed, by the time the end credits roll…and this throws you off, because you are anticipating various things introduced into the story, to really be fleshed out…yet, they are not…

…and if you are like me, it might not be until you are well gone from the theater, that it dawns on you, just how sloppy the story telling was in this movie.

…and I feel like, things which are more trivial to the plot line, got way to much attention, in this movie, and burned up a lot of screen time…when it could have been better spent, on other things.

“Love” is a huge theme, in this movie…and a source for much comic…Even though it is fun to watch, and I was not displeased with it…I still would have chosen, to have at least a couple of other things, better presented in this movie, than to watch the silly, love drama unfold.

I cant help but presume, that certain things suffered, because the movie focused so much on that.

For one thing…

…”The Half Blood Prince”…

…It is the name of the movie…

…It is the name of the book, the movie was based on…

…and it is supposed to be some core element, to push the story forward…

…Yet, I am hard pressed to define, just “what” the relevance of “The Half Blood Prince”, even is…or why it matters.

[This next sentence, is factually wrong, and I will correct it later in this post.]

Harry goes to a forbidden section of Hogwarts library, and finds a book…

[The rest is accurate, or at least truthful opinion.]

We later learn, over a few quick and nonchalant scenes, that Harry has become “obsessed” with the book…and we get a quick glance inside it’s pages, showing us that it has instructions for something…presumably potions and/or spells…

Nowhere is it even suggested, that Harry is learning spells out of it…and nothing about these scenes, really impresses upon you, that this is a heavy part of the story…The acting surrounding it, just does not make you sense such.

Then, we find Harry giving up the book, so it can be hidden somewhere…where he’ll never find it…

At the end of the movie, I was left kind of dumbfounded, that Harry tried to use new spells against Snape…which Snape quickly repelled, and floored Harry with…

Snape then says, “You would dare use my own spells against me?…I am, the half blood prince!”…

The whole revelation, just feels like it comes out of nowhere…and you’re not even sure why you were supposed to care.

This movie was primarily about fleshing out Voldemort (telling his back story)…and it is very interesting…but, with this movie being titled, “The Half Blood Prince”, you really feel that it should have fleshed out Professor Snape, a lot more also.

Reviews from book readers, makes it plainly clear…that a lot of the books content was left out of the movie…and there were many thing omitted, that would have been good to include.


…After all these movies, where he really has been a more distant character, we finally get treated to some really interesting, and impressive, scenes involving his character. For once, we get to see him do something major, with his magical powers, in probably one of the most impressive scenes, in the entire series…but, a brief few scenes later, he is dead.

Very somber, yet…I have to agree with others…It did not feel like the movie, gave this event the grandeur that it should have gotten.

This is one point in the movie, where it seems the ball was dropped.

The relevance of where Harry and Dumbledore were going, or the mission they embarked upon, leading up to Dumbledore’s death, is not really even explained, at all.

Now, if they told me, that elements of “The Half Blood Prince”, are going to be better fleshed out, by further introducing them into the next two, “Deathly Hollows” movies…then, I suppose I can better accept all of this…but, it’s very clear…Like “Order of the Phoenix”, this movie does not stand on it’s own, as a coherent story.

Funny thing is…It is still a great movie, and I was just happy to be there, watching it…While it was unfolding, I noticed these things…but, they did not bother me.

Maybe it is because of the inherent, interconnection of all the movies to each other, which leaves me understanding…that’s just the way these movies flow, and “The Half Blood Prince”, really does deserve it’s accolades as a great movie…and perhaps, the best of the series, so far.

A Second Viewing…

I saw this movie again, as I intended to, a week after I first viewed it…

It was playing on the huge screen, at my local theater, so I figured I’d better see it “now”, while I still can get to see it on the huge screen.

I originally chose to see it at an alternative theater, because it was opening weekend…and I did not want to have to get there hours early, just to get a decent seat…nor to be packed in a huge room with other people, like a can of sardines…nor to tolerate all the inconsiderate idiots, who wont shut up, or stop receiving/sending text messages for the third/fourth time…So, I went somewhere, where more competition existed, the screens/presentation wasn’t so spectacular…and the crowd would be much more dispersed…It worked out well, and I loved the experience.

I still wanted to see it on a massive sized screen, and by this time, the rage was over…and again…perfect seating available…only a handful of other people in the theater…wonderful!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie a second time over, though, my enjoyment was more rich in understanding of the plot…and not just, “Wow!…That effect was neat!”…Hence, I didn’t walk out of the theater, psyched by the adrenalin, thanks to all the action scenes…like I did, the first time.

I noticed some plot elements, that I got wrong…most glaringly, Harry did not get the book mentioned above, from a trip to the restricted section of the library [that was something else, related to the book]…but, instead he gets it, after loosing a bid to grab a nice, new textbook, out of a cabinet…instead, being left with an old, half fallen apart book, while Ron makes off with the nice book…However, Harry’s book proves invaluable, as it lets him exceed in his study of potions.

Scribed in the front pages is, “This book is the property of the Half Blood Prince”…

Again, there were a lot of things thrown at the audience in this movie…and one might not catch it all, through one viewing…especially if one is not familiar with the books, that this movie series is based upon.

Over all, I found the second viewing more satisfying…because, the things I did not catch in the first viewing, were more obvious to me this time.

I really do not have much else to say…other than, I very much enjoyed this installment in the series…and I am looking forward to the remaining installments.

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Collective Wisdom…

Date: July 16, 2009

What [name redacted] seems blissfully unaware of, is just how common a phenomena it is, for the masses to be subjected to false, and limited, information…to the point, where the masses start believing it, considering it “unquestionable”, and even repeating it as “fact”.

So, a “third” of the worlds population, self identifies as “christian”, by whatever criteria, they personally hold [which often conflicts, with the criteria of others]…big deal…So what?

“Collective wisdom” of the masses, is often not wisdom, at all…but, it is instead, manipulation.

Inside the Insurance Industry…

Date: July 08, 2009

01) Inside the Insurance Industry

“A former insurance executive comes clean about industry practices designed to kick the sick off the rolls and rip off patients to make obscene profits.”

I just had to bring this issue forward…because, frankly, I see this as one of the primary industries, which is destroying the USA…and no, I do not just mean “health insurance”…

…I mean, “insurance”, in general.

In my opinion, these businesses are amongst the biggest crooks active, today.

Oh fine, sure, yes…

…If you’ve got a lot of money, and you can afford lots of expensive things, which you would want to be reimbursed for should they be damaged or destroyed…I am sure, it is not a big deal, and in that case you should pay up.

…but, for a growing mass of our population, who are scraping everything they have together, just to get by…this is not an easy trade off…They don’t have money, spilling out of their pockets.

Every six months, when my vehicle insurance comes due…I loose in excess, of one weekly paycheck to it…and when you are at my income level, that really hurts.

The elephant in the room [and actually, there are a few of them], is that I have never been involved in any vehicle accident, for which it was my fault…I was just the hapless bozo, who happened to be at “that” spot, at exactly the wrong time. I have an excellent driving record, and that’s not even an issue of debate…Yet, they stick it to me, every six months…and the very first time I made the mistake of filing a claim…BAM!…my premiums shot up, from then on…

All those many, many years of driving and paying them money, without a single claim filed…and the day I finally need them, they decide that, “Okay, just for that, we’re making your insurance premiums, even uglier!”…

This hurts, because they’re bleeding money out of my pocket, when I desperately need to keep it in my own pocket, and put it away for emergencies, maybe investment…or, heck, some weeks, maybe even just to buy food to eat…You feel like, for all the fighting that you do to survive, these businesses are there just to keep pushing you down, and stealing away any ground that you manage to gain.

We have to have vehicle insurance, by law…Which is another elephant in the room, because these companies are riding the gravy train, with clientele who are held hostage to this system. We have to pay out all this money, just so that we don’t get a citation and have our vehicle impounded, should some police officer find out we are driving without insurance. This “transaction”, is literally enforced, by people who carry guns, fine you and seize your property, should you fail to comply…

By my definition, this sounds like coercion, and “agreement” made under duress…

I understand the utility in the concept of insurance, mind you…I just cannot see, why it is allowed to be such an overbearing burden…

…and the thing which truly angers me, is that once you have been bitten…you are extremely reluctant, to ever file a claim with these people again…

All the money you pay it, is essentially being thrown out the window…or flushed down the toilet, because it does absolutely no good for “you”, from the day you pay it, onward.

Not so long ago, my vehicle was vandalized at my place of employment. In spite of the fact that they have insurance for this kind of thing, my employer refused to even discuss this with me (their insurance should have paid it), and I was told to take care of it, through my own insurance company (Yeah, right…Fat chance!). After discussing it with my insurance company, I would have still had to have paid half the costs…which is to say, I might as well have just pulled out my wallet, and made a third, premium payment to them, for the year. Of course, I was very concerned, about what future insurance bills were going to look like, should I file a claim…

…and thus, the kick in the balls here, is that for all the money I’ve paid in…I’m left too scared, to actually file a claim, because I know they are just going to turn around, and sock it to me, later…and I cant afford that.

But, it had to be taken care of, so…I went to a salvage yard, got the part I needed, and had a local body shop paint it, and install it…all for about half, of what I would have paid, had I let the insurance company handle it.

The sick joke in this story, is that I paid all this money to these people…Yet, it was clearly in my better interest, to just “bite the bullet”, and pay for the damages, entirely out of my own pocket…So, what good, did having insurance even do for me, here?

Yes, yes…I know, if I ever ended up in a bad accident, it was my fault, and others were killed, I’d be glad to have the insurance…but, still…It just really grinds me, how the realities of this insurance model, actually do play out, typically.

Now, getting to health insurance in the USA…this is clearly an abomination…

Personally, I am uninsured…but, being a vet, I do get free health care through the veterans administration…The only down side to this, is having to travel so far, in order to experience it…which is a pain.

I’ve been offered health insurance, through my employer…but, this is a small business…and the plan stinks.

I could have given up, one quarter (or more) of my weekly paycheck, which would have been devastating, in itself…just to realize the “benefit”, of still having to pay 40% of all doctor visit charges, and other medical bills…utterly insane, in all honesty.

These companies want you to hand all this money over to them…but, after accepting it, they still want you to bend over, and fork over another quarter (or worse) of your weekly paycheck, should you visit the doctor…It is just atrocious, what is going on…and a lot of people, absolutely cannot afford it…Which is why so many US citizens are uninsured (in, supposedly, the most wealthy nation on earth).

Consequently, whatever medical work I have done locally (ie: dental), I pay for out of my own pocket…because the few hundred dollars this costs me every year, is nowhere near as horrible, as the large bite these insurance companies want to take out of me.

I am not alone in this quandary.

These insurance companies are killing, so many of us…and there has got to be a massive change, in how health care is dealt with.

If it were up to me, insurance on health care, would be done away with completely…and, the health care industry, would take an extreme pay cut.

If health care costs do not come down willingly, then the health care industry is in for a rude awakening, because it will be left with scarcely few clients who can afford it, and making a livelihood out of it will be a thing of the past.

It is hard for me to say this, because I have a strong disdain for the government, and watching yet another realm of our lives fall under it’s control, really leaves me torn…

…but, I do know that profiting, and becoming wealthy, on the “commodity” of sick people, is as treacherous and despicable, as anything can be…

Ones health, should not be held in the balance, of a “for profit” industry…That much is clear to me…

We desperately need, a new approach to health care, in the USA…and, those who are just in it for the profit, have no business making the rules, and forcing the rest of us to live by them…Many of us, will die because of their concern for profits…

I don’t “want”, to see another government entitlement program…

…but, I want to see another system, set up, ran and manipulated by insurance companies, even less.

By Virtue of Omission?…

Date: July 6, 2009

Note: TheWoodsOfJordan was a very fundamentalist Christian YouTuber…A young person, espousing ideological viewpoints…the kinds we get bombarded with, relentlessly. Apparently, he and his wife have fallen on some very hard times…In addition, from what I have been able to decipher, he turned away from his own fundamentalist background. This likely is why the video is no longer available…I don’t know.

Oh my goodness…

…So, according to “TheWoodsofJordan” [Is that some subliminal message, about what gets him horny?], by virtue of the fact that, the bible ascribes words to jesus, which denote a heterosexual relationship, and omit any mention of homosexual marriage…this means, homosexual marriage is wrong?

Gee folks, not only are we condemned by what the bible allegedly says…but, we are condemned by anything it does not say, as well…

…How utterly convenient…

You know…aside from the passage in leviticus (I believe it is), which briefly mentions “man laying with man, as man lays with women”…the bible has nothing to say, in reference to condemning homosexuality…and even that passage, is open to speculative interpretation.

Some people often deduce their own prejudice, out of the voids presented to them…This is a chronic stumbling block, in christianity.

It’s like a “fill in the blanks”, exercise…in a “choose your own adventure”, kind of way.

Interpret what you want, where you want…so long as the bible is vague enough, to allow the elbow room…

Gee…Isn’t that the same sort of thing, so many religious people like to accuse atheists of doing, while scoffing and condemning them for it?

You know…The bible does not permit this exact same right to self interpretation, and assertion of your interpretation “as truth”, which you evoke and enjoy, whenever you are dictating all of these dogmatic ideologies, to the rest of us.

In fact, by doing so…one who understands the modern, and historic embodiment of the bible, and it’s political influence, might be inclined to suggest, that “you” (woodsofjordan), may be an agent of satan, trying to corrupt the message of the bible…and supplant it with your own viewpoints.

Such an assertion, would be well within the logic framework, of christianity, itself.

Oh, and by the way…

…”A man and a woman, shall come together to become one flesh”, is just basic biology…

Of course, if you do not have male and female elements of reproduction, you will never get a baby…which is the “one flesh”, that they become.

Many religions, especially ancient ones, had amongst their primary goals, increasing their own power and influence…One of the most obvious practices towards realising such goals, was making lots of babies, and causing a population explosion, amongst it’s followers.

There was little use, as relates to these goals, for people who were not breeders.

This is why, heterosexuals are overwhelmingly preferential, in the eyes of many ancient, expansionist religions.

Religions which have come about in more modern times, where paradigms of population explosion are no longer practical, and they have to think about issues of expansion differently…these religions tend to embrace homosexuality, far more…They don’t consider it a threat, or hindrance, to their own power.

“Should I Come Out, As An Atheist [Teen]?”…

Date: July 6, 2009

…YouTube Video…

There is no singular, “right” or “wrong” answer, here.

It is important to be true to yourself, but mitigating circumstances might make surviving this stage of your life easier, if ignorant people (who hold much power, over how smooth your life will flow) are deprived of a few bits of information.

Once you can get away from overbearing, ignorant people…You will be in a much better place, to take a public stance.

Even though, “I” believe they should not be able to get away with forced participation, or harassment that goes well beyond the level of tame ribbing…

…this is just the reality of life, when you are in some way, part of a unique minority.

There are always going to be people out there who reject you, who attack you and who work to make your life miserable.

That is a scourge, within our species.

XVE: Live by the Sword die by the Sword…


Date: July 03, 2009

01) BoyChat Link

“Think about it: His reign of terror is pretty much over, aside from his few websites that will never make him the kind of money MSNBC To Catch a Predator did. There’s no way he can continue to pay his disciples, himself, and continue to run his pathetic hate mongering crusade.

Irony of irony, XVE, through his hateful crusade, has done to himself what he desired to do to all us pedophiles.”

I would say, with as many episodes as were made, Philip no doubt got some nice checks, for quite a while.

The question is, how did he (they?) divvy up that money?

If there was any intelligence involved, it might have been invested in something…but, something tells me, that’s not so likely.

If the money was spread around, and everyone took a share, well…Now that the well has dried up, there is only a limited amount of stash left…and it will dry up, also…and that bum will have to get off his ass, and get a job for once in his life…[now, that is an NBC special, I’d find amusing]…

He’ll probably drag his feet, and with the job market being what it is, there will be to many worthy and good workers, for Philip to be able to compete…and, besides…who wants to hire a fat mouthed, full of himself, obese and obnoxious jerk, with a nasty attitude, and no real work experience?

He may have to downgrade…to a [very large] cardboard box, in a back alley, next to a dumpster.

Even if he (they?) did invest…with the way things are going, nearly everybody is going to be on a level footing (essentially, having nothing), regardless of how much money you have now…

…Maybe, this is the “up” side, to an economic collapse?

I agree…”young and dumb”, sums up Philip quite well…

He’s fired his best shots…blazed through his “good will” currency…gotten a memorable, repugnant reputation for himself…and the “glory hound” gravy train is coming to a halt…

…Whatever safety net, shall be there to catch his fall?…


He (they?) has a lot of enemies, for being so young…

…Should have planned better…the future is going to be rough.


“Perverted Justice”: The Quality Of It’s Cast…


Date: July 1, 2009

01) Former ‘Perverted Justice’ Member Arrested for DDoSing Rolling Stone, Radar

Why am I not surprised?…

…because, this is exactly amongst the kinds of sleazy, underhanded, no good behavior, for which the criminals of “Perverted Justice” are infamously known.

When they don’t get their way, they just resort to attacking people, any way they please, thinking that they are above the law.

This is the quality of character, that “Perverted Justice” has attracted, and fostered, throughout it’s miserable existence. So many of the members of “Perverted Justice” [past and present], are just flat out criminals and sociopaths, with a cruel, sinister disposition, unspeakable contempt towards other human beings, and a twisted obsession with exploiting the pedophile panic, for profit and personal thrill seeking.

I don’t really “like” to pay much mind to groups like this, nor to spend my valuable time, dedicated to such cretins…

…but, there is no question, they have been pining for my attention, for quite a while…and I think I am going to get back to a project I started some time ago, which is focused on “Perverted Justice”.

It is high time, that this hate group cult, be brought down, and brought to justice.

The more people exposing the truth about “Perverted Justice”, the better.

Do read that article…It is quite revealing.

Philip John Eide [xavier von erck]…being so immature, sociopathic and spiteful, as to turn on his former friend and ally, just to spend months chronically posing as a woman, to seduce this guy [cybersex, and everything]…and set him up to ruin his life…

…and that guy, is not even known to be a “pedophile”…

Yes, “Perverted Justice” leader, Philip Eide, has a knack for sociopathic behavior, being a bully and a menace…and it goes way back.

It’s easy to see just why he lives in hiding, today…given all that he has done to other people…He keeps his own behind, well outside of anyone’s immediate reach, and quite well hidden…He likes to torment and bully, behind the anonymity, just like his “associates”.

For someone who acts as though he were “in the right”, it is curious how he’s not got the guts to actually face the people he targets…and his “associates” follow, in lock-step.

Anyway…There is a lot to expose about “Perverted Justice”, and I intend on inclusion of them, in a project dedicated to online hate groups, cyberstalking, online threat, etc, and what you can do to fight back.

Thank you, to Newport News (at BoyChat), for posting this link.