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“Perverted Justice”: The Quality Of It’s Cast…


Date: July 1, 2009

01) Former ‘Perverted Justice’ Member Arrested for DDoSing Rolling Stone, Radar

Why am I not surprised?…

…because, this is exactly amongst the kinds of sleazy, underhanded, no good behavior, for which the criminals of “Perverted Justice” are infamously known.

When they don’t get their way, they just resort to attacking people, any way they please, thinking that they are above the law.

This is the quality of character, that “Perverted Justice” has attracted, and fostered, throughout it’s miserable existence. So many of the members of “Perverted Justice” [past and present], are just flat out criminals and sociopaths, with a cruel, sinister disposition, unspeakable contempt towards other human beings, and a twisted obsession with exploiting the pedophile panic, for profit and personal thrill seeking.

I don’t really “like” to pay much mind to groups like this, nor to spend my valuable time, dedicated to such cretins…

…but, there is no question, they have been pining for my attention, for quite a while…and I think I am going to get back to a project I started some time ago, which is focused on “Perverted Justice”.

It is high time, that this hate group cult, be brought down, and brought to justice.

The more people exposing the truth about “Perverted Justice”, the better.

Do read that article…It is quite revealing.

Philip John Eide [xavier von erck]…being so immature, sociopathic and spiteful, as to turn on his former friend and ally, just to spend months chronically posing as a woman, to seduce this guy [cybersex, and everything]…and set him up to ruin his life…

…and that guy, is not even known to be a “pedophile”…

Yes, “Perverted Justice” leader, Philip Eide, has a knack for sociopathic behavior, being a bully and a menace…and it goes way back.

It’s easy to see just why he lives in hiding, today…given all that he has done to other people…He keeps his own behind, well outside of anyone’s immediate reach, and quite well hidden…He likes to torment and bully, behind the anonymity, just like his “associates”.

For someone who acts as though he were “in the right”, it is curious how he’s not got the guts to actually face the people he targets…and his “associates” follow, in lock-step.

Anyway…There is a lot to expose about “Perverted Justice”, and I intend on inclusion of them, in a project dedicated to online hate groups, cyberstalking, online threat, etc, and what you can do to fight back.

Thank you, to Newport News (at BoyChat), for posting this link.