XVE: Live by the Sword die by the Sword…


Date: July 03, 2009

01) BoyChat Link

“Think about it: His reign of terror is pretty much over, aside from his few websites that will never make him the kind of money MSNBC To Catch a Predator did. There’s no way he can continue to pay his disciples, himself, and continue to run his pathetic hate mongering crusade.

Irony of irony, XVE, through his hateful crusade, has done to himself what he desired to do to all us pedophiles.”

I would say, with as many episodes as were made, Philip no doubt got some nice checks, for quite a while.

The question is, how did he (they?) divvy up that money?

If there was any intelligence involved, it might have been invested in something…but, something tells me, that’s not so likely.

If the money was spread around, and everyone took a share, well…Now that the well has dried up, there is only a limited amount of stash left…and it will dry up, also…and that bum will have to get off his ass, and get a job for once in his life…[now, that is an NBC special, I’d find amusing]…

He’ll probably drag his feet, and with the job market being what it is, there will be to many worthy and good workers, for Philip to be able to compete…and, besides…who wants to hire a fat mouthed, full of himself, obese and obnoxious jerk, with a nasty attitude, and no real work experience?

He may have to downgrade…to a [very large] cardboard box, in a back alley, next to a dumpster.

Even if he (they?) did invest…with the way things are going, nearly everybody is going to be on a level footing (essentially, having nothing), regardless of how much money you have now…

…Maybe, this is the “up” side, to an economic collapse?

I agree…”young and dumb”, sums up Philip quite well…

He’s fired his best shots…blazed through his “good will” currency…gotten a memorable, repugnant reputation for himself…and the “glory hound” gravy train is coming to a halt…

…Whatever safety net, shall be there to catch his fall?…


He (they?) has a lot of enemies, for being so young…

…Should have planned better…the future is going to be rough.


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