By Virtue of Omission?…

Date: July 6, 2009

Note: TheWoodsOfJordan was a very fundamentalist Christian YouTuber…A young person, espousing ideological viewpoints…the kinds we get bombarded with, relentlessly. Apparently, he and his wife have fallen on some very hard times…In addition, from what I have been able to decipher, he turned away from his own fundamentalist background. This likely is why the video is no longer available…I don’t know.

Oh my goodness…

…So, according to “TheWoodsofJordan” [Is that some subliminal message, about what gets him horny?], by virtue of the fact that, the bible ascribes words to jesus, which denote a heterosexual relationship, and omit any mention of homosexual marriage…this means, homosexual marriage is wrong?

Gee folks, not only are we condemned by what the bible allegedly says…but, we are condemned by anything it does not say, as well…

…How utterly convenient…

You know…aside from the passage in leviticus (I believe it is), which briefly mentions “man laying with man, as man lays with women”…the bible has nothing to say, in reference to condemning homosexuality…and even that passage, is open to speculative interpretation.

Some people often deduce their own prejudice, out of the voids presented to them…This is a chronic stumbling block, in christianity.

It’s like a “fill in the blanks”, exercise…in a “choose your own adventure”, kind of way.

Interpret what you want, where you want…so long as the bible is vague enough, to allow the elbow room…

Gee…Isn’t that the same sort of thing, so many religious people like to accuse atheists of doing, while scoffing and condemning them for it?

You know…The bible does not permit this exact same right to self interpretation, and assertion of your interpretation “as truth”, which you evoke and enjoy, whenever you are dictating all of these dogmatic ideologies, to the rest of us.

In fact, by doing so…one who understands the modern, and historic embodiment of the bible, and it’s political influence, might be inclined to suggest, that “you” (woodsofjordan), may be an agent of satan, trying to corrupt the message of the bible…and supplant it with your own viewpoints.

Such an assertion, would be well within the logic framework, of christianity, itself.

Oh, and by the way…

…”A man and a woman, shall come together to become one flesh”, is just basic biology…

Of course, if you do not have male and female elements of reproduction, you will never get a baby…which is the “one flesh”, that they become.

Many religions, especially ancient ones, had amongst their primary goals, increasing their own power and influence…One of the most obvious practices towards realising such goals, was making lots of babies, and causing a population explosion, amongst it’s followers.

There was little use, as relates to these goals, for people who were not breeders.

This is why, heterosexuals are overwhelmingly preferential, in the eyes of many ancient, expansionist religions.

Religions which have come about in more modern times, where paradigms of population explosion are no longer practical, and they have to think about issues of expansion differently…these religions tend to embrace homosexuality, far more…They don’t consider it a threat, or hindrance, to their own power.

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