Bruno: A Movie Review…


Date: July 28, 2009

[There will be “spoilers” here, so if you have not seen this movie, you may not want to read this post any further.]

This movie, is so “over the top”, saturated with homosexual stereotypes, that even GLAAD ( Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) was displeased with it…even though, at it’s base, it is an “in your face”, proverbial middle finger, to all homophobes.


In my opinion, this movie actually gains points for this, because it is becoming very disturbing, how the socially privileged, gay, lesbian and bisexual groups, are becoming more and more aggressive, in brow beating everyone else into speaking about them, “just so”…and only in the pre-approved manner, which they endorse.

They are not above being punned…and in my opinion, they get a well deserved healthy dose, of politically inconvenient truth, pushed back in their own faces, right along with the homophobics. Sure, homophobia is a core issue, but, so is homosexual minority hypocrisy (and eccentricity)…which makes this movie, all the more fun and enjoyable.

Now, if you have watched Borat (possibly, the funniest movie ever made), then you pretty much should know what to expect, out of Bruno…because, it is the same, general type of movie, made up of outrageous, improvised comedy, which puns individuals (generally, bigots) who are unwitting cast members, placed in hysterically funny situations…with comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen, right in the middle of it all.

Sadly, Bruno is not quite as good as Borat, but…it is still worthy of praise.

The first thing I noticed when walking into the large theater, is that it was empty, except for myself…a few young couples came in, several minutes later…but, it was clear, people were not flocking to the theater, to see this movie…

…which is not surprising, given the cancerous level of conservative bigotry, which strangles the life out of this area of the country…(and we sometimes miss out, on some of the more interesting, “liberal/art” type movies, with provocative story lines, because they never get played here).

It is actually more surprising, that this movie even got played here, at all.

As to the movie, itself…

…While this may be an expose, of homophobic USA…it is clearly only going to be watched, and appreciated, by the truly open minded…Homophobes are not going to support this movie.

However funny it may have gotten, there is no question, it was still shocking in the level of how graphic things got portrayed.

At one point, Bruno as on his knees, bent over and being…ummm…”pleasured”, by some contraption, made up of an exercise bicycle, with a long pole, and a big pointy thing, that worked like a dildo, on the end of it. One partner rode the bike, while the other…well, you know…

They did the “big black strip”, censor…like in Borat, during the naked fight…but, still…You just don’t expect to see that.

In another scene, Bruno’s original lover, is a very short, very young looking male…who is about the size of a twelve to fourteen year old boy…and he is spinning around, on Bruno’s erection…

The undertone theme of a “boy lover”, is beautiful, here…and a well deserved, well placed, social commentary.

As a BoyLover, who knows just how so much of the politically privileged, pervert class likes to verbally trash on people like myself, I very much enjoyed watching this part…and I genuinely laughed out loud (I think I was the only one, audibly laughing, during that movie).

It was not sexually titillating, or exciting, mind you…just deliciously, spot on, wonderful to see…the “ugly” truth…that no pious pervert dare speak of.

In another scene, Bruno creates a show demo, which gets screened in private for a selection of citizens, who will give their opinion on it…so that the network, will get an idea, of whether people would like it…

…and it was purposely horrible, and outrageous…and the looks on those people’s faces, was priceless…

At one point, there was a bare (and I think shaved, if I remember right), male groin, “dancing”, with his penis swinging around…this lasted for a while, sort of like a transitional scene…

Again, this was not anything, that I had any expectation of witnessing (certainly not on a movie screen, in these parts)…and it was not all that funny, in itself…but, the scene that it caused, was funny as hell.

In another part, it is suggested that Bruno make a “gay porno” movie, with a celebrity…

…So, he sets up an interview with former U.S. presidential candidate, Ron Paul…He gets Ron into a hotel room, and starts to strip…

That was hilarious.

Oh!…also priceless…in his mock, “show demo”, Bruno promised an exclusive interview with Harrison Ford…and as it turns out, all this constituted of, was Bruno approaching Harrison as he was leaving some place…and as Bruno approached with a microphone, and asked for a quick interview, Harrison says, “Get the fuck away from me!”, and briskly hurries off…(and I get the impression, this was entirely genuine).

In another scene, Bruno visits a medium, in order to conjure up, and perform a multitude, of homosexual fantasies…on the “spirit” of Fab…the deceased member, of Millie Vanillie…

This movie is just packed full, of outlandish, priceless, scenes…which any scorned pervert, will likely relish in the expose of…because, it is the “big, middle finger”, to so much of what is wrong, and hateful, about the U.S.A.

I think, that is why I liked it so much…

…It is so refreshing, to see someone with the guts, to get out there and tell it like it is.

It is also refreshing, not having to constantly see breasts, flopping all around, in the requisite sex scenes of movies (a regular, movie peeve of mine)…No, I didn’t really see anything that sexually excited me…but, after all these years, of having naked heterosexuals screwing, forced upon me, just because I thought the movie plot sounded interesting…it’s nice to see a mammoth reversal, in this otherwise disgustingly, out of proportion, representation of human sexuality, which movies force down our throats.

Oh, sure…Bruno visits a swingers party (in attempt to become heterosexual), but…the breasts, and hetero sex, are brief.

Anyway, if you are mature enough to handle a brutal pun, of human sexuality, and you want to see something really, really, really different…then I say, go see it, if you have not done so, already.

It is priceless, to see all the well deserved jabs!

I give this movie, four stars, out of five.

A brief clarification: I know there are some people out there, who would pounce on one of the above comments, and claim that I am embracing anal sex to be synonymous with BoyLove. That is not true, especially as relates to my own orientation (I am a pedosexual). While it is not for me to judge, what older, bigger and more compatible [with such behavior] people do amongst themselves, I am not implying that small boys being anally penetrated by an adult, is a form of BoyLove.

In a broader sense, twinks (the late teens, early twenties, gay males) are often marketed as “boylove”…For those people, or compatible age mates, I see nothing inherently bad, in allowing them to explore and realise their own sexuality, as they most see fit amongst themselves.

What I do find most interesting here, is the obvious implication, that a gay man likes and finds normal to his orientation, such very small and boyish features…It acknowledges, even if indirectly, sexual relations between the very small/young, and older homosexuals. Qualitatively, it is a man physically having sex with a boy [at least, a teenage boy]…even if the “boy”, is just a man who has not reached physical development which is typical for his age.

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