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Asked To Cite An Example…

Date: August 26, 2009

…Linked Post…

…Linked Post…

Asked To Cite An Example…

…of open, man/boy love relationships, in countries where they are legal…

Likely, the reason why we don’t tend to hear from/about the people having intergenerational sexual relationships, in places where such are legal, has to do with a few factors.

For one, if it’s legal, nobody is [or few are] making a fuss about it, and the happy couple can go about their private business…then you are not going to tend to see them showing up at places like BoyChat. Well, maybe on a fluke…but, if they are “just another couple”, in the context of their own environment…then what motive do they have, in hanging out where very clearly, the population is made up of persecuted, sexual minorities?

Second, places where this may still be legal, typically wont be “first world” countries, there may be a language barrier…and, internet access wont be in every household (or community)…In fact, it may be very rare. They are not going to visit BoyChat either.

In my mind, it is a question of “What is the motive to speak out, where there is no conflict?”

I don’t know that I would be talking so much about even being a BoyLover, if it weren’t for my outrage, at how badly maltreated we are, over our “socially inconvenient” sexuality. If “this” orientation had been as legal as vanilla heterosexuality…I may have never even bothered at all, to join into the intellectual discussion of it…nor hung around for so long.

Thirdly, censorship is rampant…

Most people were shocked to find out, that Japan had no laws against child pornography [and it was sold openly, in their stores], until more recent years…when they collapsed under political pressure.

We don’t get fair, accurate representations, of loving, man/boy sexual relations happening within our own borders, let alone on foreign soil…The party line says, “these things never happen, anywhere”.

When people do come out [typically, years after the fact], and describe it as beautiful…they’re scoffed at, told they are sick, shouted down…their voice is stripped from them, and they are dismissed as “mentally ill” [and I have seen instances of just this very thing].

They always want to tell those people, that their cognition is never “the right” cognition…because it does not conform, to someone else’s ideas about how life is “supposed to be” lived.

These kinds of relationships are so vastly hidden, because of necessity and self preservation, for the participants.

I cant tell you, of an explicit, sexual, man/boy relationship where the laws allow it. Even if I were to know of such, to tell would be foolish.

It would open myself, and others, up to legal scrutiny…perhaps and invasive investigation…that is not acceptable.

However, I don’t see where the legality of such a relationship, is any indicator of the genuine validity of it…or any fitting account, towards it’s true nature.

Why is it important, in a world which harbors so much hostility towards sexual minorities…for us to uncover such a relationship, which fits all these requirements?

It is no more valid, than an illegal relationship of the exact same nature…and, if they are happening in different cultures, far removed from “us”…are we honestly expected to even know about them?…[and keep in mind, you are polling a fairly small group of people, here].

I cannot provide you with this information…Not only would it be foolish, but I am not a globe trotter, and hence…I’ve not stumbled across such a thing, in a far away land.

But, why are our “home grown”, illegal brands of man/boy love excluded?

It may be impossible to judge most of them, based upon what the media tells us…Yet, we still do have cases surface, like that of Ricky Chavez and Alex King, every here and there.

Clearly, there was a genuine romance going on there, between a very grown man, and a [probably at the time] prepubertal boy…

Alex, the young boy, was very clearly loving the relationship, was very into it and wanted it.

Of course, the “social inconvenience” perceived by narrow minds, dismisses this all to “cognitive distortion”…

…but, the relationship was real, to the people immediately involved.

Yes, I know…the Chavez/King case carries a lot of baggage with it, given the boys father got murdered.

However impossible that may be, to look past…does it honestly destroy the purity, of the man/boy love relationship, itself?

I would suggest, no.

We could debate, whether or not Chavez was a particularly “good” BoyLover…He clearly had his faults [like anyone else]…but, I don’t believe that invalidates the base relationship.

If you told me, that Ricky gently, yet with passion, made love to Alex’s naked body, the two were sweethearts in a loving relationship, and they were each others genuine, sexual lover by mutual choice…I would believe it.

There is enough evidence there, to support such a belief.

Now, of course…all this writing of mine did not answer your question…and, if “that” were my goal, then I would not have even bothered to post.

…but, your question evoked a number of thoughts in me, and I wanted to express them. It seemed fitting, to post them here.

Ponzies and Scams Online…

Date: August 25, 2009

The “Invest” Blog was…”kind” enough to spam this blog, the other day…and I thought it might be a good chance, to express a few things about online scams…

For starters, Security Watch (UK) has some interesting observations to share, about “The invest Blog”, and “AIMtrust”…

“The most insidious part of it is that appears to be solely built to promote the website – which in itself appears to be a big ponzi scheme.


The scam is simple – investors are offered a “guaranteed” return every day, week, or month.

The trouble is, these returns can only be paid so long as new members join the scheme – with the investments from new members paying the “guaranteed” returns on the previous investors.

The whole thing falls apart when the number of new investors drops to such a degree that returns can no longer be paid.

The scheme collapses, and everyone finds they don’t have any money to withdraw – the scam originator disappears with their profit.

What is even more disturbing is how the website tries to pass off as a regular investment program – using the words “Aim” to reflect the listed AIM Alternative Investment Market, and the word “trust” to imply a registered Trust with guarantors.

The result is a nasty scam that does everything to mislead and misrepresent itself.

[…] is hosted in Belarus, one of a number of states that broke away from Russia and notorious for internet fraud. The website claims to be a South African company, with a website, hosted in the British Virgin Islands – a well known tax haven – but both domains are registered anonymously to prevent anyone actually finding out who the owner is.”

Now, upon personal observation, I found that:

Their Projects Page

Their Trust Management Page

These pages are very wordy, and the design are quite professional in appearance…

…but, just exactly who out there, can decipher exactly what is being proposed, other than some obscure scheme that will make you insane returns on your money?

This is how money stealing scams work. They don’t actually give you any hard facts, or details…they just “promise you the world, on a silver platter”…and wait for the naive to send them the money.

Yes, there is one page, which claims that they are in the business of trading (buying and selling) raw resources…but, that page is every bit as vague, as the two linked above [if you search for it on that site, you’ll find it].

Personally, I have no tolerance for people who would hurt others in such a ruthless manner, as to steal money from them…especially in very hard times like these.

While I can attest to the fact, that some trusts do exist, that are on the level…and that do provide good [sometimes phenomenal] returns…This field is rife with fraud, and for every good one you find, you will run across numerous frauds. Even honestly run trusts, sometimes get conned by crooks themselves.

This happened with a trust, I once had substantial funds in [and I had expected to be here for me, today]…It collapsed, because what assets were left could not sustain it…they did not pan out.

While I do not regret my participation, it was devastating to lose this…It was supposed to become a line of income for me.

It’s not all “roses”…and no trust can promise you an exact amount of return, on your money…They can only give you a projected goal.

All this stuff about, “1%” a day [or whatever it is they claim], is highly suspect…

If you are realising such returns, and the investment is legitimate, then you are engaging in extremely high risk investments…and those kinds of investments, do not go on forever, paying out “without a worry”.

Today, while I am looking to build some personal capital…and better my status in the world…I no longer consider the shadowy world of “offshore trusts” to be a viable option to explore.

It only turned out positively for me, once…but, the gains were negligible, because the capital I had invested was small.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share all this with you…and raise some awareness about people, who are doing bad things.

Peter King speaks out against honoring Michael Jackson…

Date: August 18, 2009

…Disgraceful YouTube Video…

U.S. congressman Peter King (R-NY), lets us all know what he thinks of Michael Jackson…taking a proverbial piss, on his memory…

Apparently, Peter thinks that no “pedophiles” are ever in those heroic positions, that he deems to be under appreciated [and overwhelmingly, they are, by the way]…

It would be funny, if it didn’t make me so sick, to watch this sanctimonious, fat piece of trash, get in front of the camera and run his ignorant propaganda hole.

…”People who sacrificed so much for our own country”…”People fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan”…The kinds of people, that Peter highlights here, as the ones who “should” be getting the attention, instead of “waisting” it on Michael Jackson…”a pervert”…”low life”…”child molester”…”pedophile”…


…the staggering irony…

I am a veteran, of the Saudi/Iraq war 91…and I know at least one other, well established BoyLover, who was also serving in this war.

Child Lovers, and Teen Lovers, serve this country, in a multitude of ways, right along side everyone else…We are just forced to do it quietly, without being “out”, about our orientation.

If I were standing in front of this douche bag, Peter King, he’d likely shake my hand and give me a pat on the back, not knowing anything about my orientation…maybe even hail me as, “an example” of the fine, upstanding citizens, of whom he was speaking in this video.

This guy is a disgrace…He does not even know what he is talking about…He’s just repeating a bunch of rumors [over which, Michael was acquitted in court…Does Peter have contempt for the court system and it’s rulings, as well?], and exploiting an easy scapegoat to kick around, to get himself extra points with pedophobes.

Peter King, when you die…may an endless pilgrimage of “perverts” make their way to your grave, and relieve themselves, to their hearts content…

“You”, are the low life, scum.

I am a pedophile, and I am better than you, any day of the week.

About Michael…

For what it is worth, I reserve all judgement, because it was never substantiated, that he ever actually did anything.

Some of the things he was accused of, I would take exception over, if they were shown to be true accusations.

However…There remains no substantial proof, that any of this took place…and Michael was under scrutiny for how many years?

There comes a time, when bigots and assholes, need to give it up and walk away…

Yes, Michael was painfully weird…

…but, stop beating the fucking dead horse!

They never had anything on this man, except accusations, which were made by people, who were quite interested in attaining sizable chunks of his fortune.

“That” does not qualify Michael, as being “guilty”.

It just means that a lot of assholes have decided, that “the weirdo” is going to get blamed for whatever he’s accused of doing…fuck truth…fuck understanding…fuck the investigations…fuck the courts findings…

…”Michael gives them the willies!”, and that’s all they need to know…


Certainly not all of us consider what you do…

Date: August 16, 2009

A little relic I found from 2009. Here I am responding to Michael Melsheimer, who had been experiencing a flurry of hostility on BoyChat [not entirely unlike what Observer faces], with regards to his efforts and B4U-ACT.

Although I’ve never been officially associated with B4U-ACT, I am amongst that group of BoyLovers, which has steadfastly supported the existence of B4U-ACT, since long before it was popular to do so [if it ever became so]…And what follows attests to this, as it harkens back to the early days of B4U-ACT…and I was taking a fairly strident controversial stand, risking some deal of alienation…The uproar within the BoyLove community, was very loud and aggressive, during this period of time…making this type of public stand, quite uncomfortable.

…BoyChat Response to Michael Melsheimer…

…BoyChat Response to Michael Melsheimer…

Certainly not all of us consider what you do…

…to be in “direct and irreconcilable conflict”, with our general stances on liberation, and social acceptance of the child/teen love class, and all who wrongly fall under malicious, anti-sex laws [including children/teens, themselves].

There are vast many casualties, in this war on sex…and a lot of different needs exist, because of this.

B4UACT, may be a far cry from “the silver bullet”, but this kind of project is valuable and has it’s place.

A few people who post here, have been unduly ruthless in their responses to you, and this project…which is unfortunate, because it gives the illusion, that a loud, pressuring minority, are setting the standards for who we will engage, how we will behave, what we will say and even “what” our goals/standards are.

Some of us, on the other hand, give a nod of approval…and I am one of those people.

No matter how “frivolous” some people may regard it, there should be a viable, safe alternative, for politically and socially vulnerable individuals, to seek out and attain competent, mental health services.

Some people just cannot cope, and at some point everything builds up to a point, overwhelming the individual.

Those who think it is “frivolous”, or “stupid”, or “laughable”, or that those finding themselves in such situations “should be abandoned”, “deserve it”, or “are not worthy, because they are so weak”…

…I have to question where their own heads are at, in this discussion.

As I have understood it, your project is there to help make mental health services safely available, for minor attracted persons. It takes no stance on sexual liberation, or changing the law.

Might I remind the greater community, that even some things we have hailed as “breakthroughs”, have taken either no stance, or a negative stance, as relates to making social, or legal, changes.

Even our cherished, “Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples [the Rind Report]”, comes out in unmistakable wording, in the report itself, stating that the researchers do not advocate any changes in law, or changes in how these kinds of cases are thought about and handled [aside from classification, to better categorise/treat them (which was the whole basis, behind the structure and methodology of the study)].

I’m sure some will suggest, that this is just a symbolic show of respectful submission, in hopes of deflecting some of the vitriol that was sure to follow…but, the fact remains.

Not everybody, nor everything, that is beneficial to our cause, plight and status, is going to march in lock-step with every one of our stances, when they have everything to lose and little [or nothing] to gain, by doing so.

I think it is grossly shortsighted, to lack this understanding…and it alienates us, all the more.

Dogma dies, through slow changes, not vast and sweeping ones.

I’m often reminded of a scene in the movie “Gladiator”, and the paraphrased quote…

…”There once was an idea so fragile, that the mere whisper of it would cause it to vanish.”

Though we are moving towards a tipping point, that line parallels where we have been, these past few decades…

…Now, we are getting to a point, where a lot of people who are not even BL/GL, yet they are merely dragged into this monstrosity of a “justice system”, are getting fed up with it, and very angry. A lot more people are becoming outraged, vocal and active. A lot more people, are declaring a sensible definition of terms like, “abuse”, “assault”, “violation”, “victim”, “predator”, and demanding that social politics be brought in line with reality.

Many of those people, do not think that loving a boy sexually, is okay…

…but, this momentum is good for us, and our important issues.

We don’t need to be at war with everybody, around every corner, and on every field…Doors open, and some of them are beneficial.

I am just wondering, how many of those who would attack anyone that steps forward, to do something positive on “our” behalf, would even recognise the potential for benefit, in any given opportunity that does not measure up to their dogmatic, strict standards.

Many people live in an ideological world, where “they” have “the correct” answers…but, when you look around, “their” world is going nowhere…”They” are just not honest enough, to admit it…nor admit that they are very comfortable, isolated in their “do nothing but complain” rut, because “nothing on the table ever being good enough, to warrant their participation”, makes an excellent cop out.

There are sensible, intelligent people, who oppose many of our viewpoints…These are not all lost causes to us, nor are they all beyond our reach as a helpful resource.

Michael, I think there are far more people, who understand, respect and appreciate what you are doing, than what a visit to the boards might suggest.

Marijuana is EXTREMELY dangerous!…

Date: August 14, 2009

01) Marijuana is EXTREMELY dangerous!

“This video shows a comparison of marijuana to 17 other drugs that the FDA has approved for human use.

The song used in the video is Thicker Than a Smokey by Gary Higgins and is used under creative commons license.

This video is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License”

Legalizing Marijuana: Costs vs Benefits…

Date: August 12, 2009

01) Legalizing Marijuana: Costs vs Benefits

“Marijuana is by some estimates California’s largest cash crop, bringing in more than twice the revenue of vegetables, yet we don’t tax this green. Legalizing and taxing pot could provide $1.3 billion to help our hemorrhaging economy, but it might also lead to additional problems and undermine anti-drug efforts. Is this crop just cash waiting to be reaped, or is it more complicated? Come hear advocates on both sides argue the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana. – Commonwealth Club of California

Scott Kirkland is the Chief of the El Cerrito Police Department. He is also a member of the board of directors of the California Police Chiefs Association.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld practices psychiatry, with a specialty in psychopharmacology. His work in psychopharmacology includes the study, diagnosis, and treatment of problems related to drug abuse and addiction. Since 1983, he has served on the Advisory Board of the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. Dr. Schoenfeld is a member of the court-appointed psychiatrist panels for the Superior Courts of Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, and San Francisco, CA. In 1997, the University of Miami School of Medicine selected him as a Distinguished Alumnus.

Richard Lee has been working to end cannabis prohibition for 17 years. In 1999, he opened the Bulldog Coffeeshop, the second cannabis outlet in “Oaksterdam”. In 2003 Lee founded the Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance, the PAC that passed Oakland’s Measure Z making private sales, cultivation, and possession of cannabis the lowest law enforcement priority and mandating that Oakland tax and regulate cannabis as soon as possible under state law. In 2007, he founded the first cannabis college in the United States, Oaksterdam University. Since 2005, Lee has been serving on the City of Oakland Cannabis Regulation and Revenue Ordinance Commission, which was created after Measure Z passed with 65% of the vote 2004. He manages several other Oaksterdam companies, including the Oaksterdam Gift Shop and Nursery.”


Date: August 11, 2009

…Birmingham sex offender ‘killed after attack by vigilantes’…

…Birmingham sex offender ‘killed after attack by vigilantes’…

“Man died after being kicked and punched in his home”

“Dennis Golding, 49, who had a string of offences for indecent exposure, was found covered in blood at his Birmingham flat in January.”

I recall some time ago, on another site (with video), within the atheist collective there was this curious character, with really…”unique”, ideas…and he loved to talk, and talk and talk…made videos like mad…

He’s actually a rather well known, and considerably infamous atheist, or, at least considered such by the more level headed.

In the twilight of my own subscription to his channel (he was really going off the deep end), I remember this video he made and put out…

…in which he made the blatant assertion, that “women and children are harmed wherever they see the penis of a grown man.

Now, personally, I could understand why someone like “him” would say this, because “he” is not even sane…

…but, still…it just struck me, how logic-rapingly delusional this culture has become, over how it treats the mere, unexpected sight of a penis.

There has got to be some sort of psychological deficiency…some kind, of undiagnosed mental disorder…in anybody, who would be stunned, horrified, caused to scream, cry or faint, or believe that they are the victim of some kind of “assault”…at merely being confronted by a penis.

I don’t mean to be insensitive…but, damn…

This really is a construction, based on ruthless aggression towards male sexuality.

Maybe, this guy was out of line…

…but, any sane, level headed person should know…the proper thing to do, when someone runs in front of you, opens up their coat, and does some public weenie wagging, is to laugh it off and go about your business.

You do not need to be rushed off to the hospital, and placed on life support and a ventilator, in intensive care, for the next three weeks, being treated as though you’re teetering on the brink of death…all because you saw a penis.

The fact, that some people thought they had free license to kill him over this (presuming this was the reason), is all the more alarming…

What the hell is wrong with these people, who think that nudity gives permission, to violently assault, or even kill, another human being?

The insane people, aren’t necessarily the flashers…

Men Smarter than Women, Scientist Claims…

Date: August 11, 2009

01) Men Smarter than Women, Scientist Claims

“Men are smarter than women, according to a controversial new study that adds another cinder to the fiery debate over whether gender impacts general intelligence.

“For 100 years there’s been a consensus among psychologists that there is no sex difference in intelligence,” said J. Philippe Rushton, a psychologist at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Recent studies, however, have raised questions about the validity of this claim, he said. One such study showed that men have larger brains than women, a 100 gram difference after correcting for body size. Rushton found similar results in a study of gender and brain size.

When Rushton and colleagues weighted each SAT question by an established general intelligence factor called the g-factor, they discovered that males surpassed females by an average of 3.6 IQ points.

Rushton suspects that the results are due to males having more brain tissue than females on average.”

Just found this in my archives, a bit ago…a very controversial study.

I wouldn’t put a whole lot of weight on it…yet I still find it intriguing.

I feel like, maybe, I should go into my thoughts on gender differences…or comment on an argument or two, in the comments section…

All I’m going to offer here…is that I think we would be foolish, not to acknowledge the biological and chemical differences between the sexes…a difference that exists on average.

…But I also think we are foolish, to maintain a societal model that caters only to the average.

Paedophilia: Medical versus Legal…


Date: August 10, 2009

01) YouTube Video

A few comments…

“It is considered a disorder, because sexuality awakens with puberty.”

Many, many, many people, would take issue with this statement…because, frankly, while it may not be universally false…it certainly is a far cry, from soundly true.

Sexuality exists, even prior to birth…and more importantly here, prior to individual perception and understanding of it.

You still have sexual impulses, inclinations and desires (usually, left unfulfilled needs)…you just typically, do not know what to do with, or about them.

Ignorance and naivety, are what people actually talk about, when they evoke the stereotypical, “asexual, pure child”…because, “asexuality”, is not a biological factor in typical, healthy children…nor is this a hidden truth…

…Indeed, childhood sexuality is readily self evident, wherever it is allowed to just be…and exist without hostile threat, menacing every expression of it.

Forced ignorance and punishment, is how politically inconvenient childhood sexuality gets dealt with, in an unenlightened and barbaric culture.

You cannot deny, all the sexual experiences which happen prior to puberty…They are the elephant in the room, whenever people claim that “children are not sexual beings”.

Some of us had much more advanced, sexual experiences prior to hitting puberty…than others…

“The point of sexual attraction to peers”, also, does not magically appear at puberty.

It absolutely did not for me, nor for countless others.

“Laws cannot have exceptions, for emotional readiness for sex [because it cant be evaluated].”

Let me pose this question…

…Why should automatic presumption of harm, or injury, be the default?

It is fair enough, to say that laws are not sophisticated enough, to cover every conceivable possibility…

…but, why are our laws, constantly jumping through hoops, and turning over every stone, in obsession over forcing the discovery of a crime?…

…and why, all this obscene dishonesty, to make certain every sexual touch is characterised in the worst possible light?

Where is the bare bones honesty, which allows a cop, lawyer or judge to say…”You know, that was not an abusive act…it was loving”?

Where is the intelligence, in application of these laws?

Laws should not be respected, just because they exist…In fact, some laws, like “age of consent”, are so foul and abusive, that they only deserve to be fought against and brought down…because of all the havoc, destruction, damaged lives and anguish that they wreak.

The people can have their laws…but they do not need the most extreme laws imaginable, which delegate vast groups of people to sub-human status.

…and that is what “age of consent” does.

So, sure…

…The laws cannot be everything, to everyone…

…but, sometimes, the law is just rotten, and there are no two ways about it…

…and this leaves many of us with an old, civil rights slogan…

…”No justice [freedom], no peace!”…

“That does not mean, that a 20 year old who seduces a 15 year old, shouldn’t go to jail”…

But why on earth should the 20 year old be locked up in a cage, over a consensual sexual relationship?

He/she did not honestly assault the 15 year old, if it was by the 15 year old’s own decision that the relationship go forward.

What is society being protected from?

The “rape”, is only by statutory technicality…

Under many circumstances, charges of “statutory rape”, are the literal equivalent of a false rape charge, on the grounds that some people find such relationships morally objectionable.

No genuine rape ever occurred…Just something that some bigot can call “rape”, and now he/she gets to hurt the participants for having done it.

Where is the justice in any of this?

“No term for sexual attraction, to post pubescent minors”?

It’s called, ephebophile…It can also be called pederasty, so long as it is of a male, homosexual nature…I believe, there are other alternatives as well.

Law makers are just to ignorant and inconsiderate, to actually set down and conceive anything more deep, than a great big “pedophile” bin to throw every “sexual undesirable” into.

…but many subcategories of criminalised love, do exist.

“Emotional unreadiness for sex, is an evasive concept”…

…Yes, and a stupidly dishonest lie, also.

A sexual experience can happen, which is so gentile, non-threatening and pleasurable…that anyone, of any age, can tolerate it just fine, without complication at all.

Just because someone suggests, an eight year old, five year old…ten year old…whatever, might be perfectly capable of engaging, productively and meaningfully, in sexual relations…does not mean, that anyone is suggesting to “butt fuck” the child.

Yet, that is what we so typically get characterized with, as a stereotype.

This whole war is really about power grabbing, by sex panicked bigots…many of whom are enraged, at all the political ground they have lost over the past few decades, to the now protected “gays and lesbians”.

They are coming down most viciously, upon children and Child Lovers, today…because, this is one of their last bastions of manipulation, and freedoms of torment, which they still have left.

If they lose us [and they will]…then, they will be at the edge of the cliff…and the beat of their death drums, will sound in the distance.

There will be no place left for them…[well…maybe, bestiality bashing]…

“Seemingly, not of a large enough minority”…[In other words, legally, not worth the effort to respect.]

Might I remind the reading audience, that every persecuted minority started out in this position?

Nobody thought, they “had to” respect the “garbage” minorities of society…

But, it is this very kind of gross, extreme, inhumane maltreatment of minorities…which causes us to take to the streets…and turn this fight back around, onto society.

You cannot “save” the world (or children) from anything, where there is no valid threat, in the first place…

Throwing people into a cage, to live a tortured existence, when all they did was love, in a way deemed “unconventional”, does nothing for the betterment of society, while it wastes resources and potentially, psychologically destroys the person who has been caged, held for years in a hostile environment, and kept under constant threat of assault and death.

…not to ignore, the complete stupidity, and counterproductivity, of dragging children through legal proceedings, and invasive medical exams…

The system will happily rape and violate these children sexually, in their own manner, both physically and mentally…over nothing more, than that they shared a beautiful, sexual experience with another person…and the relationship, did not follow a socially imposed script.

Please…anybody…tell me, what good any of this insanity, is doing!

Aside from the obvious politicians and sex prudes, who exploit this for personal glory and numbers…We could speculate, that because everyone is deprived, less people will be inclined to try it, and by extension…less children will be honestly raped…

But, you know what?

This hypothesis, does nothing to change the true nature of the people in question.

People inclined to brutalize children, are going to ignore the laws. The law, cannot protect these children…and that is a cold, hard fact.

…and the whole idea, that the harmless, playful, sexual nature of a BoyLover like myself, is devalued to nothing more than a political bargaining chip, carelessly thrown about by people who don’t give a damn about sexual minorities…or about the real human beings, behind it…and the realities of our existence…

That is just bullshit.

If you impose limitations on “me”, just because you don’t want someone else who is inclined towards sexual violence, to attack a child…

…then, the only thing you have accomplished, is stopping beautiful life experiences from being shared, under the lie, that “you have stopped an assault”.

You have made this world and uglier place, for countless people, who could have shared something sweet, and profoundly meaningful…

…all because “you” think, their sacrifice could have stopped the assault of other children (who they have nothing to do with)…and, frankly, children who we cannot even see…and statistics we cannot even tabulate…because, it is all baseless speculation.

If you want to stop finding your garbage can spilled on it’s side…then you need to go after the guy, who keeps kicking it over…not after everyone, who merely walks down your sidewalk.

The same applies here…

Going after people who are uninvolved in sexual violence, will do nothing to stop sexual violence…

…In fact, it will likely increase sexual violence, do to pent up frustration amongst those who have no legal outlet…and the mental instability you have caused, to people who found themselves caught up in this nightmare of an insane legal system.

People and laws working stupidly, will never get us to a better place as a society.


…Regardless, of what may appear to be my previous tone here…I am actually quite pleased, at this young mans, courageous display of honesty.

I truly do appreciate his video, and respect that he made it.

He is certainly intelligent…and I really love it, when people can talk about this issue, without going into a mad frenzy.