Ponzies and Scams Online…

Date: August 25, 2009

The “Invest” Blog was…”kind” enough to spam this blog, the other day…and I thought it might be a good chance, to express a few things about online scams…

For starters, Security Watch (UK) has some interesting observations to share, about “The invest Blog”, and “AIMtrust”…

“The most insidious part of it is that theinvestblog.com appears to be solely built to promote the website aimtrust.com – which in itself appears to be a big ponzi scheme.


The scam is simple – investors are offered a “guaranteed” return every day, week, or month.

The trouble is, these returns can only be paid so long as new members join the scheme – with the investments from new members paying the “guaranteed” returns on the previous investors.

The whole thing falls apart when the number of new investors drops to such a degree that returns can no longer be paid.

The scheme collapses, and everyone finds they don’t have any money to withdraw – the scam originator disappears with their profit.

What is even more disturbing is how the website aimtrust.com tries to pass off as a regular investment program – using the words “Aim” to reflect the listed AIM Alternative Investment Market, and the word “trust” to imply a registered Trust with guarantors.

The result is a nasty scam that does everything to mislead and misrepresent itself.

[…] theinvestblog.com is hosted in Belarus, one of a number of states that broke away from Russia and notorious for internet fraud. The aimtrust.com website claims to be a South African company, with a website, hosted in the British Virgin Islands – a well known tax haven – but both domains are registered anonymously to prevent anyone actually finding out who the owner is.”

Now, upon personal observation, I found that:

Their Projects Page

Their Trust Management Page

These pages are very wordy, and the design are quite professional in appearance…

…but, just exactly who out there, can decipher exactly what is being proposed, other than some obscure scheme that will make you insane returns on your money?

This is how money stealing scams work. They don’t actually give you any hard facts, or details…they just “promise you the world, on a silver platter”…and wait for the naive to send them the money.

Yes, there is one page, which claims that they are in the business of trading (buying and selling) raw resources…but, that page is every bit as vague, as the two linked above [if you search for it on that site, you’ll find it].

Personally, I have no tolerance for people who would hurt others in such a ruthless manner, as to steal money from them…especially in very hard times like these.

While I can attest to the fact, that some trusts do exist, that are on the level…and that do provide good [sometimes phenomenal] returns…This field is rife with fraud, and for every good one you find, you will run across numerous frauds. Even honestly run trusts, sometimes get conned by crooks themselves.

This happened with a trust, I once had substantial funds in [and I had expected to be here for me, today]…It collapsed, because what assets were left could not sustain it…they did not pan out.

While I do not regret my participation, it was devastating to lose this…It was supposed to become a line of income for me.

It’s not all “roses”…and no trust can promise you an exact amount of return, on your money…They can only give you a projected goal.

All this stuff about, “1%” a day [or whatever it is they claim], is highly suspect…

If you are realising such returns, and the investment is legitimate, then you are engaging in extremely high risk investments…and those kinds of investments, do not go on forever, paying out “without a worry”.

Today, while I am looking to build some personal capital…and better my status in the world…I no longer consider the shadowy world of “offshore trusts” to be a viable option to explore.

It only turned out positively for me, once…but, the gains were negligible, because the capital I had invested was small.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share all this with you…and raise some awareness about people, who are doing bad things.

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