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Asked To Cite An Example…

Date: August 26, 2009

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Asked To Cite An Example…

…of open, man/boy love relationships, in countries where they are legal…

Likely, the reason why we don’t tend to hear from/about the people having intergenerational sexual relationships, in places where such are legal, has to do with a few factors.

For one, if it’s legal, nobody is [or few are] making a fuss about it, and the happy couple can go about their private business…then you are not going to tend to see them showing up at places like BoyChat. Well, maybe on a fluke…but, if they are “just another couple”, in the context of their own environment…then what motive do they have, in hanging out where very clearly, the population is made up of persecuted, sexual minorities?

Second, places where this may still be legal, typically wont be “first world” countries, there may be a language barrier…and, internet access wont be in every household (or community)…In fact, it may be very rare. They are not going to visit BoyChat either.

In my mind, it is a question of “What is the motive to speak out, where there is no conflict?”

I don’t know that I would be talking so much about even being a BoyLover, if it weren’t for my outrage, at how badly maltreated we are, over our “socially inconvenient” sexuality. If “this” orientation had been as legal as vanilla heterosexuality…I may have never even bothered at all, to join into the intellectual discussion of it…nor hung around for so long.

Thirdly, censorship is rampant…

Most people were shocked to find out, that Japan had no laws against child pornography [and it was sold openly, in their stores], until more recent years…when they collapsed under political pressure.

We don’t get fair, accurate representations, of loving, man/boy sexual relations happening within our own borders, let alone on foreign soil…The party line says, “these things never happen, anywhere”.

When people do come out [typically, years after the fact], and describe it as beautiful…they’re scoffed at, told they are sick, shouted down…their voice is stripped from them, and they are dismissed as “mentally ill” [and I have seen instances of just this very thing].

They always want to tell those people, that their cognition is never “the right” cognition…because it does not conform, to someone else’s ideas about how life is “supposed to be” lived.

These kinds of relationships are so vastly hidden, because of necessity and self preservation, for the participants.

I cant tell you, of an explicit, sexual, man/boy relationship where the laws allow it. Even if I were to know of such, to tell would be foolish.

It would open myself, and others, up to legal scrutiny…perhaps and invasive investigation…that is not acceptable.

However, I don’t see where the legality of such a relationship, is any indicator of the genuine validity of it…or any fitting account, towards it’s true nature.

Why is it important, in a world which harbors so much hostility towards sexual minorities…for us to uncover such a relationship, which fits all these requirements?

It is no more valid, than an illegal relationship of the exact same nature…and, if they are happening in different cultures, far removed from “us”…are we honestly expected to even know about them?…[and keep in mind, you are polling a fairly small group of people, here].

I cannot provide you with this information…Not only would it be foolish, but I am not a globe trotter, and hence…I’ve not stumbled across such a thing, in a far away land.

But, why are our “home grown”, illegal brands of man/boy love excluded?

It may be impossible to judge most of them, based upon what the media tells us…Yet, we still do have cases surface, like that of Ricky Chavez and Alex King, every here and there.

Clearly, there was a genuine romance going on there, between a very grown man, and a [probably at the time] prepubertal boy…

Alex, the young boy, was very clearly loving the relationship, was very into it and wanted it.

Of course, the “social inconvenience” perceived by narrow minds, dismisses this all to “cognitive distortion”…

…but, the relationship was real, to the people immediately involved.

Yes, I know…the Chavez/King case carries a lot of baggage with it, given the boys father got murdered.

However impossible that may be, to look past…does it honestly destroy the purity, of the man/boy love relationship, itself?

I would suggest, no.

We could debate, whether or not Chavez was a particularly “good” BoyLover…He clearly had his faults [like anyone else]…but, I don’t believe that invalidates the base relationship.

If you told me, that Ricky gently, yet with passion, made love to Alex’s naked body, the two were sweethearts in a loving relationship, and they were each others genuine, sexual lover by mutual choice…I would believe it.

There is enough evidence there, to support such a belief.

Now, of course…all this writing of mine did not answer your question…and, if “that” were my goal, then I would not have even bothered to post.

…but, your question evoked a number of thoughts in me, and I wanted to express them. It seemed fitting, to post them here.