Nick Nack, Patty Wack…Give Your Dog a Bone?


Date: September 8, 2009

I really hesitate to post this, because it represents a very hard, and controversial sort of stance…and I’m not personally vested, in the liberation of the minority in question…Yet, on principle, I think they deserve both their voice, and their day. The hard question is, can you even say anything about this subject, without associating yourself, with their stigma?…

I’m mostly just re-exploring, a subject matter I looked at more closely, a few years back…and putting some of my thoughts into words. While I hope this all does not seem too over the top, or shock anyone [because, you likely never expected this]…I just thought, maybe I would put this out there [and hope not to lose any friends over it].

I do think, that this issue is like any other, and can be discussed in an intelligent and respectful manner.

01) Those Who Practice Bestiality Say They’re Part of the Next Sexual Rights Movement

First thought…

Cody Beck was really cute, as a little kid! 🙂


There is so freaking much of this article, that is quotable…or, should I just say, if I leave it out, I’m overlooking important parts?

In many ways, it is almost a mirror image, of how the movement to liberate “pedophilia” [the positive human sexuality within it], has gotten portrayed, by the lesser venomous media.

There is some level of non-sensational fairness, which has also rarely been seen, as relates to “pedophilia”.

“During his sophomore year in high school, Cody Beck finally got fed up with hearing homophobic cracks. […] (Beck was openly bisexual), he had a confession that would blow their minds. He told them he is sexually attracted to dogs and horses.”

“I just couldn’t keep it in anymore,” Beck says. “Just for the hell of it, I figured I’d throw it out there and have them make fun of me even more.” Which they did.”

Being a “zoophile” in modern American society, Beck says, is “like being gay in the 1950s. You feel like you have to hide, that if you say it out loud, people will look at you like a freak.”

“Now Beck believes he and other members of this minority sexual orientation, who often call themselves “zoos,” can follow the same path as the gay rights movement. Most researchers believe 2 to 8 percent of the population harbors forbidden desires toward animals, and Beck hopes this minority group can begin appealing to the open-minded for acceptance.”

“But if those like Beck are to make the same gains as gays, it’s apparent they will have to do so without the help of gay rights groups, which so far want nothing to do with a zoophile movement. What’s more, they will have to wage battle with well-funded and politically connected animal-protection activists.”

“And the most difficult task will be to take possession of their public image. In an internet age, zoophiles are more exposed than ever. Bestiality-themed websites are a Google search away. Hometown newspapers have learned that police reports of sex with animals become the best-read stories on their websites.”

“Of course, the internet has a way of turning exposure to strength. It has allowed zoophiles from around the world to interact — not only to swap erotica but also to form a community and rehearse their arguments for the political stage. The internet also makes zoophiles accessible for the first time. They can be found in chatrooms, through websites that advocate their cause, and virtual-reality meetups.”

“As this group gains confidence, zoophiles figure to be more open and then more outspoken in their demands for personal liberty and against discrimination. Improbable as it may seem, zoophiles might yet prove the new frontier in the battle for sexual civil rights.”

“As cave drawings will attest, there’s a carnal desire in some humans to lie with beasts. And though many civilizations have tried, none has been able to eradicate it, much to the frustration of organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States.”

“A bazillion cultures worldwide have prohibited this behavior,” sighs Bernard Unti, a spokesperson. Indeed, for committing this ultimate taboo, people have been jailed, tortured, and executed, but until the recent wave of legislation, Western culture has let humiliation and social ostracism act as the primary deterrents.”

“[…] the question of whether bestiality belongs with pedophilia as they assume or whether some acts of humans having sex with animals are victimless.”

“The Humane Society is preparing for that battle. “We have tried to reclassify ‘bestiality’ with ‘animal sex abuse,’ ” Unti says. He’s heard zoophiles compare themselves to gays who lived in a close-minded culture not long ago, but Unti says that argument ignores the role of human over animal.”

“In Unti’s estimation, animals — like children — are not equipped with a brain that can withstand the coercion of a human adult. He claims there’s a “complex correlation” linking people who have sex with animals and those who commit violent acts against people. Asked for the scientific literature that supports such a link, Unti cites research that treats all sex with animals as a violent act, which will necessarily come out hostile toward zoophiles.”

Where to begin?…

The ostracized, previously isolated “zoo”, is getting connected via the internet…many are becoming emboldened…many are collaboration, and starting to make their own case, for legal emancipation.

Sound familiar?

Opposition wants to reclassify what they do, as “animal sex abuse”, and they cite studies which are entirely skewed…so, the “zoo”, never has any chance of ever coming out of the “study”, looking like anything but “evil”.

Sound familiar?

Opposition appeals to power imbalance, and implies some kind of vague, unclear “harm”.

Sound familiar?

Societies have tried to eradicate “zoos”, with prison, torture, death, etc…but, they always fail and bestiality perseveres.

Sound familiar?

They recognize their own parallels, with the [so called] “gay rights” movement [which was originally an extension, of the general sexual rights movement, before being hijacked].

Sound familiar?

I have heard more than once, that “zoophiles are the new frontier in the battle for sexual civil rights”…[from pro-bestiality sites, of course, but still…].

…and to be completely honest, I am not entirely sure how I feel about this…especially when it comes to notions of, “who’s next in line, for liberation?”

As Child/Teen Lovers, we certainly do not deserve to be eclipsed, or surpassed, by people who have sex with dogs [for example], just because there is less anti-bestiality propaganda, or anti-bestiality stigma…coupled with the fact, that many people in society, take an apathetic stance on bestiality.

Yet, ironically…I could perceive it happening, in spite of the fact, that we are the ones who are at least engaging, with the same species as ourselves.

No, of course, I don’t see “zoos” getting legal rights, anytime soon…but, sooner than “us”?…potentially, yes.

Again, I’m not sure how I feel about this…because, so many of us Child/Teen Lovers, have been working so hard, and have been at this for so, so many years…

You feel like the “zoos” are the new kids on the block, raring to zip right to the head of the line…but, maybe I should explain a few things, and set the stage, before I go any further.

I am sure, at least a few people are probably shocked, that I am even broaching this subject matter, in the first place…

Why do I care?…What do I know?…and Why do I know it?…

A few years back, I decided that I was going to create a new persona, and non-eventfully immerse myself into the “zoophile” [bestiality] scene online, as a purely research intent.

I’ve been aware, for years, of the bit of cross over, between the “pedophile” and “zoophile” communities, which exists. I am extremely open minded [which should go without saying], and I am not willing to pass judgement, before learning all that I can about a subject.

So, I went and started reading, sites and boards, where “zoophiles” posted and congregated.

My intent, was to actually formulate a concrete stance, on bestiality. I wanted to know, what are the dangers involved, and what are the values presented.

What I found, was really interesting…and staggering…

…because, let me tell you something…

…For being an “oppressed” minority, “zoophiles” have an incredible amount of freedom, online.

I managed to happen across content, which not only explained in more clinical terms, how and why some animals offer themselves sexually to male humans [as “alpha males”], but I also found “how too” manuals, for cultivating sexual relations, which the animal itself would derive orgasms, and sexual pleasure from…[these are things, which female animals do not experience, while with a partner of their own species…but, it’s entirely possible, if their companion is sophisticated enough to provide if for them].

A few things, which just blew my mind, was the freedom with which a few of the board participants shared their sexual engagements.

This was not just talking about it…

…One guy grabbed a camera, and shot photos of his dog [a sizable, female bitch], focused on her “spread eagle” crotch, as she laid on her back and his own, human erection was penetrating her vagina. There were several photos in that series…

I scrolled down the page a bit further, to find a very similar series, by the same guy, with a different bitch.

Now, this was an unanticipated download, mind you…it all came on the same page…and all the threads I’d read previously, had been only text [which is all that I was looking for]…but, alas…

…this encouraged, yet another person, to post their own series of photos, with their dog.

Probably the thing which amazed me, is that…I’m aware of all the “women with horses”, and dogs, and such…but, this is the first time I had ever encountered, hard core documentation, of female animals accepting a human male, as a sexual mating partner.

Personally, I was just floored, that they even considered doing such things…[having sex with their dogs, and posting the photos freely on the web]…If we “pedophiles” tried doing anything of the like, we’d be behind bars, prosecuted with prejudice and haste.

Yet, so many of them, just freely do…without apology…and, they are largely left alone.

The nature of the events depicted in the photos, did not suggest an animal trying to escape…and this really struck me.

Can you mate with an animal, in such a way that they enjoy it, for themselves?…Can the encounters, be life enhancing for the animal?

Apparently, yes.

…You introduce the animal to orgasms, and give them orgasms, many times over in a sexual encounter…and they’ll look forward, to future sexual encounters.

As trippy as this may sound, to people who never actually paid any attention to such things…what I have seen, testifies to the reality, that some people [even men], have dogs who have become enthusiastic, about having sex with humans.

Probably, the incident which “took the cake”, was a sampling, of a live action porno movie…a twenty something man, and his black lab, bitch…and these two were going to town, in multiple positions, over three or four minutes of free previewing.

That dog, was not distressed…That dog was not being sexually tortured. In fact, it actually looked to be enjoying the sex [it was clear, that this was nothing new, and they were really “into their groove”].

How do you categorize that?

Just because, someone might have a sexual encounter, with an accepting animal…does not automatically make it a case of “torture”…or “animal cruelty”, does it?

Certainly not, if the animal is deriving sexual pleasure from it.

Now, this is a really complicated issue, as relates to sexual ethics…especially for the kid in the news story, who is both bisexual, and into animals.

Presumably, he would be inclined to go to bed with both male and female humans…as well as have sex with dogs and horses…and considering the potential, of passing viruses [and diseases] between species…there has got to be some sort of an ethical line…You cant be having a girlfriend on the side, while you are having sex with Fido.

It seems to me, this is a life choice, which you make, and then move forward down that path…not something you can hide from others, in your pursuit to bang everything that is available to you.

If somebody said to me…”Look, I’m never getting married…I’m not into women, adults, etc…typical options other people have, are not open to me…I think I’ll get a female dog, and cultivate this kind of relationship with her”…

I think I could understand, and even respect, that kind of a choice…so long as it is conducted humanely, and ethically, with respect for both the animal(s), and anyone who might potentially become sexually interested in that person, in the future [they have no right, to go to bed with others, while hiding this from them].

Under these context, I can even understand why some “pedophiles”, would make such choices.

It’s not a question of being perverse…but, one of being able to share something, with another living being. Sometimes, when your first natural inclination is not attainable…alternatives are your only option, and some are more convenient, and fitting, than others.

Now that I have completely horrified all of my regular readers, and given the hate groups a smorgasbord of commentary, to completely twist out of context…

…I do want to clarify, that “I” am not into having sexual relations with animals [unless you are counting human boys]. I do not have sex with animals [including human beings].

I am not trying to convince anyone of anything…and I consider “zoophiles”, to be like any other group…who has the right to assemble, make their stand and put forward their case.

There is not going to be any future surprises…I’m not associated, or allied with organized “zoophiles”…I am not preparing you all, so that I can come out as one [like I said, I am not one].

But, I think this is an interesting thing on the horizon.

One thing which has bothered me, during my brief time amongst the “zoos”, is the ready willingness of so many of them, to berate and tare into “pedophiles”…talking trash about Child/Teen Lovers, and behaving as though they are ethically superior…

Sound familiar?

To see members of such a minority, strutting around with such a contemptuous chip on their shoulder…is pretty hard to swallow.

Can they honestly perceive, a shared relationship that can be summed up as “victimless bestiality”…while at the same time, failing to understand that victimless pedophilia, is a readily apparent, and proven reality?

I hope the “zoophile” movement, is not so self centered, self righteous and short sighted…as to think it is going burst through the barriers, straight into liberation, by making enemies amongst potential allies.

But, then again…they may amount to nothing…

The way I see it…”zoos” already have all the freedom, that honestly matters…It exists in the apathy which most people have about them.

So long as they’re not humping their dogs, out in the front yard…So long as they are keeping it discrete…are “zoos” honestly experiencing, that much oppression?

Based upon what I have seen online…I would have to argue, “no”.

They have a virtual paradise, in comparison to the inhumane crap, that Child/Teen Lovers [and sexually active children] have to endure.

That is my honest assessment, from my observations of them, a few years back…

A lot of them, are quite sexually satisfied…and are even bold, about telling the world about their sexual relations with animals.

If you want to know my official stance on “zoophilia”, it is this…

So long as you are not sexually torturing anything, or killing it, or causing it to sustain injury…then, to each their own.

If your Saint Bernard bitch likes it, when you get on top, into the missionary position…then, that is “your” business, not mine…

I think, this is as fair a stance, as any informed mind could arrive at.

Still, part of me wants to look at the “zoos”, and say “Welcome to the club!…get in line!”

Can they ever win sexual liberty?

I honestly do not know…but, I cannot perceive it ever happening, in a world that does not even understand victimless Child/Teen Love.

…and it just seem like the natural, logical flow of things, for us Child/Teen Lovers to move forward first…and possibly pave the way for “zoophiles”.

The idea of them “leap frogging”, or surpassing us, just seems…extremely weird, and wrong…definitely unfair.

I do contest, that people into bestiality, are “the next frontier in sexual liberation”…

Everything I have witnessed tells me, that Child/Teen Lovers, are rightfully next in line, and presently standing on the cutting edge, front line.

We are already well into waging “the battle before the battle”…and we are gaining ground, in seizing our own identity.

Regardless, there is something fundamentally important, about recognizing the true nature in sexuality, and sexual practices…and that understanding, in some way, binds the future plight of our two minorities, into the same circumstances.

I wont speak ill of “zoophiles”…but, as I decided long ago, I am not going to promote bestiality, either.

This stance is far more respectful, than some of what I’ve seen coming out of certain corners in the “zoophile” community, and focused at Child/Teen Lovers.

Whether or not this should be called a “pity”, I’m sure is a matter of greatly debated opinion.

Should there be an olive branch?…

…Would it help, or hurt us?…


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