In response to Catherine Willikers…

Date: September 09, 2009

Note: What follows is first a response left on the Uncommon Sense blog, and then a response I wrote to it. I believe this was intended for submission to the Uncommon Sense E-Zine, which never got released. I offer it here, now.

…Also note, that I am speaking of the nature of my orientation, and some of the things I am inclined towards, below…Don’t mistake this as any admission to breaking laws, please. It is no such admission…I sometimes would get really agitated, when people would employ these dehumanizing, dismissive and condescending tactics against us…Sometimes, I’d respond with brutally honest truth.

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Catherine Willikers Says:
August 30th, 2009 at 5:53 am

Outlawing the cynical exploitation of children, even throughout early to mid teenage years, from labor laws to sexual age-of-consent laws is one of the few ways that the U.S. protects humans from being used as objects by those who have not yet fully humanized themselves.

As in the case of so many other “adult” pursuits, even young people who may feel “ready for” and “knowledgeable about” sexual relationships with adults are protected, not hurt, by the laws that protect them from adults who have a more predatory outlook with regard to sexual congress.

Any adult who loves a child (even a 16-year-old “child”) romantically can only demonstrate that love by forgoing sexual consummation until the object of his or her love has matured to an age of ability to discern the intentions of others, their own intentions and needs, and physically and mentally has the power to put into action his or her own choices.

People who want to rush a sexual relationship timeline to take place during the youth of the object are highly likely, if not unanimously, people who require full control of the other person in their sexual relationships.

[My response]

02) Link removed, do to inaccessibility to the Newgon website.

In response to Catherine Willikers’ comment, on August 30th, 2009, at the Uncommon Sense blog…

I find it most telling, how Catherine keeps referring back to the word “object”, when talking about the sexually active young.

Of course, objectification, or reducing someone to a “sexual object”, or “toy”, has become a cliché, stereotypical strawman…and I’m led to believe, that Catherine is merely falling back upon this weak, fallacious talking point, which so many anti-sexual activists have become accustomed to throwing at us, without requiring any intellectual thought to trouble themselves over.

I do wish, that the masses of protesters would stop reducing themselves down to the level of mindlessly jabbering parrots.

It is tiresome, to encounter this falsehood, yet again, when it has been dispelled so many times.

Regardless, I am also left inclined, to think that Catherine is making these judgments, based upon her own, limited experiences and exposures.

…to which I say, it is mighty sad, if all that Catherine has ever known of early life sexuality, can be summed up with the word “objectification”.

Clearly, if such is true, then she has only encountered the worst possible examples, of early life sexual experience, and has been deprived of a well rounded education, on this issue.

Now, looking closer at Catherine’s comments…

How Child/Teen Love, gets equated to “cynical exploitation of children”, is a true mystery. As this is not explained, allow me to expound, on what Child/Teen Love actually is…so as to clarify, how inappropriate such a comparison is.

As to the sexual elements, Child/Teen Love is the acceptance of a child/teen, as a sexual being, and a sexual companion, in a relationship where they hold power and control.

Instead of rehashing something I recently wrote, let me just re-post it here, as it is applicable.

“Child Love, is fundamentally different from child rape.

One of the foundational things which makes this so, is that Child Love empowers the actual child, as an influential partner in the sexual relationship (and activities).

Child rape, forces a child to endure a sex act.

Child rape cannot happen, within the context of Child Love. These two things are not compatible.

In Child Love, all participants begin from the starting point, of mutual willingness and enthusiasm to pursue these relationships.

By definition, these relationships are naturally consensual, and mutually desirable…and by extension, beneficial.”

Child/Teen Love, is neither about abuse, nor exploitation. It is about sharing something special and beautiful, with someone who you love.

We next witness Catherine claiming, that anti-sex laws exist to protect children, from “those who have not yet fully humanized themselves.”

…a statement of naked contempt, if ever there were one.

I don’t have all the answers in the world, Catherine…but, I do know, that millions of people have grown up, and lived with a sexual orientation, that has been deemed “abnormal”, to varying degrees, based upon whatever time era they were unfortunate enough to live in.

Most everything has ethical options of manifestation…and Child/Teen Love is no different.

You can talk about us, in a dehumanizing way…claim that we are “less than human”…

…but, my only crimes, are all based upon being different, in a world which hates those who are different…and my intolerance for being lied about.

I’m not so different, from the privileged fag class.

I was born…I started noticing other boys “that way”, in grammar school…I had the shock of realizing my differences, and having to hide them, feel shame…I had all the fag experiences, with suicidal tendencies and being an outcast…

You know what is so shameful?

…If today, I sucked the dick of someone my own age, someone older…or someone at least within ten years of my own age…many people would be consoling me, with empathetic understanding, and sympathy…”Oh Steve, you poor, poor faggot!”…”How dare they make a politically privileged fag, like yourself, suffer?”

Take that same tender dick sucking, and transfer it to a cute, ten year old boy, who I love and treasure…and because small minded, un-empathetic bigots say so…within the walls of some convoluted, unsupportable house of cards…this loving act inexplicably becomes “evil”.

Does this make any sense, Catherine?

“You” are the one here, who must entirely ignore and dismiss the facts, while jumping through a myriad of mental hoops…in order to “justify” the stance, of “guaranteed harm sex”.

Personally, I was just naturally born to love…and the people I am oriented towards, are prepubescent.

Many others are unable, or unwilling, to love the young like this…yet, nature does produce people like me.

My sexual ethics are the same, whether I were to be with an adult, or a child…I don’t fuck people…I make love, and give them pleasure…This, in turn, gives me great pleasure.

That is how my sexual orientation works…Does “that” make me “less” human?

Compared to so many of you out there, who are free to do as you will, and treat your own sex lives like a proverbial sewer…

…I am inclined to believe, that my sexual ethics make me more human, than most people.

I don’t want sexual violence, or sexual torture…I don’t want a sex slave, or prisoner…I don’t get off on those things.

I get off, on making boys orgasm.

Scream in horror, if you like…

…but I guarantee you…any boy lucky enough to experience this, is only screaming [and moaning] in ecstasy.

This is not traumatic…and people such as yourself, fully mischaracterize what is even going on, in these kinds of relationships.

Might I suggest, that you actually open your eyes, put your mind to work, and learn something about us, before you pass judgment?

You talk about sexuality, as though it only exists within an “adult” context…when clearly, it is a human trait, that is with us all throughout our lives. Children are very sexually inclined, and sex is not the proprietary domain of “adulthood” [which is nothing more than a legal technicality, might I add].

Please, study up on human sexual development…We have no right, to isolate children from their own sexuality…Yet, that is what “your” model of thought does…and this does more harm to children and society, than we may ever know.

Again, you take a cheap swipe at us, by implying that we, “have a more predatory outlook with regard to sexual congress.”

What makes a predator?

A predator, is something which feeds off of, and sustains itself off of another host, at the measurable detriment of that host.

Child/Teen Love, is not feeding off of children, or teens.

It is offering the option, for them to freely accept or decline, a beautiful experience…and a growth experience.

It is people like yourself, with your bigotry and hateful words, who pervert this very natural, positive phenomena, into something which it clearly is not.

I am not a predator…and in fact, I am more a child advocate, than most self professed “child advocates”…who themselves, are merely child manipulators.

Irony of ironies…those people, and the system they work through, are the biggest predator out there.

Catherine employs the, “real child lovers wait [until they are no longer children]” card.

Firstly, children learn and develop these abilities that allegedly make them “equal”, by experiencing and navigating the world around them, and the choices within it.

…Are you suggesting, that we have any right to expect people, to behave in a sexually ethical manner…after we’ve spent their entire life until now, neglecting their sexuality, and psychologically abusing them, by making them feel it is wicked, or dirty?

…or that kids are somehow, expected to emerge out of this socialized lunacy, as stable, competent, happy and healthy, sexual beings?

We saddle our children with stigma and guilt, never allowing them to break the ice, and experience what comes naturally…we force them to keep their sexual needs pent up for years [and don’t even think, of suggesting that a pubescing twelve year old boy, holding off till eighteen or later, is not absurdly guilty of this], just to magically expect them to “turn out fine”, in the long run.

What kind of mad logic is that?

I think, so many of the sexual problems we do have today, arise out of how we maltreat a child’s sexual autonomy…It is mental baggage, they carry with them for a lifetime…but, since it fits a social model, fits a social agenda, and a pedophile didn’t give it to them…then most people seem willing to turn a blind eye, towards that particular form of child abuse.


Child Lovers, function sexually down to the level of the child…We don’t expect them, to be an adult replacement.

Children can experience the benefits of sexual release, on their own terms…Hell, they do it all the time, on their own…and often amongst themselves.

Most of it, people like “you” will never know about…which is key, to why it will never be associated with anything traumatic.

If the child is not being harmed, then people such as yourself, should be happy enough, that a loving and gentle person, is taking an interest in giving them these beautiful experiences, and instilling within these children, healthy sexual practices, and techniques which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

We talk about competently raising children, yet something so fundamental to life, as their own sexuality, is treated as though it were a filthy, shameful disorder, only to be spoken of in whispers and murmurs…as though it were a horror story.

…and then we wonder why they grow up, sexually [and otherwise] aggressive, and why there is so much sexual dysfunction and violence going on out there, today.

Isolating people from their own sexuality, causes any society to become violent, cold and cruel…Celebrating and allowing positive sexuality, has just the opposite effect.

This has actually been established by credible research.

Catherine, you talk about us as though we are “rush[ing] a sexual […] timeline”…when it is your fanciful notion of a “sexual timeline”, which has been the artificial alien, all along.

Your subjective, “sexual timeline”, is as un-natural and dishonest, as it gets.

When you cannot even recognize a child’s sexuality, within the context of your “timeline”, then you need to take that ill idea back to the drawing board, or just throw it out completely…because it is blind, to a whole other universe of human sexuality.

Catherine again makes an implication…and this time, it is that we have a natural obsession, which “require[s] full control of the other person in their sexual relationships.”

Catherine obviously likes to hit all the bases, when it comes to the cliché, strawman arguments. She has failed to bring anything of substance to the table, over which an informed mind might be challenged to take pause, and reconsider their own viewpoints…

This is primarily because, all the accusations she is parroting, are false…and she would know this, if she did her due diligence, and researched the matter thoroughly…Instead, she throws out these weak accusations, which she no doubt got from some propagandist group.

No, Catherine, just because people like yourself harbor some zany notion, that “any power imbalance”, dictates this can be nothing more than “absolute abuse”, does not equate to these kinds of relationships actually being abusive, in their real world expressions.

All in all, Catherine has provided us with a very hollow commentary, trying to sound professional and as though she knows what she is talking about…

…but these cheap parlor tricks don’t work, when you are dealing with people, who know this subject matter, through and through.

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