BBC Interview on Female Pedophiles…


Date: September 15, 2009


Why does everyone, who has ever experienced anything which gets called “sexual abuse”, get referred to with the label “survivor”?

So much of what gets snared up, into the convoluted realm of “sex abuse”, is not even threatening to one’s own survival.


I am not a “survivor”, of the day some other person grabbed my penis, and refused to let go of it, years and years ago.

That incident, did not threaten my life, nor my mental stability. At worst, I was angry at this person, for a couple of days…and then moved on.

To evoke the word “survivor”, cheapens the whole concept of “survival”, to a staggeringly incompetent degree…

…because, “survival”, implies that “there is an existing threat, to your ability to survive”.

Now, of course, there are some circumstances of real sexual assault, which likely would threaten a person, in just such a way…

…but, clearly, that does not extend to everybody, who has ever been grouped into the “sex abuse” category.

…Which, again, leaves me to ask the question…

Why is everyone called a “survivor”?

…That is just not honest.

…It is propaganda.


Emotional Satisfaction With Other Adults…

Is it that we “cannot” get what we need, out of relationships with other adults…

…or, is it that we are not naturally inclined to seek such things, from other adults?

Maybe, we cannot get it from other adults, because other adults cannot present to us, what we naturally need?

It often astonishes me…how people are so ready, to assign stereotypical meanings to this, without looking deeper, paying attention to the real life factors…and allowing the truth, to just come out.

Why cant this just naturally be, how it is?

…Why all this flighty psychological dissection?

We do not question a homosexual, for being homosexual, so much anymore…We just accept, that is natural for him/her.

…Why is it so impossibly difficult, to understand that the same holds true, for “pedophiles”?

A fellow adult, could never provide for a “pedophile”, entirely what they need…for the simple fact, that that fellow adult, is neither a child, nor a teen…and no longer possesses so much of what the Child-Lover, and Teen-Lover, naturally needs.

You do not go to the barber shop, when you need a gallon of milk…

You do not go to the desert, to pick daisies…

At times I just want to shake people and scream, “GET OVER YOURSELVES!”…

…As an adult, “you” are not the pinnacle, of all sexual fantasies, attractions and experiences, to all people. “You” are not, the default, first choice, which everyone secretly wants to jump into the sack with.

Not everyone, is sexually attracted to adults.

…and that is the way nature works!

Why are so many of you, out there…so insecure, that you feel, we “pedophiles” must be, and behave, just exactly like “you”?

There is an old joke…

“Alcohol exists, because fat women need love, too.”

I would suggest, what to me is the obvious parallel…

“Pedophiles” exist…because pedos (children) need love [philia], too.

We do serve a natural purpose…and it does serve, in the over all survival and well being, of the human species.


“Impossible truth”?…

This is the problem…

There is a psychological block…a psychosis, even, which has been intentionally constructed and imposed…and that stops so much of the public, from being able to see this issue through honest eyes, listen to it through honest ears…and acknowledge it for what it honestly is.

The masses have been told, that something is “impossible”…so many times, and for such a long time…and by people, who are hysterical about pushing this, anti-sex, anti-human agenda, and message.

How many people are left, who think for themselves anymore?…How many are brave enough, to see through the lies?…

How many have the guts, to challenge those lies?


“Sexualization”, is a false concept…and it leads to false arguments, and false presumptions.

Factually, we are born sexual beings. Nobody has to be “sexualized”.


“Age appropriate”, is a modern day social construction…and, nowhere in the natural history of the human species, has sexual interest, or sexual activity, between children and adults, been established to be either outside of our human nature, or a threat to the human individual [or species].

Pedophilia, is every bit as natural as any other sexual orientation…

…it’s just that, it happens to be oriented towards children.



…Of all the people to be talking about that, in a purported “authoritative” manner…these media celebrities, and people who are part of the sex abuse industry, have no validity, what-so-ever.

“Distortion”, is the very name of their own game, here.

You’d be hard pressed, to get an honest answer out of them, just because of their total contempt, and refusal to accept the real life experiences of other people, as being anything other than “delusion”.

In fact, the problem here, is that they take free license, in devaluing and dismissing the lives and experiences of sexual minorities…and, often, they build a profitable career around it, while exploiting social panic.

True distortion, can be found in their own books, trying to push and foster, sex-phobia, and panic over “pedophiles”.

True distortion, exists in the research they like to conduct, and promote.

True distortion, is on display, in this very interview, being linked here.


“Gaining access to children, through carring professions”.

Often times, this is merely an extension, of the “pedophiles” natural character. They are nurturing and caring people, and find themselves most in their element, by working in such a profession.

It gets extremely tiresome, hearing people constantly suggest, that a “pedophile” pursued a certain profession, because he/she wanted access to children [and for no other reason, than that].


No…All pedophiles, are not “bad”…Thank you, very much…

That is bold faced propaganda, and raw hate speech.


I think the suggestion, that as a culture we sometimes identify more, with certain kinds of “sex abuse”, in order to try and understand them…this may have some merit…

…especially in light, of the fact that the modern day, sex abuse industry, is largely pushed forward by an aggressive, often vicious, feminist agenda…It is skewed towards the female perspective, and the whole “damaged by sex” complex, which females so typically adhere too [which, in my opinion, is more rooted in their own lack of discovering sexual fulfillment, and the beauty of sex, for themselves].

In this kind of social atmosphere, males are the political alien…and this is why we are treated so ruthlessly, by the “justice” system…Where as, women…Well…their sexuality, is put forward, as the “desired” model of human sexuality.

…and, besides…

…At the end of the day, every sane person sees through the lies of sexual superstition, even if they are not willing to say so…

We males all knew, by the age of twelve or thirteen…that “nailing a hot teacher”, would have been a fantasy come true [for a lot of us, anyway]…and not traumatic, in any way, what-so-ever.

These “coming of age” experiences, used to be acknowledged as a part of nature.

Today, they are a target of sexual superstition.


An appeal, to come forward and talk to the therapists, and legal experts…


…Of course, they’d never want anyone out there, who was not being fed through the machine, now would they?

Every new body, is an additional statistic number, after all…

…Which they can use, however they please…



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