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The MAP [Miner Attracted Person] Flag Project: A New Submission…


Date: October 5, 2009

This one is much more thought out, than anything I’ve offered thus far.

It is simple, representative on multiple levels, and easy to reproduce.

There are four interconnected circles, each representing at least one demographic of our cause.

I started out with the small, pink and blue circles…each representing children…girls and boys, respectively.

The large circle represents adults, or generally the mature. I chose a color for this circle, which stands in between the pink and the blue. This represents not only men and women, but a diversity in attraction, as well.

The bottom circle represents the adolescent, primarily…though, it may also include anything from the tween (twelve year old), to the twink (early twenty something). It also has it’s own color, somewhere between pink and blue. Like the adult circle, this color represents diversity in attraction.

The ensemble of colors, itself, represents the natural, interconnecting (polymorphous) flow, between various sexualities. They are all on equal standing, as orientations…and they exist as everyone’s natural born right. It is part of the fabric, which makes up the human species.

Anyone interested in creating a dignified flag for our collective cause, may feel free to refine this concept.

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