YouTube, and it’s problem with flaggers…


Date: October 8, 2009

01) YouTube Flaggers

People who engage in flagging campaigns (especially the organised regular groups), are nothing but hateful and malicious.

They derive joy, out of destroying what others have made (often taking great time, effort and care, to present something to the world). They just want to tare it away, slap you in the face, point and laugh at you.

One of my accounts was suspended, in a similar manner.

YouTube should not even have a flagging system, if it can automatically suspend accounts.

Because it is that way, abuse of the flagging system has been rampant.

It is because of YouTube’s unresponsiveness towards both this problem, and the calls upon them to do something about it, from the countless victims of this idiotic nonsense, that YouTube is slipping in popularity…as more people are becoming wise, to the people running YouTube.

YouTube got where it is today, on the backs of creative, free speaking individuals…and now that it has become worth a fortune [billions?], they’ve decided to cow tow to politically correct corporations, like Walt Disney…a positively, politically neutered corporation, with no tolerance for anything socially taboo, or risky…nothing that may tarnish it’s “wholesome” image.

People wondering why there is so much ruckus and anger, over Walt Disney creeping into so many media outlets, need only understand one thing…

…Walt Disney is great, for the type of entertainment that it produces and distributes (I’ve enjoyed it, over my lifetime)…but, it’s built in resistance towards anything controversial, dictates that it cannot be allowed to become an authority, over all media and outlets of ideas and discussion.

In short, Walt Disney needs to stay in it’s place [it’s genre], stay the hell out of other people’s business, and stay out of the way. It has no business impeding on others, or working to censor them.

It is rightfully outraging, when a person has spent months, or years, making videos on a YouTube channel, and chronicling issues of importance, suddenly finds themselves being squeezed out and walked all over…just to pave the way for a “cleaner [sterile] atmosphere”, in which Walt Disney can have a presence on YouTube.

For a lot of us, it has become clear…

…If you are controversial, then you do not matter to the people running YouTube…They quietly turn a blind eye, while rabid, puritanical censor freaks, gang up and close down any channel they please.

This is an obvious problem, yet YouTube does nothing about it…

…likely, because it is an easy way to pass the buck, and still claim that they “support controversial speech” [what an outrageous lie that is]…

It has not been lost on a lot of us, that this flagging problem * is nothing more than mob censorship…introduced with a nudge and a hoodwink…

* If enough people flag an account, it gets automatically suspended, for no other reason, and without any human being on YouTube’s administration or legal department, observing or making a judgement call.


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