Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

What’s In The Cards…

Date: October 23, 2009

[Context: A BoyChat poster was dealing with the “loss” of a friend, due to incarceration.]

A lot of us have been there…

You just go through it.

Even though I’ve not always been good about this, it is important to keep a steady flow of mail contact, with your friend.

As to denial…well…

…I think, what has helped me the most, is simply understanding that none of us asked for this conflict, nor to be expected to live isolated from our very nature.

Yes, I could name some child pornographers, as well as some people who’ve done things, that I do not consider a credit to our community…group…minority…whatever.

Some might deserve their fate.

For many, it’s just a case, where we are all human, fallible and frustrated…being pressured under something, which nobody should be expected to endure.

In this light, I can understand…a lot of BoyChat [etc.] people have been locked up, but that never meant they were bad people.

Sometimes, people take the fall, simply because that is what was in the cards.