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The MAP [Miner Attracted Person] Flag Project: A New Submission…


Date: October 5, 2009

This one is much more thought out, than anything I’ve offered thus far.

It is simple, representative on multiple levels, and easy to reproduce.

There are four interconnected circles, each representing at least one demographic of our cause.

I started out with the small, pink and blue circles…each representing children…girls and boys, respectively.

The large circle represents adults, or generally the mature. I chose a color for this circle, which stands in between the pink and the blue. This represents not only men and women, but a diversity in attraction, as well.

The bottom circle represents the adolescent, primarily…though, it may also include anything from the tween (twelve year old), to the twink (early twenty something). It also has it’s own color, somewhere between pink and blue. Like the adult circle, this color represents diversity in attraction.

The ensemble of colors, itself, represents the natural, interconnecting (polymorphous) flow, between various sexualities. They are all on equal standing, as orientations…and they exist as everyone’s natural born right. It is part of the fabric, which makes up the human species.

Anyone interested in creating a dignified flag for our collective cause, may feel free to refine this concept.

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BoyChat Webmaster: Thoughts and My History with BoyChat…

Date: October 3, 2009

“Investigators said for nearly nine years, Schillaci avoided federal and local authorities by running an international online forum for “boy-lovers” out of a shabby home in rural Mexico. Users would anonymously donate money to support the site — and Schillaci, authorities allege.”

I arrived at BoyChat in the summer of 1998. JimF3 was the webmaster, and would remain so for roughly two years…and then hand the position over to Robbie (who turned out to be the murderer, of another well loved BoyChat poster, and was gone within months)…[Happy] Camper took over [and in my opinion, was the best BoyChat webmaster I ever “knew”] and remained for at least a few years…after which came the radical change, where BC Webmaster became more of a public relations position [there to address announcements, concerns and complaints]…This is where Asa [and shortly there after, myself as an assistant] became BC webmaster…Personal problems for Asa, no well defined role for either of us to adhere to, and myself left hanging without any answers, communication or status report on the sitting webmaster, meant that “our” era was destined for a [very unfair] demise…but still, it lasted several months. Ford Prefect stepped up [apparently, too few people liked me enough to give me a real chance], and remained a very good BC webmaster for over a year…at which time, I believe…it was Curtis who inherited the position…and remained there for quite a long time…a couple of years, anyway.

I don’t recall if there was anyone else in between…but…

Schillaci [Dylan] came into this position, some time after I had distanced from BoyChat quite a bit.

Now, either this boy-lovers forum they are talking about, is something entirely different from BoyChat…or, somebody is pulling a big fabrication, out of their own behind.

Schillaci may have been the longest setting BC webmaster, but he was not running BoyChat for nine years…and if he was getting by, on donations made to BoyChat, then there are various people who have a lot to answer for…he was not entitled to any funds from the BC donations [except, maybe, for services rendered in connection to his technical skills, employed on the FS websites…but, that is a sort of thing that would have been limited].

I did not know Schillaci, other than from his postings on BC…he seemed to arrive, several years after myself.

I think, we barely even said “boo” to each other, in what overlapping time we did share at BC.

What is this forum, that Schillaci sustained himself on, for nine years?

Maybe he was good at changing personas, but still…I don’t buy it.

I knew the people behind running BC well enough, for several years…and he was not one of them, during my [considerably long] time.

My understanding, is that [Dylan] was an expert in css, and BC did give him some business, there near the end of his freedom…BoyChat transferred over to css, I guess about a year ago…if that.

Other than that, for the past several years, BC Webmaster, has been something of a chairman, public figure kind of spot.

Camper was the last “real” BC Webmaster [in the fullest of sense]…he had behind the scenes, “hands on” control of the board, and all the coding and improvements that we were given to work with…and he also came out, and mingled with the BCers.

In truth, during all the years I just summarised, there was a gradual, incremental shift in power from the Free Spirits Committee [and probably most importantly, JimF3], to the BC Cogs [with regards to the running of BoyChat]…

Camper was fundamentally instrumental in this shift, as he wanted to excuse himself from the webmaster position, while empowering a wider range of people, to tend to the needs of the resources and their users…Jim fought this, “tooth n nail”, and became extremely nasty over it…[and gained quite a few enemies, through his behavior].

Over the years, if memory serves me correctly, eventually the Cogs did get to appoint the BC webmaster…Curtis may have been the first.

If they had had this power when Camper wanted to bestow it upon them, then BC history would have read differently, as [unexpected by me] there arose a substantial show of support amongst the then current cogs…directed at me [and another, well loved BCer]. But, Jim pulled rank, the FSC conceded, by appointing someone who was in good with (approved by) Jim…and I got appointed as the [first] assistant BC webmaster, in what I believe was more of a token nod to the Cogs…a consession, for not allowing the Cogs voices to have authority, over this appointment.

It was a shame, because I was so deeply dedicated to BoyChat in those days, and it was the most beautiful, exhilarating sensation, to know that people thought “that” highly of me…I became very serious about the prospect of accepting, but there was just one thing after another…and in the end, the experience just really left me cold. I cant say that I would have been “great”, but I would have honestly done my best, if given the chance…[I think, back in those days, I did hold enough status and respect in the BC community, to allow it to work]…

Anyway, the position was widely understood, as a liaison one…Someone to be at the forefront, so that all the techies and “bean counters” could be left alone, to actually tend to what they needed to do.

A few interesting facts…

Dylan, on several occasions, could not afford to pay his internet bill, and would be gone for weeks, if not months, while being the setting BC webmaster. I find it astonishing, that given how much BC used to get in donations, if Dylan had his hand in the jar, why would he not have enough to pay for internet?

BC Webmaster, along with all other positions, were voluntary and without pay. The people who rise to the occasion, are generally good people, who strongly believe in what we are collectively doing….[you have to be, in order to put up with so much abuse, for any extended amount of time].

I reprised my position as a cog, during Dylan’s time as webmaster…for a couple of months…and I didn’t see anything from him, that changed my understanding of this position.

Lastly, it says a lot, that BoyChat has been without an official webmaster, since Dylan got arrested. Apparently, it was felt that times have changed, and the need is no longer presently there.


…I was acting BC webmaster [in the new and undefined capacity of that era], for the period of six weeks, to two months…while Asa was “missing in action”.

Other than Asa’s obvious absence, nothing especially noteworthy occured…Nothing fell apart, and BoyChat was just as good and functional as it ever was, when Ford Prefect took over as webmaster.

In my opinion, it was a successful service to the BoyLove community, no matter how badly short it got cut.

If there was any complaint on my part, it is that we got tossed into a new, undefined possition, without any previous model to base our own activities upon…What exactly was expected of us, in this unique capacity? We never honestly had a chance to hammer this out…and things [entirely out of my control] just sort of hijacked the whole situation.

Also, what I was offically appointed too, was not supposed to be anything but a back up and support position…I was supposed to be in the background, largely silent…Then, suddenly, things changed…and we were all left hanging for nearly two months, thinking that Asa might return at any time.

I can tell you, that I got the impression that at least one FSC member thought that I should have been taking more initiatives durring this time…

Sad thing is, I was largely locked out of the game…BC Webmasters get an automatic position on the FSC, and access to their private board…I had no such access…and communication with the FSC was nearly non-existant, from my point of view.

In all honesty, I do not see what I could have done, to advance into this position officially…It just seemed to be doomed, by cruddy circumstances.

You know, now that I think about it, I was wrong about Curtis…

…Shortly after being dumped, without a word, just through discovery of unfolding events…we serving BC Cogs appointed Ford Prefect, to the position of BC Webmaster…

Ford was the first BC Webmaster, appointed by the cogs…[how quickly things evolve…then again, JimF3 was in good with him…There was an existing alliance of friends, at the high end of Free Spirits].

Asa was his Assistant BC Webmaster…

My service was forgotten about, and nobody even said “you’re fired”…which kind of summed up a lot…and, by this time, I had clearly reached a turning point with BoyChat.

Maybe, it’s not something to be taken so seriously?…but, then…this was all going on, durring the “golden age” of BoyChat…When the posts and threads would literally scroll off the main page, into “old posts”, every single day…we would end up with an entirely new, front page of posts…because the community was so vibrante and alive.

We were more like a family, back then.

My discovery and participation at BoyChat, was life changing…It used to mean so much to me…and what I describe here, happened durring those day.

I can look back on it, now…

…and no, I am not even a foot note, on the former BC Webmasters page…

…and, you know…maybe, what I did was not worthy of mention there?

There have been multiple times, when two or three [maybe more] people were filling the webmaster role…doing the work, but anonymously [I’m thinking of “Webmaster A”, “Webmaster B”, and maybe there was even a “Webmaster C”, durring JimF3’s era as BC Webmaster]…They don’t get any mention, and they have far more right to the accolades, then I ever will.

I don’t know…Maybe it is that Asa gets mentioned, yet he was gone for such a large chunk of his time…It just felt like it might have made logical sense, for the assistant who filled in, to get a mention…

…but, it’s always been my stance…that if “I” had to mention it, in order to make anyone consider such a thing…then I don’t want to be acknowledge…because, obviously, nobody thought enough of my service, to make mention of it on their own.

…and, that also puts things into perspective.

I am not lying, or exagerating, when I say that I am a former BC Webmaster…whether I acknowledge being an assistant, or acting…

I’m not looking for any extra status, or accolades.

I simply have mentioned it, as a way to flesh out my history online, in a broader perspective…and let people know where I’ve been, and what I’ve done…

…I’ve only mentioned it a few times, and at my blogs.

There are no sour grapes here…I am not bitter about anything…

…but, it was a substantial disappointment, from my vantage point.

I wish it had the opportunity, to be so much more than it was.

There was a glass celing, which I was not going to break through…What I represented, was a tiny step, making an advance, which others would surpass…until, finally, Dylan became the first BC Cog, to move onto full fledged and acknowledged, BC Webmaster.

…but, just for the record…I was actually the first BC Cog, to advance to a BC Webmaster position [even if only in a subdued capacity]

Dylan has often attributed this to himself…but, I don’t think he was even around [on the staff, anyway], back when all of this was happening…So, he would not have known about it.

I just felt a need, to flesh out this part of my history with BoyChat.