George Hamilton: Some Real Doozies, Those Comments…

Date: November 27, 2009

01) George Hamilton and his stepmother?

Apparently, George Hamilton went onto The View, and talked about engaging in a sexual relationship with his stepmother, when he was the age of twelve…and again, as an adult [after she divorced his father].

Interesting quotes:

“When I was very young, 12, I had a relationship with my stepmother. Yeah. She was about 28, 30. It was very normal.”

“The bottom line is it didn’t feel abnormal. From my point of view it wasn’t something so crazy – I don’t think it warped me in my life.”

“It went on for a short period of time, when I was 12, and then strangely enough when I was of age and I was an actor in Hollywood I met her again, she was as beautiful, and we had a sort of follow up.”

Most of the comments are about what you expect, when you go wandering around such websites…

…mindless, un-empathetic, dogmatic and shallow…

One is “refuting” George’s claim of not being warped, by claiming his very willingness to talk about it is proof he’s warped…because [obviously], this is not the sort of thing that should be talked about

I am perplexed, at just what so many of these commenters seem to think is so “sick”, about a 12 year old boy, his body and his sexuality…or his exploration/development of it.

People talk about children often, as though they are wonderful, angelic and beautiful…but, the concepts of a sensuality, and natural lust, get introduced…and suddenly, the child’s body becomes disgusting, offensive and unappealing for such things. It makes you wish they’d pick a side of the fence, and stay on it.

Hmmmm…a diagnosis of the stepmother being sick in the head

Yes, there are solid reasons, why I never intermingle with people from the tabloid rag sheet fan base.

…You always see the bottom of the dredges, when you go wandering around in such places.

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