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Empathy Over Social Fears and Combating Social Panic: An Orphaned Response…

Date: December 28, 2009

Responding to a commenter on my blog, while at Baywords

Welcome, Angela.

I wont attempt to refute what you’ve offered, because…it is, in fact, observed to be true, with actual sociopaths.

Of course, your manner of phrasing leaves your words open to interpretation, as to whether or not you are trying to imply, that “Joe is a sociopath”.

…to which I would be inclined to ask, “On what basis, could such a determination be made, when only a few phrases on a blog are offered by Joe?”

I don’t specifically “know” Joe…but, I’ve yet to see anything from him, that would make me believe he is a sociopath.

I don’t see Joe [nor myself, and many others in this same situation] “excusing himself”, nor refusing to take responsibility.

Speaking of associations I have made over the years, I typically witness just the opposite, in fact.

My apologies if I somehow misread, and thought you were implying something that you were not.

On a personal note, I would not even be blogging, or reaching out to the general public, if I did not feel a certain empathy over social fears, and a personal responsibility to address and combat social panic.

My efforts have been every bit as much for mankind, in general, as it has been for people who are like me. Populations are suffering from much ignorance and phobia, and that is not a healthy thing…for any of us.

Orphaned Response: Nuclear Family Encourages Incest

Date: December 27, 2009

A response in the comments section, at BayWords:

Hi piedpiper, so nice to see you here…

I would agree with that.

In many “primitive” cultures, the children would [or even still will] live with their parents, for only the first five or six years of their life…then they move out, and into a “community hut” for children and adolescents…where they intermingle, very intimately, with a much wider range of others.

In “civilized” cultures, especially where isolation triggered by social paranoia is rampant…we find a lot of kids being kept inside the family home, and spending most of their time with parents and siblings. It is a logical theory, that so much brother/sister [etc] incest occurs, largely on the basis that a sibling is available, convenient and known well enough to be trusted…and there seem to be no other alternatives.

The nuclear family model, actually seems to be more a foundation for incest, than anything that would dissuade it.

Thank you for your words, piedpiper…and happy IBLD to you, also!

Words are powerful…

Date: December 27, 2009

01) Amnesty International [on YouTube]

This is so true, and that film embodies the very essence of why “I” have taken up the mantle, and continue to blog and write.

Words are powerful…

Sexual minorities [of all type] could just as easily be infused into that short film, from Amnesty International…and it’s integrity would remain every bit as valid, and important.

Many of the same vulgar, human rights abuses are happening towards sexual minorities, even here in the USA…supposedly, the “land of the free”…and “beacon of hope to the world”.

It is a shame, that Amnesty International does not direct more attention [and pressure] upon the USA, for it’s own human rights abuses.

This is a testament, to just how brutal, inhumane and insane, a number of political regimes and social systems are, around the globe.

Because of those kinds of people, the important social and political issues of so many other groups, get eclipsed.

This is amongst the various reasons, as to why every person who evokes inhumanity, destruction and suffering, is the enemy of every single rational, thinking, sane and humane person, on the face of this planet.

Those who hurt others, are a problem to us all, to one degree or another…They are the unjust burden of everyone.

Happy Yule Time…

Date: December 27, 2009

01) BC Link

I often have this memory, of being about…I don’t know…seven, or so, years old…back in my home town.

…As Xmas approached, we would set up the artificial tree, and decorate it…often to Xmas records, including The Chipmunks Holiday record…a record which still gets played today, for kids of a new generation.

I loved this time of year back then…

…The sky was pitch black, by seven o’clock…and walking down main street, you’d see the town lights and ornaments…Sometimes, we’d go out, for walks…down the lesser driven roads, in the cold…running ahead, grabbing up slab chunks of snow, and throwing them into the air…watching them smash…just because…that’s what little boys do.

It’s hard to say, exactly what I got that year…but, I cannot forget, the invincible feeling, of hyperactivity…and excitement…the euphoria of it all.

It’s funny, how some memories remain so vivid, even when a lifetime of “stuff”, seemingly falls away.

Happy IBLD, also…

I just wanted to say that.

It hurts us not one bit…

Date: December 21, 2009

[A short, “orphaned” post.]

…As to hostile outsiders…

[BoyChat] is amongst the few places online [that I know of], where any real discussion of “pedophilia” [and our issues] even can be [openly] discussed, in a balanced manner.

The presence of people who object, and see things differently, should be embraced here. It ads credibility and substance, wherever our viewpoints and way of life withstands the assault of others, and emerges victorious in integrity and resolve.

I actually like to see the participation of outsiders here. They have a very real role, even if they are a moron, personally.

I once got banned…

Date: December 20, 2009

[A BC Post]

I once got banned…

…from a self purported, “bastion of free speech”, over on the delphi forums [presuming such resource is still around].

The board, and it’s owner, actually put themselves forward on the “free speech” platform, as their claim to fame, and why they are so different from other forums…”You can speak your mind, and say what you want, here!”

I engaged in a handful of threads, got a bit of positive feedback…[People do, generally, find me very personable, measured and approachable…and I typically get good friendly responses, and even praise for my balanced and integral thoughts…until I apply the exact same level of balance and integrity, to any issue surrounding “pedophilia”, then things usually turn nasty on the part of others].

Someone introduced the topic of “pedophilia”, in some manner [though, there were typical, ignorant comments expressed]…and I gave a fairly long, cordial and thought provoking response, talking about how not everyone experiences these kinds of relationships/experiences equally the same. I expanded, on how some have had positive experiences, and retain fond memories.

The axe fell pretty fast [within an hour or so], and the self professed hero of free speech moderator, came rushing in to censor me, and properly lay down the law by threatening me publicly with a ban.

This was actually very tame writing, on my part, especially in comparison to how I usually write…So, I was like, “Good grief!”…and I calmly tried to explain, what I was trying to express, and why I was trying to express it…very respectfully, and trying to smooth over the situation…

Mister, “I am a champion of free speech” banned me from the forum, for this…

When another member called him out, for being astonishingly heavy handed [and partially defended me, and my consistent behavior there], this moderator white washed the whole thing, and [for the pacifying of those who never got to see my posts] claimed that I was doing something unspeakably dark and horrible…and I think there was even an implication, that I had somehow violated the law, or something to that effect.

It is amazing, how hyper ignorance on “pedophilia”, and gross ignorance pertaining to free speech law, go hand in hand.

This even got addressed, by me, in my last post on that forum [which also got deleted, in full]…

I’d participated here at BC [and a few other places], for several years…was even on the administration for a long time…Still, there are no shortage of ignorant bigots, who today [after well over a decade of my own personal, “hands on” experience], would presume to lecture me on what “is”, and what “is not”, legally protected free speech. They’d claim I am engaged in a crime, even for just posting watered down thoughts, with intent of infusing common sense and calm balance, into a discussion.

I don’t recall what depths of hostility that thread sank to [it’s been many years ago], but I do know…it is so typical, for regulars [or “drive bys”], to post the most vulgar of violent, terroristic threats, aimed at “pedophiles” in general…all without eliciting any form of response from a moderator. The hypocrisy is staggering.

I may, or may not, have a copy of those posts somewhere…buried in a collection of old writings…If I ever find them, maybe I’ll put them back online, again…but, regardless…

No one in their right mind, would maltreat someone for the kinds of things I posted.

The problem is that “pedophilia” has become so maligned, that simply having the resolve to discuss it sensibly, accurately or even clinically, has itself become seen as “profane”.

This is a serious problem, in many cultures. The focus is not on transparent, open and intelligent discussion, or working through problems to find solutions…but, instead it lies with sabotaging honest communication, and propping up the current power structure…no matter how corrupt, dishonest and abusive.

People will get outright nasty and abusive with you, if you have the integrity to speak truth…They act as though you just called their mother a whore, or something, when you did nothing of the sort.

At the same time, so many of these same people are blind to their own abusive [often corrupt, sometimes criminal] behavior, because when certain target subjects come up, they see themselves as having “free license”…and nobody will ever hold them accountable.

When you point out the folly, the hypocrisy, the shortcoming in their knowledge base, logic and behavior…that act alone, becomes a new, personal offense against them.

People who are not forced to confront the complexities of an issue, will generally default to a simplistic, and often erroneous, stance…and behave in kind.

To few people are forced to confront, just what “pedophilia” actually means.

I’ve been banned from a few forums, over the years, because of this.

It is good to have BC, and other places, where True Free Speech, actually lives a vibrant existence…and makes an actual impact.

So many other places out there, are just neutered and pathetic in comparison…They are populated by people, who do not know what Free Speech is, and lack anything resembling a true respect for Free Speech.

To add to the legacy of this specific episode, in the last year, I made a post on my blog that was inspired by this experience, where I talked about some of these things, and how many people just have no concept, of where the line of legality actually exists [and how many of them are just being abusive ass holes]…

Some goof ball found my post unexpectedly, in a web search…and threw a feisty fit, in my comments section [and, I strongly suspect, set a spam bot after my blog]…Quite a nasty chap, that one…

He has yet to say anything of intelligence, to my cordial response, to all his vitriol and abuse.

Happy Yule Time 2009!

Date: December 16, 2009

I often like to bring forward with me, bits and pieces from other projects…and this is a picture I used, during my first Yule Time season, after I started blogging…This was used in a Yule Time post, on “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of an Atheist Boylover”…but, I don’t believe I carried it over to the archive, at my website…I just didn’t see the purpose.

So, anyway…I will bring it back here, at this cheery and festive place!..

I always liked this picture…It has a sort of earthy, natural, peaceful and harmonious flavor to it.

I hope everyone is having a nice, holiday season.

The Nativity is “Historical”?…

Date: December 16, 2009

[Item Gone]

Ann Coulter calls the creche [that is, a nativity scene, with jesus in a manger, marry, joseph and the wise men, and animals], a “historical symbol”, while dismissing the menorah as “strictly a religious symbol”.

Considering that jesus christ and the “virgin birth” are a clear matter of biblical lore…how on earth, can you call this mythology “historical”?

The “jesus” of the bible, has never been established, as even so much as a real human being, that actually lived. “Substantiation” of jesus christ, only attains the limited status of a fairy tale.

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble…but, if you accept the biblical jesus, then you have no grounds on which to deny mithra, dionysus, zeus…and literally, thousands of other “god” characters.

There is nothing factually historical, about the biblical manger scene…It is every bit as much of a religion symbol, as the menorah.