The Nativity is “Historical”?…

Date: December 16, 2009

[Item Gone]

Ann Coulter calls the creche [that is, a nativity scene, with jesus in a manger, marry, joseph and the wise men, and animals], a “historical symbol”, while dismissing the menorah as “strictly a religious symbol”.

Considering that jesus christ and the “virgin birth” are a clear matter of biblical lore…how on earth, can you call this mythology “historical”?

The “jesus” of the bible, has never been established, as even so much as a real human being, that actually lived. “Substantiation” of jesus christ, only attains the limited status of a fairy tale.

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble…but, if you accept the biblical jesus, then you have no grounds on which to deny mithra, dionysus, zeus…and literally, thousands of other “god” characters.

There is nothing factually historical, about the biblical manger scene…It is every bit as much of a religion symbol, as the menorah.

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