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Orphaned Response: Nuclear Family Encourages Incest

Date: December 27, 2009

A response in the comments section, at BayWords:

Hi piedpiper, so nice to see you here…

I would agree with that.

In many “primitive” cultures, the children would [or even still will] live with their parents, for only the first five or six years of their life…then they move out, and into a “community hut” for children and adolescents…where they intermingle, very intimately, with a much wider range of others.

In “civilized” cultures, especially where isolation triggered by social paranoia is rampant…we find a lot of kids being kept inside the family home, and spending most of their time with parents and siblings. It is a logical theory, that so much brother/sister [etc] incest occurs, largely on the basis that a sibling is available, convenient and known well enough to be trusted…and there seem to be no other alternatives.

The nuclear family model, actually seems to be more a foundation for incest, than anything that would dissuade it.

Thank you for your words, piedpiper…and happy IBLD to you, also!

Words are powerful…

Date: December 27, 2009

01) Amnesty International [on YouTube]

This is so true, and that film embodies the very essence of why “I” have taken up the mantle, and continue to blog and write.

Words are powerful…

Sexual minorities [of all type] could just as easily be infused into that short film, from Amnesty International…and it’s integrity would remain every bit as valid, and important.

Many of the same vulgar, human rights abuses are happening towards sexual minorities, even here in the USA…supposedly, the “land of the free”…and “beacon of hope to the world”.

It is a shame, that Amnesty International does not direct more attention [and pressure] upon the USA, for it’s own human rights abuses.

This is a testament, to just how brutal, inhumane and insane, a number of political regimes and social systems are, around the globe.

Because of those kinds of people, the important social and political issues of so many other groups, get eclipsed.

This is amongst the various reasons, as to why every person who evokes inhumanity, destruction and suffering, is the enemy of every single rational, thinking, sane and humane person, on the face of this planet.

Those who hurt others, are a problem to us all, to one degree or another…They are the unjust burden of everyone.

Happy Yule Time…

Date: December 27, 2009

01) BC Link

I often have this memory, of being about…I don’t know…seven, or so, years old…back in my home town.

…As Xmas approached, we would set up the artificial tree, and decorate it…often to Xmas records, including The Chipmunks Holiday record…a record which still gets played today, for kids of a new generation.

I loved this time of year back then…

…The sky was pitch black, by seven o’clock…and walking down main street, you’d see the town lights and ornaments…Sometimes, we’d go out, for walks…down the lesser driven roads, in the cold…running ahead, grabbing up slab chunks of snow, and throwing them into the air…watching them smash…just because…that’s what little boys do.

It’s hard to say, exactly what I got that year…but, I cannot forget, the invincible feeling, of hyperactivity…and excitement…the euphoria of it all.

It’s funny, how some memories remain so vivid, even when a lifetime of “stuff”, seemingly falls away.

Happy IBLD, also…

I just wanted to say that.